Chapter 11: Run, Ride, Live 300-330

Last Update 7-30-2021, (Header Image is from a cycle ride I took on an Abandoned turnpike, June 2021 Pennsylvania) Content edit 1-25-22

My routines are not written in stone, and the events I do require that I modify them at times. I keep track of data because I just prefer to use metrics, this is what works for me.

If you want to run/ride and not worry about data that is fine, just do it. There are times when I will just take a run/ride just to do it, usually when I’m traveling. Not every run or ride is about numbers but I use them to set goals for myself Jl and see how I’m progressing. – JT

Chapter 10: Digging In PushN On 270-300 Chapter 12: Light – End -Tunnel 330-365!

Day 330: 7-30-2021 – (Local Trail. Florida) JT-Push Walk: 16.18km Avg Pace 09:09/km. Duration 02:28:09 Steps: 17,425 I‘m walking but pushing my pace to get the average time as low as possible. No goal set for this, just something I do from time to time. That and I need to burn off a few beers I had the other evening. 😆 I need to do one more run for July and plan to do it on the 7-31-2021.

Once I got back home I got a ton of yard work done and since we take care of my neighbor’s yard as well, he is older and this drove up my step count over Thirty Thousand.

Day 329: 7-29-2021(Rest day Florida) Home getting some work done before heading down to Tampa this afternoon.

Day 328: 7-28-2021 – (Drive Home and Rest Day) South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, and back in Florida, Got home unloaded the car, took a shower, and crashed out for the afternoon.

Day 327: 7-27-2021 – (Virginia) Shenandoah National park #2 (Step count: 31116) Day two was a bit more active and I got up to do some 360 camera work and get a few sunrise shots. A ton of deer was roaming around again and they did not mind my presence too much but did keep a close eye on me. Hung out with them for over an hour at Big Meadows until 9 am a local store then opened, so I got some breakfast and then did some hiking down the Lewis Falls Hiking Trail It is not the most scenic of waterfalls but still a very nice hike down. The upper section of the falls is my favorite spot. Chill and enjoy the view and sound.

Finished up there and headed on down the Wayside Store had some lunch and walked the Frazier Discovery Trail (the loop) and it was well worth the walk, because of two rock outcroppings that provide you a beautiful view. Once back down and done there I moved further down to Browns Gap and was going to do some walking but got delayed for a bit helping some fellow hikers. The hiking path they took did not give them what they were after, so I gave one of them a ride back to their car. This would save the little one with them a lot of walking back. They were after a waterfall so I gave them my map from yesterday and some directions to make sure they got to see one. I could only take one of them back to their car because my car is a mess when traveling but the others only had to wait a little bit for her to get back. I got back and got another good hour hike in before enjoying the rest of the Skyline Dr on my way out. Made a few more small stops to enjoy the view. A beautiful place and I highly recommend it but try and spend a couple of days here there is too much for just one day.

Travel images can be found here

Day 326: 7-26-2021 – (Virginia) Shenandoah National park #2 (Step count: 14525) I came in through the north entrance of the park. Front Royal (North) and made my way through this truly stunning park. I would stop a couple of times to enjoy the scenic views. The smoke from the Western fires has a haze over the landscape but it is still beautiful. I was headed on down and stopped to hike down to Doyles River Falls. I hung out for a bit and did some exploring but did not stay long wanted to make sure I was in position for some sunset pictures. I would continue through the park and fell in love with a spot called Big Meadows. It is a great spot because you can get a little bit of everything here if you do some hiking, It also gives you a gorgeous view of the landscape BUT takes time to enjoy a sunrise and sunset here or you are missing out on a wonderful experience. Did some hiking but just some general walking then crashed for the night after dinner and enjoying the sunset. Got some rain for a couple of hours but it made the sleeping just that much better.

Travel images can be found here

Day 325: 7-25-2021 – (Maryland) (Step count: 22155) Total bike count for this event was 810. Elimination Day win or go home early. JT’s TryandKeepUp Sunday $100.00 cash bonus 1st to Perfect went to Rickey Butler Jr 1st to perfect .000 Sunday XDA – WPGC Bike Fest at MDIR July 23-25 2021




MAXXECU PRO-XTREME: Chris Garner Jones


VANCE & HINES 4.60 INDEX: Shane Proctor

BOOSTED BULLS: Richard Gadson




1 STOP SPEED 5.60 INDEX: Dustin Lee


MPS PRO ET: Jeffery Santini




Travel images can be found here

Day 324: 7-24-2021 – (Maryland) (Step count: 28837) Qualifying and nighttime Grudge.

