Try and Keep Up! Podcast 2022 Season Two

Try and Keep Up! Podcast 2022 Season Two (as of 11-5-2021)



  • If I do not have sustaining partnerships for 2022, the remaining sessions will air as they are loaded but no additional sessions will follow. The podcast are setup so that if anything happens to me they will remain in place.

If I get a Full JT-program partner for 2022 then all media support benefits apply but also a mid-session podcast AD space will be reserved for all 52 sessions. I do not have an OFF-season and will attempt to get people who are usually too busy during the season to sit down with me. (working on those already) International guests are also NOT excluded if that possibility presents itself to us. Now we will end up with a lot more than 52 sessions and once this occurs I will bump the 8 am Tuesday show to 30 minutes or a one-hour format, to cover multiple sessions. We will have special on-site or event update segments, once my 2022 schedule begins to take shape.


No, I’m not listing who is coming up, and you will have to tune in because that is how this works, on my podcast anyways.

podcast is coming

January 2022: Jan 4th Episode One Season Two4 Tuesdays (four sessions are done in place and they will post 8 am each day)

February 2022:4 Tuesdays (three sessions are in place and will post 8 am each day)

March 2022:5 Tuesdays

April 2022:4 Tuesdays

May 2022:5 Tuesdays

June 2022:4 Tuesdays

July 2022:4 Tuesdays

August 2022:5 Tuesdays

September 2022:4 Tuesdays

October 2022:4 Tuesdays

November 2022:5 Tuesdays

December 2022:4 Tuesdays

Try and Keep Up! Podcast 2022 Season Two (as of 11-1-2021)



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