Try And Keep Up! Podcast

Updated: 9 -1-2021 also available on Apple Podcast / Try & Keep Up! THE PODCAST is live!!!!

Now being uploaded to YouTube!

Sessions that are done and coming (these are not in the order they will air)

Gaige Herrera
Mike Mullaney
Justin Collier
Dale Hamilton
Spencer Claycomb
Jason Dunigan
Water Halonski
Michael Beland

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I’m willing to travel anywhere needed talk to the people we want to hear from. If this gains traction, we can expand to video as well and already have all the necessary equipment and software in place to make that happen. I want to talk with anyone at any level from ANY series active or retired.  These are face-to-face conversations so I will have to travel specifically to reach some of our guests. Working out recording dates, Chris Hand, Dave Vantine, Greg Underdahl, George Bryce, Andie Rawlings, Preston Bartlett, Eddie Krawiec. and more has agreed to come on.

The launch of this podcast was made possible by the support of Schnitz Racing and If you would like to sponsor/support the Try and Keep Up! channel, a segment, or multiple segments which help me reach even more guests, it would be appreciated.

   I’m eager to get more done, but I’m not a jerk about it because people do have lives and races to get ready for, and will work around their schedules. I’m not a reporter and want us to get to know the person or just hear some great stories they have to offer. My approach will be to do it the JT way and not how people “think” it should be done. My approach has been popular and well-received so there is no reason to change it now. I care about our audience but also how we, as their media representatives, present our guests to the public. I will not ambush ANY guests and will treat each with the utmost respect they deserve. The guests will range from sportsman racers, tuners, photographers, pros, legends, and even the very series promoters/managers themselves. If you want to learn something and be entertained, this will be the place to be in 2021.

My goal is to gather and save as many stories as I can.

We will be expanding into other conversations as well outside of motorsports.

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