JT’s s TryandKeepUp Saturday $100.00 cash bonus 1st to Perfect went

Ben Knight 1st to perfect .000 Saturday XDA – WPGC Bike Fest at MDIR July 23-25 2021

Travel images can be found here

Day 323: 7-23-2021 – (Maryland) (Step count: 29856) Evening Pro qualifying, Gamblers Race , and some Grudge. gamblers race ran first things Saturday Morning due to oil downs from the night before. it hit 1 pm which is curfew.

Travel images can be found here

Day 322: 7-22-2021 – ( LA Plata Maryland) bike ride 02:08:22 43.28 km no data, just a casual ride. I slept in late, which is super rare for me. Guess I was more tired than I thought. Decided to do a ride instead of a run but will try for a run Friday and another ride on Sunday. Then I headed over to the track to get set up for this weekend.

Here are a few Thursday Testing session shots. It was great seeing such a massive turnout for a Thursday; this event will be a big one.

(Step count: 14930) Travel images can be found here

Day 321 : 7-21-2021 – Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and made it to Maryland… AGAIN.

Hung out at Santee State Forest after grabbing some oatmeal and coffee for breakfast to have while I enjoyed the view. Later in the day I had to take some backroads for about an hour because the interstate was shutdown so had to go around it all. I got to my lodging around seven, which gave me time to relax before crashing for the night.

(Step count: 7225)

Day 320: 7-20-2021 – ( Local Trail Florida) 🏃 JT-Run Day: Dis: 8.18km July Session Four, Duration: 00:39:57, Pushing: NO, Temp: 26C, Humidity 88%, Avg Pace: 4:52/km, Max Pace: 3:46/km. I matched my personal best again for 1-mile with another 00:07:06, That 6 minute-mile is coming, I just need to dig in a bit but maintain form. I’m pressing my tempo but not pushing it because I want to maintain proper form. If this means waiting longer to get the six, then that’s fine with me. I was kind of surprised with the numbers today because the run could have been a lot better. I was out of focus a lot today and kept having to give myself an internal lecture to refocus.

(July Run 4-goals) (Goal #1) 30 minutes minimum. (Goal #2) Keep the focus on the 6k with each km-split 00:04:59 or less. (Goal 3#) 6k session distance below 30 minutes. (Goal #4) 1-mile in six minutes today it came in at 07:06.

Session results: Goal #1: 30 min done, Goal #2 all 6 KM-splits were at 04:57 or less. The extra 2.18 km were in the low fives. Goal 3# 6k came in 00:28:18. Much better time than some previous run so I’m a happy camper.

(Step count: 22006)

Day 319: 7-19-2021( Local Trail Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling July 3 Dis: 37.06+km / see notes, Pushing: Kind Of, Temp: 28C, Humidity 80%, Duration: 01:17:29, Avg Speed: 28.7kph, Max Speed: 41.4kph, Avg Pace: 02:05/km, Max Pace: 01:26/km. #feltbicycles @feltbicycles

For context; the section of trial I have assigned for my routines requires I do it eight times, to get my 36km+ (22+miles). The first 4 laps I held off a bit but keep a solid tempo. I began pressing it on the 5th and 6th lap and got back into my more aggressive tempo for 7 and 8. I should have pushed it harder at 5 and 6 but I’m still happy with the day and the entire session felt great.

Session goals : (Goal #1) all km-splits below 00:02:30. (Goal #2 ) 30k below 1 hour. (Goal #3) Complete 36km a full JT-Cycling session.

Session Results:
Goal #1: all splits were below the session goal the worst of the day was 00:02:24 #24 and the best was 00:01:45 #23. That same area as last time. 36 of the 37 km-splits were 00:02:20 or less / 11 were 00:01:59 or less.

The best 5k of the day was group Four 16km-20km at 00:10:07, the rest were in the 10-minute window. My best 10k was group Three 21km – 30km at 20:38. still a bit off but I am not complaining.

Goal #2: I did not make the sub-1 hour goal AGAIN but did shave some MORE time off of my last session. Today Session #3 01:02:26 last session #2 01:03:01 and July session #1 which was 01:05:21. Chipping away at it but still miss my carbon.

