365 Days plus JT’s Fitness Diary 2020 and 2021

Last edit 1-12-21: Here is a breakdown of how my adventure has gone over the past year in regards to my fitness, growth in cycling, riding, walking, and running. I do not claim to be any kind of expert this is just a regular guy running his pie hole. I have broken the journey down into 30 groups to help best tell the story.

September 2020 Calories Burn 00000 Distance: ———–. Cycling, Walking – The first thirty days runs for. 8/24/21 to 9/23/21

The first thirty days was just me riding a cheap ass bike I bought for 150 bucks. I just got my time in every day and enjoined the rides. Did not care about data and had no routines in place. My very first ride was High Bridge Trail State Park in Virginia (Rice).

I came to find out rather quickly I enjoyed it. I was caring for my 87 year old mother with Dementia, this gave me some “me” time to unwind. During this time, the early stages of daily routines “sessions” would begin to take shape. I would also begin to take things more seriously by changing my diet and lifestyle. Not that I had much of a lifestyle to change 😆.

Early on I was cycling everyday but was not running that came later after I broke my collarbone in October 2021.

October  2020 Calories Burn 00000 Distance: ——. Cycling,Walking

December 2020 Calories Burn 42,171 Distance: 987.73km Cycling,Walking

November 2020 Calories Burn 32,926 Distance: 800.04km

January 2021 Calories Bu 38,986 Distance: 996.3km

February 2021 Calories Burn 35,989 Distance: 974.65km

March 2021 Calories Burn 30,544 Distance: 737.18km

April 2021 Calories Burn 26,371 Distance: 772.35km

May 2021 Calories Burn 14,337 Distance: 448.58km (mom passes away)

June 2021 Calories Burn 17,663 Distance: 381.62km –  1st 20k run completed June 17th.

July 2021 Calories Burn 23.446 Distance: 416.27km 1st 50k walk competed 

August 2021 Calories Burn 31894 Distance: 766.83km 20k run complete

September 2021 Calories Burn 21961 Distance: 332.05km 20 k Run complete

October 2021 Calories Burn 14874 Distance: 135.83km 20k run complete

November 2021 Calories Burn 9,514 Distance: 152.4km 16k run complete

December 2021 Calories Burn 30.974 Distance: 702.36km 25k run complete (to make up for not completing 20 in Nov)

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