365 DAYS OF JT 2020 & 2021

Page still being updated last update 9-15-2021 will fill in more details as time goes on.

8-25-2020 through 9-23-2020 30 days.

I was just riding 30 minutes a day but toward the end of the 30 days, I had changed my diet and began to set goals for cycling. 2008 used Giant bike, also began adding a walk session

9-24-2020 through 10-23-2020 60 days

In this 30 days I would upgrade my bike to a 2020 Felt Hybrid and broke my left collar bone.

10-24-2020 through 11-22-2020 90 days

I was reading multiple sources and began to change routines to ensure I was doing things correctly. I would start running during this 30 day section at 11-9-2020 (first run was 4 miles)

11-23-2020 through 12-22-2020 120 days

I began to stagger my cycling, run days and walk time. Started adding a rest day and began a morning exercise routine before I even leave the house.

12-23-2020 through 1-21-2021 150 days

I began testing myself once a month out at Jan Van Fleet trail once a once to make sure m data was accurate. Also Upgraded to a Cannondale super six road bike Carbon Fiber.

1-22-2021 through 2-20-2021 180 days

Got cleared from doctor on Collarbone finally fused together, also setting tougher goals

2-21-2021 through 3-22-2021 210 days

began lower my routine goals and set harder numbers top maintain,

3-22-2021 through 4-21-2021 240 days

Showing a lot of progress still pushing numbers that I can maintain

4-22-2021 through 5-21-2021 270 days

MY cannon dale is destroyed when I was rear ended in Virginia, had to move back to my Felt Hybrid

5-22-2021 through 6-20-2021 300 days

6-21-2021 through 7-20-2021 330 days

Mom passes away this is not a good month, but I do complete my first 20k run 6-17-2021. Partnership problems and my program is got really gardaa a

Begin pressing bike ride harder and complete a 65 thousandth (50k) walk-day 7-17-2021

7-21-2021 through 8-19-2021 360 days

Get my first six minute mile run

8-20-2021 through 8-24-2021 365 days

Hammer away the tail end of this month is eaten up by my events.

8-25-2021 through 365+

I have made it to one year and what a year has it been I began my fitness goal with the primary goal to do for one year. Now my goal is to go for two years. I will begin building a more realistic sustainable direction. Once I change direction for my program my daily responsibilities will change and I will not be able to maintain this routine schedule. I love where I’m at and how I feel doing this stuff.

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