Goal #3: 36km done did add distance just to relax after the workout, so the total ride distance today was 44.50km.

please support my platforms it helps the programs Try and Keep Up! The Podcast :

(Step count: 9246)

Day 318: 7-18-21 – COMPLETE REST DAY NO SESSIONS. washed car, working on race photos, and videos. Got part one done of the two-part 50k walk video done for my youtube channel for 7-17-2021.

Day 317: 7-17-21 Sixty Thousand Steps day 50km, I was after the steps because there are goal achievements on my walking app. Now I don’t care about the goals themselves as something to look at every day. I just ran across them again last week and these two were still greyed out. I looked into the distance and realized it is something you have to dedicate time to do because they take a while to accomplish. First of all there is NO reason to do something like this as part of a daily routine. If someone tells you that they walk 30k plus every day, please have them checked out for mental health issues.

I do walk a lot at my events but there is no way I’m ever doing 40k or 60k worth of steps at an event. So I decided to dedicate July 17th, 2021 to do just that, and be able to say I got it done. The full step count for this session would hit 65,706 because I was so close to 50k, I figured why the hell not since I have gone his far with it. Unless you are a bucket list item person, I would not advise doing this unless you are in good health and are fit. I’m a very active person and exercise regularly and had a good idea what the PAINS are going to be. You might say it’s just walking but if you think that, you’ve never tried it.

This took me ten hours, thirty-one minutes thirty-seven seconds. I’m sure there are better times but this is only a personal goal, and I’m not looking to set any records anyhow. I just do my thing and try and do better the next time, but I won’t be doing this one again. Once is enough for me. I have walked further than this in the past but that was long ago before apps and my fitness stuff. 11.5 hours hiking the Appalachian Mountains with a friend. (Tom)

The goal was 40K-steps with the possibility of doing 60k but once I saw the Flager pier in the distance, made that my turnaround point and got there, it was clear the 60k was getting done. I would take a break at the pier; get something to eat and drink before heading back. It was a bit tougher coming back because high tide doesn’t allow me to walk on the more compacted sand so it got a bit tougher. I ran out of water in Ormond beach but used the public area for the beach to refill and rest up for a few before pushing on.

It was a good day and I enjoyed the experience but can also say I know what sixty thousand steps feel like. I will add that it is a feeling a can go a while again NOT A bucket list item crossed off, and I did have fun doing it. I woke up on 7-18-21 with a toe blister and a sunburn but other than that I’m good, so I will rest today and get back to my routines tomorrow.

Daily step count : 68540

Day 316: 7-16-21 ( Local Trail Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling July 2 (see notes) Dis: 37.02km, Pushing: NO, Temp: 26C, Humidity 86%, Duration: 01:18:29, Avg Speed: 28.3kph, Max Speed: 42.6kph, Avg Pace: 02:07/km, Max Pace: 01:24/km. 2020 #feltbicycles @feltbicycles

* I began using Starva today, decided to give it another try but data is only available to followers. I was not thrilled with it the first time i used it. Recorded the 37k cycle portion and post cycle walk. I did compare my data against Strava and see very little difference in my numbers. So between the Two apps plus the Strava app and my watch, the numbers are indeed accurate.

Session goals : (Goal #1) all km-splits below 00:02:30. (Goal #2 ) 30k below 1 hour. (Goal #3) Complete 36km a full JT-Cycling session.

Session Results:

Goal #1: all splits were below the session goal the worst of the day was 00:02:28 #24 and the best was 00:01:45 #23. You can get the picture on this one, a hill I have to deal with after a turnaround. 32 of the 37 km-splits were 00:02:20 or less and nine were 00:01:59 or less. The best 5k of the day was 1-5 at 00:10:02, the rest were in the 10-minute window, best 10k was 1-10 at 20:47. 11-20 came in at :00:021:06 and 21-30 came in at 00:21:08. a bit off but still a very good day.

Goal #2: I did not make the sub-1 hour goal but did shave some time off of my last session. Today 01:03:01 vs the Last session that was 01:05:21 I will take it as a good ride

Goal #3: Kind of a dumb goal since I’m doing going to do it anyway. I did add distance just to relax after the workout, so the total ride distance today was 44.75km. Try and Keep Up! The Podcast :

Day 314: 7-15-21 Local Trail – REST DAY had a doctor’s appointment and working so doing a walk only today 10km.

