Running session and 20k’s

Someone was asking me about my fitness stuff since they are also into running while up in Virginia last weekend. I explained to them how I do things and that I’m not training for anything. This is just a personal thing I like doing and want to get better at. Decided to share what I sent to her. My 2021 recap so far…. HOKA Carbon x2 for running

NOTE: I cycle and do walking sessions as well. The walking at events are not considered sessions and I do not track them as a routine.

JT Runs with distance and my 20k and I do not use pre-workout energy drinks or gel packs – just me, my diet, and water.


January: 9 sessions distance 149.41km (92.8 miles) No 20k ran (but all sessions were 16k+)

February: 8 run sessions distance 114.57km (71.1 miles) No 20 km (but all sessions session were 16k+ with one 13k and one 18k)

March: 7 run sessions distance 52.67km (32.7 miles) NO 20k, *I changed my routine distance, because I modified my fitness plan.

April: 13 run sessions distance 65.46km (40.6 miles) NO 20k

May: 14 sessions distance 45.01km (27.9 miles) No 20k

June: 10 run sessions distance 47.44km (29.4 miles) One 20k: 20.07km 5:17/km Maryland 6-17-21

July: 8 run sessions distance 55.22km (34.31) 20k session did not do one in July, 50k walk completed 7-17-21

August 9 sessions distance 79.01km (49.0 miles) One 20k: 20.05km 5:25/km Florida 8-31-21 *end of July I set a 5th workout goal to do one 20k a month

September: …SO FAR…. 5 sessions distance 49.9km (31.0 miles) One 20k: 23.21km 5:28/km Florida 9-15-21




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