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Last update 10-11-2021: For those of you looking for prints or a gift for a friend or loved one. Here are some options.  and the proceeds go back into my program. If you know I have something of you that is not shown please email me at jaked35mm@hotmail.com. Messaging me on social media is NOT a good way to reach me. I’m a part of a lot of pages so the messages can get missed.

The best way to support my program is to buy something. – Thank you Jack “JT” Norton

podcast is LIVE!!!!

2021 Partnerships:

Schnitz Racing / Energy Coil / Hardtimes Parts and Service / 190hookup.com / Dystany Spurlock / Fast Andie Rawlings (NHRA) / APE Race Parts / Pablo Gonzalez Racing (NHRA) / JT’s Auto & Cycle-AMRA, / Vantine Nitro-Sports / White Lighting Racing / LSR Nitro-Harley / Dragbike.com, and WhatAGraphic.

3 Silent Partnerships

 Please visit my Partnership page

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