Day 313: 7-14-21 Local Trail Florida 🏃 JT-Run day: Dis: 9.44km (6miles) July Session Three, Duration: 00:46:55, Pushing: No, Temp: 25C, Humidity 94%, Avg Pace: 4:48/km, Max Pace: 3:50/km. PROGRESS BABY new personal best 1 mile 00:07:06, I’m closing in on that 6 minute-mile but will have to do it three times before I’m satisfied. I don’t care what the time is, I just want six-minute miles lol.

When you run in other states and then get back to Florida and run down here you realize how much it sucks here in Central Florida. The coastal runs are great but Tarzan would be bitching about this humid monkey sweat ball mess we have to deal with here. Can’t wait to get back to Maryland this month love running up there. (HokaOneOne Carbonx2)

(July Run 4-goals) (Goal #1) 30 minutes minimum. (Goal #2) Keep the session focus on the 6k with each km-split 00:04:59 or less. (Goal 3#) 6k session distance below 30 minutes. Goal #4 1-mile in six minutes today it came in at 07:06.

Session results: Goal #1: 30 min done, Goal #2 km-splits five (05:00), and six (05:12) did not make the cut today but I did improve them when looking at the last session. The extra 3.44 km were all in the low Fives so I’m happy with the day, even though I missed it a bit on goal two.

I’ve extended the distance so that I’m doing 6 miles per session, I still plan on going after that 1 mile in six minutes for July. I may go after it when I’m up in Maryland where the weather is better. I have a walking goal that I want to get out of the way first and plan on doing that Saturday.

Day 312: 7-13-21 ( Local Trail Florida) 🚴 JT-Cycling July 1 (see notes) Dis: 36.99km (22.98 miles), Pushing: NO, Temp: 22.6C, Humidity 90%, Duration: 01:21:19, Avg Speed: 27.2kph, Max Speed: 38.3kph, Avg Pace: 02:11/km, Max Pace: 01:33/km. 2020 #feltbicycles @feltbicycles

For the record, this is a non-stop grinding pace. Even on the downhills section, I do not ease up on myself and maintain my pacing even if I have to drop to a lower gear to keep the pressure going. I’m not riding for speed but time consistency throughout the routine.

Session goals : (Goal #1) all km-splits below 00:02:30. (Goal #2 ) 30k below 1 hour. (Goal #3) Complete 36km This is a full JT-Cycling session.

Session Results:

Goal #1: I missed one and could feel it during the run. It was km-split #24 that came in at 00:02:36; it was on a hill that I have to deal with during my routine, and I felt a wall coming as I approached the top of it. I dropped to a higher gear, eased up, and gave myself 30 seconds at this easier pace which allowed me time to clear the hill and get my head back in focus. I did pretty well overall but have had better sessions. 29 of 36 `km-splits were 02:20 or less, eighteen were below 00:02:10, and six were 01:59 or less, and the best of the day came on km-split #23 at 00:01:53. Overall, I’m happy with the session and will get another done this week, hopefully improving on this one.

Goal #2: 01:05:21, so I did not make my goal today. It was a struggle to keep the pressure on today. Not an easy session, so it’s clear the recent health issues that kept me off the bike set me back a little bit. I will get it back takes time.

Goal #3: I got it done but not very happy with the overall time. I have done a lot better, even on the heavier felt Hybrid. I will be after it again in a couple of days. Try and Keep Up! The Podcast :

Walk data: 3.58 km

Day 311: 7-12-21: Silver River Florida, Kayak day and testing my camera setup again alone with the housing. Silver River Ray Wayside Park with a start time of 7:15 am end time at 1:50 pm. The total trip mileage up and back is shy of 10 miles. It is more than that because I’m goofing off and investigating side areas for the camera placement.

What I took away from today.

1: Stop using the waterproof housing for the go-pro. I really have no damn idea why I was even using it for what I was trying to do.

2: I need a fishing-style kayak because I need more body mobility and be able to get in and out of it while still on the water.

3: I need to remember to find and then bring my camera clamp but also buy a second one.

4: The older go pro’s (3’s) need to go on my retirement shelf. They are worthless for what I’m trying to do. One of them is no longer holding a charge to be useful for pretty much anything.

5: I really REALLY REALLY have to reduce the amount of shit I’m taking with me, I take a bunch of crap I don’t need.

