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Last Update 12-01-2021 just daily notes, I will be ending these at the close of the year so Dec 31 2021 will be the final day of logging. I will still do post for my events and putting but they will individual segments not a daily log. In 2022 there will be greater focus on my podcast and YouTube channels. I will also be changing the format of my website to make it easy to manage on the road.

12-02-2021 Day 441: (Local Trail Florida) Walk Only 9.52 km Pushing my pace but with no real goal number in mind. Just getting the pace as low as possible. I also am working on breathing rhythm and form. Avg Pace: 9:34 MAx PAce 8:38 – (No running spurts.)

12-01-2021 Day 440: (Local Trail Florida) JT-Cycling 36.93km December #1: Pushing: No, Temp: 13C, Humidity 91%, Duration: 01:18:52, Avg Speed: 28kph, Max Speed: 40.7 kph, Avg Pace: 02:08/km, Max Pace: 01:28/km. – ** Reminder I do not ride for speed, I ride for consistency throughout the routine but try maintain pressure on my pacing. With the cool down ride ten full ride distance was 45.52km.

36k Session results: ( been awhile since I got a ride session in)
(Goal #1 each km-split 2:30 or less) 35 of 36 km-splits 00:02:30 or less. #24 got away from me and came in at 00:02:31. I manage to drive some others a bit lower so 31 were 00:02:20 or less.

(Goal #2 get 30K below 1 hour) This is harder to do on the Hybrid, today I came in at 01:03:40 seconds. I am happy with the 10k groups because they were really close together. 1-10 21:06 11-20 21:18 and 21-30 21:16, there is some work to do there to close things up but I have not done a ride session in awhile so I’m ok with these numbers

(Goal #3 get as many splits possible 1:59 or less) always a struggle with the Felt. Only four with the best being #23 at 01:47.

It was a really great ride, but it has been awhile since I got one in. Trying to get my routine back in place, and did ok for the most part so still happy with this ride. This Felt is just not meant for what I’m trying to do. I miss my Carbon Road bike still but have to get this dine one way or another. Someone I will get one back and get back to where I should be for numbers. Still a great day riding and I love it. Daily Steps: 6332

11-30-2021 Day 439: Local Florida Walk day only 9.02 km not pushing my pace. I got some website structure work today for some pending changes that are coming. Daily Steps: 13886

11-29-2021 Day 438: Local Florida rest day giving my legs a break and getting some work done. No walk today complete rest day 1175

11-28-2021 Day 437: Local Trail Florida: Run Day 16.03km Avg Pace: 5:14/km Max Pace: 4:21/km Duration 01:24:02 Temp 12c Humidity 74%. This was a mess and I could not stay focused to save my life. I made sure I got 10k and then just kept clicking off km and decided to cut it at 16k. I’m not doing enough shorter routine and need to get back into my session pattern. I still a 20k for November but will see how the next couple days goes before I push again.

(Goal #1 30 min/ minimum) completed 01:24:02 at 16:03km * The run sucked because I did not handle it well, but my 6k session numbers were not that bad, so it was not a complete loss.

(Goal # 2 4:59 or less for 6k) Km-split 4 came in at 5:01 (damn crosswalk again) the other 5 were 4:49 or less. So not bad but a bit too aggressive since I was going for distance today.

(Goal # 3 6k under 30) got it this time 00:28:30 but could have been a but faster just could not get my crap together.

(Goal # 4 six minute mile) I was not pushing for this today but the best mile split was 7:20.

(Goal # 5 One 20k per month) There was no way this way going to happen today I just could not get it together.

Daily Steps : 27415

11-27-2021 Day 436: Local Trail Florida : 8.51km Walking Day but pressing my pacing Avg Pace: 9:08/km Max Pace 8:05/km Then came home and got some organizing done. Preparing for my monthly 20k run tomorrow. Daily steps 15687

11-26-2021 Day 436: Local Florida Some partnership are coming together and I hope to get things in order for 2022. Things are looking up for a very busy 2022. Another big change is coming so stay tuned, because I wont post it anywhere else until after Jan 1. The MAnCup trip did open up some partnership options for 2022. I have a plan and with the help of some great people 2022 will end up being a far more productive year than any year before.

We do not need any new equipment for 2022 so I will focus on areas that will strength the program and maximize our resources even further. I do want a go-pro 10 for our travel segments but it is not that high on the checklist. That will more than likely be our only purchase equipment wise but will come once I get some other new scary areas secured. Dragbike.com is back again with me for 2022, our 7th year together and I would not be here without DB.

2022 together again.

11-25-2021 Day 435: Astro & Platka Florida I could not stay at the house for Thanksgiving it reminds me too much of my mother. I took up an offer from some friends to hang out with them for Thanksgiving and had a favor to do for someone over there so it worked out. This lead to a morning kayak fishing trip and manage to land a beautiful large mouth bass. I guess Mom is reminding me how beautiful life is even if she is not here anymore. Holidays without her are always going to suck.

