My First 20K June 2021 Maryland

I figured why not share this experience to help others find ways to do it or not do it for themselves. If you love pain like so many of us that run harder than most, then let’s go. Now for the record, before any nitwits, try and say, “but JT said I could do it”….

DO NOT do this kind of distance right from the start. If you’re new to running; you will hurt yourself or worse. I’m not kidding around, so don’t be stupid about this. 20k may seem like a lot because, well, it is a lot. For the American imperial people, this is 12.5 miles, and as with all my runs, it is a non-stop running session, and this shit can get brutal.

 Runs do not have to be non-stop, and there is plenty of research showing that taking a run break for even just 20 seconds during your run is fine. Going non-stop is just how I do it because apparently, I love beating the shit out of myself. I have built up to my current fitness level over almost a full year of running, doing it several times a week along with a lot of other fitness stuff, like cycling, walking, kayaking, yoga, and weight training. (Not the bodybuilding stuff)

For the record, after completing this 20k, I went to the event track and worked for 6 hours, so it does not drain me because I know what to expect and know my limitations.

The day was gorgeous!

Jt-Tips for running consistency or long distances. I do not run for speed I run for consistency in time throughout the routine. I do try and press my tempo to improve because that’s what makes me stronger. I run twice a week and a normal session for me is 30 minutes minimum.

This 20k is something I wanted to check off my to-do list, and plan to do another, but in Florida summers it is not going to be fun. 😆 🔥

1: If you’re not going to buy a real pair of shoes – Don’t Run!

2: If you don’t drink water or do not like to drink water – Don’t Run!

3: If you don’t like pain – Don’t Run!

4: If you have not been checked out by a doctor Don’t Run!

5: Skinny does not mean healthy see a doctor!

6: Never getting sick or never having to go to a doctor does not make you healthy. SEE A DAMN DOCTOR first!

7: If you expect quick results and do not plan on controlling your diet – don’t do anything at all – because you’re acting like a moron and not being honest with yourself.

8: For gods sake stop taking advice from Instagram models or challanges. This is like watching the Hallmark Channel for relationship advice! See a doctor to get checked out to make sure you’re OK but also so you can follow up and make sure you’re doing things correctly. Tell the doctor what your plans are and make sure you do this right.


It is not easy at first and never truly gets easy, but being genuinely fit in the long term takes work, but it is worth it. Your body and mind will come around and want it the more you do it. The worse part for me now is the rest days because it feels like I should be doing something, but it’s essential to take these rest days, so your body recovers. My level of activity is not a good model for most people because I do not have the limitations others face. Family, kids, girlfriend, wife, etc…. I also don’t have a normal job like most people but you can still make your running goals happen.

Notice I said “to be fit” and not lose weight because the weight will drop off if you focus more on being fit. Don’t get stuck on a weight number to gauge your success because there WILL BE times on your journey when that number will not drop, and “get stuck” and you’ll get discourage and this is when people quit. Don’t QUIT! This is when you have to focus harder, study what you’re doing/eating, and make minor adjustments to stay the course. You can do it!

There are days when I don’t feel like doing this crap, but make myself get up and do it anyways. I have had some shit-turd bad attitude mornings come and go, but forced myself to get up and get it done. Many times some of these days have ended up becoming personal best. This is really motivating because what I thought would be a bad day turned out awesome. These small successes motivates me to keep going and is also why I track my sessions with metrics.

Very few people see my detailed numbers because it is more for me than anyone else. I’m happy to share them with anyone if it will help them, but the trick is to find your way, not copy what someone else is doing. Each of us is different, but you can take bits and pieces from various people to find your own way.

The 20K run session June 2021 Maryland.

Now, this 20k is not something I decided to put myself through for the hell of it. Well, now that I think about it is something I decided to put myself through. I was doing 16k twice a week during the earlier part of my fitness journey and that ran for about two months. Once I decided to start more weight training, it was clear that I had to back off the stupid amount of cardio I was doing. In March of 2021, I backed my running session down but was still doing 6k twice a week. I love to run and will not completely give it up.

But for the 20k.

I was up in Maryland to work an XDA drag racing series event helping I got there early to get some JT adventure time in. There is a local trail in La Plakta that I have cycled in the past and is not far from where I stay, so I did my morning run there.

The weather was gorgeous, and there was almost no humidity. I got two kilometers in and decided it would be a 20k for no other reason than to have it check off on my to do list. I slowed my tempo because I started at a four-minute per km pace and this is not something I can sustain over 20 kilometers. I slowed the tempo down tp get up into the fives because this is better for longer distances. The time does not seem a lot, but it makes a world of difference in heart rate and stamina. (Again, this is what I can do)

XDA was a great time

As I run my Aftershocks headphones is calling out my split time at each kilometer along with my heart rate. I can usually feel my run and speed up or slow down if I get out tempo. The “talking” data is just a guide to know that I’m handling the session well. I have a playlist built for longer runs and have loaded the backend of it with faster tunes. Before anyone turns into a troll and wants to sling turds by commenting,

“Wearing a headset while running, you’re an idiot!”. Calm down people it is just for data call out not music.

Listen turd blossoms; the Aftershock does not sit in the ear. This allows me to hear everything going on around or coming up behind me. I also use a camel pack for water but to also carry my keys, wallet, and phone because I don’t like having anything in my pockets or hands. Arm movements are essential when you’re running, and if you don’t know that by now, you need to educate yourself more on proper form.

Went out 10k came back 10k June 17th 2021

I take small sips of water every two km, whether I need to or not. If I get any leg pain, usually the right one, I’ll speed up for a short burst to stretch my legs. I will sometimes get a side cramp and when this occurs; I maintain my tempo until it passes. Usually it only last for a kilometer or two.

Here is the data for run.

  # / Split Type /min/sec  

  1 KM 4:34  

  2 KM 5:13 (here decide to make it a 20k slowed my pace)

  3 KM 5:04  

  4 KM 5:06  

  5 KM 5:14  

  6 KM 5:02  

  7 KM 5:12  

  8 KM 5:15  

  9 KM 4:59 a pretty decent down hill had to slow it down 

  10 KM 5:14  

  11 KM 5:20  

  12 KM 5:34  

  13 KM 5:30  

  14 KM 5:29  

  15 KM 5:30  

  16 KM 5:14  

  17 KM 5:26  

  18 KM 5:39 MY legs really started bitching about here

  19 KM 5:38 Manage to hold my time but it was rough

  20 KM 5:34 was going to push on but once the 20k sounded in my headset my legs said hell with this and I was done. lol

screen shot of running health stats, I use two platforms for this data, they are usually pretty damn close.

I did do a post walk after the run for 20 minutes which is a normal pratice for me. I also do not use energy drinks or gels and don’t like the after affects of using them. I would rather do all this stuff without that anyhow but I understand a lot of people do. If I was in competition with other people, then I would utilize more of those products but since this is more just for me I don’t not see the need to juice up. A controlled diet can give you plenty of energy needed to get it done. I do drink poweraid and gatoraid xero on routine(s) that will exceed an hour

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