6: I need two more batteries and one more session GP5.

Day 310: 7-11-21: walk day Local Trail Florida: 13.08km, got some work done around the house and watched the Tour De France.

The USA got it done Stage 15 and Sepp Kuss crushed it!! He was on a mission and even reach a speed of 80.6 kph (50 mph). He would beat veteran Alejandro Valverde by a full 27 seconds. Sepp did not let up on the downhill section and kept pushing it, even came close to eating a guard rail about 3 km out. Kuss’ average speed going up was 20.4 kph (12.7 mph), and 57.9 kph (36 mph) going down, where he clocked a maximum speed of 80.6 kph (50 mph). This man was out to win it and he did just that! Alejandro Valverde was quick to catch up and congratulate him at the finish line. When veteran Alejandro Valverde won his first Tour De France when Sepp was only 10 years old and he is now 36.

Day 309: 7-10-21 Local Trail Florida 🏃 JT-Run day: Dis: 9.73km (6miles) July Session Two, Duration: 00:49:37, Pushing: No, Temp: 24C, Humidity 88%, Avg Pace: 5:05/km, Max Pace: 3:39/km. It was a very disappointing session, but not every day can be sunshine and butterflies. It was hot, humid, and Florida gross summer is here, and it sucks as always when you’re trying to exercise. (HokaOneOne Carbonx2)

One issue is that I have conditioned myself to maintain a pace, so I drop back to my session pacing when I start to push it but do not stay focused. I will have to dig in to change my mindset and stick it to get it done.

Today sucked! I could not stay focus if my life depended on it. I was mentally all over the place, so I just settled in at 4 miles and resigned that I would get 6 miles and be done for the day. I did do some pre and post-walk to shake off my shitty attitude. The recent health issues clearly have affected my sessions, so time to get back at this and fix the mess.

Run day 6-10-21

(July Run goals) (Goal #1) 30 minutes minimum. (Goal #2) Keep the session focus on the 6k with each km-split 00:04:59 or less. (Goal 3#) 6k session distance below 30 minutes.

Session results: Goal #1: 30 min done, Goal #2 km-splits Three (05:00), five (05:04), and six (05:32) did not make the cut today, and this kind crap session is one I’ve not seen in a while.

I would go on and do extra distance just because I got pissed and decided to beat myself up for it. Goal #3: 00:29:37 did get below thirty minutes but not by much. I WILL DO better next time because this kind of session is unexpected. For the extended distances, I did manage to get things a bit lower but still not happy with the session today.

I will not do another run again until Tuesday but plan to make it another longer one. km-Splits Seven (05:19), Eight (05:20), and Nine (05:21). I was trying to stay steady and get the 6 miles in without tanking the numbers any more than they already were.

* 7-10-21 : This will be the last season for my motorsports direction, 10+ years is long enough. I will finish the 2021 season then move in a new direction. I will keep Instagram and the website but nothing else.

Day 308: 7-9-21: Kayaking Today Wekiva River, Sanford Katies landing access: I was testing out a camera idea. Start time 8:15 am 2hours upstream and them some goofing off coming back—end time 12:15 pm. I messed around with my camera but was not happy with the results, so I need to adjust. I will try again next week since I’m not particularly eager to kayak on weekend days. I prefer midweek when possible, so I get left alone while working. Once I get the cameras set up, I get asked too many damn questions from people passing by.

Kayaking Wekiva River

The 2nd camera idea did work out “ok,” but I need to make some adjustments to the setup. The sound for the video transfers through the camera mounting pole too much. I need to cushion the base to absorb some noise, but it should not take too much modification to correct it.

I got my new water housing for part two of this idea process. There was too much sediment in the river, and visibility was low, so I will need to use a different location for this idea. I will go back to Silver River because the conditions there are more favorable to what I wish to accomplish. The underwater wildlife is more abundant, so I think it will make for a better location.

The 2nd idea will be a bit more challenging because of the depth of the Silver River. I may have to change locations for that part. I will need to upgrade my kayak, do to the need to get out of it quicker. I’m looking for a fishing kayak only because I can attach a small motor to access more remote locations. I don’t want a regular boat since it lifts me too far off the water. Also, my traveling is an issue, and it’s just easier lugging around a kayak.

