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I still have race events left to do for 2021 but my 2022 schedule is first come first to lock in dates. I had numerous request come in at the start of 2021 so this is to make sure I give everyone an early reminder. The schedule is first come 1st serve. Several 2021 JT-dates were locked in before the close of 2020. It does not have to be a motorcycle series partnership and I can support other motorsports programs if you need my help.

10-11-2021 McBride Base camp visit

You do not have to partner with JT/Try & Keep Up! for a series but the option is there if you need it. You can support my program as a whole and travel with me no matter where I go or what we do.

I DO NOT generate revenue from my partnerships, the support helps me free up key expenses that allow us to reach more people. I will have A LOT more flexibility for 2022 than I did in 2021. So we can keep moving even faster and father, partnerships may request access to content and services at any time.

JT’s 1st to perfect .000 RT gave $100.00 cash to each racer that got the first .000 light of the day for Saturday and Sunday at all 7 XDA races. This made possible by the 2021 support of Schnitz Racing and David Roberts.

We will continue this program in 2022 but I’m also designing bright orange JT-Shootress .001 hats, (The lady that appears in the T) for each racer that grabs the 1st to perfect bonus. The XDA has already given me permission to make this available for their series.

As of 10-11-2021 (no dates are locked in yet)

2022 ManCup

March 4-5-6 Exoticycle Nationals Orlando Speedworld Dragway

April 29-30 MTC Engineering Nationals SGMP

July 8,9,10 Fast by Gast Nationals DRagway 42

October 7-8-9 http://www.190hookupcom Nationals Rockingham Dragways

November 17,18,19,20 Fuel tech World Finals SGMP

2022 AMRA


2022 AHDRA Waiting confirmation on dates.

Gainesville, Cecil, Sturgis, Rockingham, Gainesville, Numedia, Columbus ( one more location pending)

2022 SDBA

April2 Brainerd Motorsports Park

May 14 – Silver Dollar Raceway

June 4 Huntsville Dragway

Aug 13 Crossville Dragway

Sep 3 Music City Raceway

Oct 1 Huntsville Dragway

Oct 29 Brainerd Motorsports park

2022 XDA (JT-Midway access will again available for our partnership program again for 2022)

PFR Spring nationals April 22-24 MDIR

MTC Summer Nationals 17-19 VMP

WPGC Superbike Showdown July 22-24 MDIR

Bike Bash Aug 26-28 VMP

DME racing Fall Nationals Sep 23-25 MDIR

NHRA 2022 (team support or direct media assistance to a news outlet) I do not covered NHRA events like I do smaller series because of the media guideline and rules we are required to follow. I have a good relationship with the NHRA media people and they are awesome to work with.

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