Wekiva River Sanford Fl

It has been an awesome ride, but it is time to close this out. After this race season closes out, my traveling will stop since I will not continue this type of work and move in a new direction. It’s, The support for what I’m doing that would allow me to keep doing it now is not there, even in the simplest of ways.

Day 307: 7-8-21: Walk only 6.25 miles

Day 306: 7-7-21: Resting not a good day. *Home routine is always done, I just don’t note it everyday.

Day 305: 7-6-21: Running errands and resting because I’m still recovering from some health issues. Some days are worse than others.

Day 304: 7-5-21: Walk Only 6.23 miles (10.02 km)

Day 303: 7-4-21: Happy Fourth of July Everyone. I’m working on the office and trying to get caught up. Not been feeling well lately.

Day 302: 7-3-21: Rained all day so I rested up unplugged and took a day off

Day 301: 7-2-21: Worked in the yard all day clearing stuff away. It is a lot of work because we could not make a lot of the changes for a long time!

Day 300: 7-1-21: Local Trail Florida JT-Run day: Dis: 10.08km July Session One, Duration: 00:51:35, Pushing: No, Temp: 26C, Humidity 92%, Avg Pace: 5:06/km, Max Pace: 4:06/km. Incredibly painful run due to some ongoing health issues.

(July Run goals) (Goal #1) 30 minutes minimum. (Goal #2) Keep the session focus on the 6k with each km-split 00:04:59 or less. (Goal 3#) 6k session distance below 30 minutes.

*July Target; I want one mile in 6 minutes I don’t care what the exact time is, just want a 6-minute mile. I will do two long run sessions then go after it with shorter sessions. I will still focus on my 6k session goals for these two long runs but after that it will be about the six minute mile target goal. My best to date is 00:07:10 for a 1 mile (1.6 kilometers)

Goal #1 easy enough done, Goal #2 the 6k was off today missed the goal on #4 (00:05:00) and #5 (00:05:14) but got it back on by a hair on #6 at (00:04:58) Goal 3# 00:29:11 I got it but it wasn’t pretty. I was pretty pissed off for some reason this morning and could not really keep my focus the way I should have.

After the 6k I just settled in and ran at a steady pace, trying to put up with the godforsaken thick humid mess we have to run in here in Florida. I did run with my watch call data to me so I did well for just feeling my pacing and staying steady.

JT Fitness Information

Daily Routine I get up at 4:45 am and do 1 hour of floor exercise and weights; then I do a 36k ride or 30-minute run,

  • ** New in July I have added 15 minutes of weights to my afternoons, no rest between reps straight 15 minutes.

Monday: home routine + ride
Tuesday: home routine + run
Wednesday: home routine + ride
Thursday: home routine + run
Friday: home routine + ride
Saturday is an open day (run or ride and I usually go somewhere new)
Sunday is a rest day but from time to time I will go out anyways.

Most cyclists/runners don’t do their routines like this, and I’m not training for any race or event. There is a personal aspect to all this, but that story is for another day. In a Nutt shell… I’m doing this for myself and have set goals to help keep myself motivated. It also lets me focus on something I’ve wanted but never went after. I have never been in better shape and proud of what I have accomplished so far.

The way I log my sessions, allows me to run the same path section over and over, and it’s never the session twice. (for me anyway) I do this so I can compare the sessions, see improvements, or where I need to make adjustments. Once a month I will go out to another trail called Jan Van Fleet trail and test myself. There are no hills out there to assist me and the first road crossing isn’t until about 30k out.

My events do throw a wrench into my workout schedule so I do what I can base on the day. My morning routine gets down no matter what.

Run/Jog 30 minutes minimum with time focus on 6k portion: Twice a week and it’s a non-stop run, using Hokaoneone Carbon x2. – 22 Benefits of Jogging I was running 16k up until the beginning of March 2021, but reduced it to begin more weight training. There are times when I’ll go beyond the 6k goal and 30 minute stop mark but will not usually exceed 8k in total distance on any given day.

Cycling 36km: Three times a week and use the same start point and endpoint location for my sessions when I’m home in Florida. I don’t plan on changing this session any time soon because there are several goals I want to achieve. Since the Cannondale was destroyed in an accident up in Virginia, I had to modify the goals a bit for the Felt Hybrid that I now have to use because it is heavier and a bit tougher to hit my goals from the Carbon bike.

Walking 20minutes every day with a 1 hr hour once a week 10 Benefits of Walking HOKA Bondi 7

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