Happy Thanksgiven to me! Lol

11-24-2021 Day 433: Astro Florida, headed out to do a favor for a racer and make my way to Platka. Stopped by Johns Lake on the way out to throw the line out and get some paddling in. Got a few hits but did not land anything this time. FWC officer in training gave me a once over when I came back in. Life vest and fishing license all checked out ok for them. Nice guys just doing their jobs so I don’t mind.

11-23-2021 Day 432: Local Florida I got back into town and decided to make a stop at the local lake I have never been to. John’s Lake in Winter Garden and got me my first good size bass. I had numerous hits but only managed to get this one in the kayak. Was a beautiful morning and had a great time on the water.

My second catch as a legal Florida Fisherman

11-22-2021 Day 431: Georgia then Florida – Monday departure, I hung out for awhile before leaving and got to visitors a bit with people before leaving. I headed back to Florida but took my time. I decided to get some rest in North Florida before finishing the drive in.

11-21-2021 Day 430: Adel Georgia Event Day 3 South Georgia Daily Steps 22,125, it was really fracking late when we got done. I finished my last winners circle picture at midnight. A really cool day of racing but it was slow going.

11-20-2021 Day 429: Adel Georgia Event Day 3 South Georgia Daily Steps 16,119

11-19-2021 Day 429: Adel Georgia Event Day 3 South Georgia Daily Steps 16,951

11-18-2021 Day 428: Event Day 2 Adel Georgia, always good hanging out with awesome people at the races. It is the one place that I enjoy belong it fells like I belong there.

11-17-2021 Day 427: Lakeland then Adel Georgia, Kayak stop and event day 1 SGMP. I got to my rest stop which put me close to my stopping point, before heading over to Banks Lake for some kayaking and fishing. This is not far from the track so I will head over there when I get done goofing off. I got to the track in the afternoon and some people were testing so got a few shots. I damage a 300mm lens so i will need to replace it at some point. It is a kit lens so it should not be too bad. Got my first fish on my Georgia Fishing License!

11-16-2021 Day 426: Getting a walk in to keep active 5.38 km. A bit stressed out about some personal issues but hoping things work out. Just keep trucking along. I will need head to the races tomorrow.

11-15-2021 Day 425: 8.31 km – walk only but pushed the pace to get it as low as possible and get heart rate up. Getting things ready for the ManCup Race

11-14-2021: Day 424 JT Run day 10.71km Session #2. I still need to do a 20k for November but want to do a couple shorter sessions in first. I got my first November thirty minute session done a couple days ago, and decided to do a another one today. I went into this one looking for just a sub 5 minute /km split time for the 6k session, but once off and running it would go a bit further. Worked my pacing in order to keep the same pace time per km-spilt and got the 1st three with 1 second of each other. This would turn out to be a good move because not pushing allowed me to conserve energy, but the weather was gorgeous so that always helps asession.

Once my body settled into the session around 3km, I began pushing my pace a little bit more to make sure to maintained my pace goal, Managed to speed up considerably on km-4, and continued to stay at or below the session goal mark. It felt great so I pushed the session goal to each kilometer split after 6k, to see how many of them I could get. I decided to go until 10k or until I got a 5 minute or higher km-split time. I hit my 6k goal mark of 04:59 or less for the entire ten kilometers! HELL YES, so I will take this any day of the week. The session felt really good and I was not beat up when done. Getting stronger getting faster need to push it a bit more. @hoka Carbon x2

Session results, but will note that I skipped my breakfast on purpose this morning because I had a large dinner last night so there was plenty of fuel for today.

(Goal #1 30 min/ minimum) completed 00:51:34 at 10:71km * The run felt really good so I pushed it out to 10k and would end up getting a personal 10k best!! At 47:48/km

(Goal # 2 4:59 or less for 6k) Completed but kept it going and got ALL TEN KM splits to 4:59 or less! 1 (4:38), 2 (4:39), 3 (4:39) were only 1 second apart in time. Very happy with how I managed my pacing which allow me to push km-four down to 4:26. 8 and 9 were 4:59 so I dug in and shaved it down to 4:57 but had an uphill section to contend with so it was tough.

(Goal # 3 6k under 30) got it this time 00:27:49 but could have been a but faster got a bit lazy at Four and had to give myself a push talk.

(Goal # 4 six minute mile) not today because it was more about pace management than pushing for this number BUT I got it down to 00:07:18 per mile at mile split three. Mile 5 was disappointing because it came in at 00:08:00 so have to push a bit harder next time, but everything else was in the seven minute window. For the 10k session I still did pretty good Average Pace 00:07:44/mi and a Max Pace 00:06:21/mi

(Goal # 5 One 20k per month) Not done yet, because I still need to get a couple of shorter sessions in first. I May wait to do it until I get back from my event next week to do it.

TAKU! Android Podcast: https://tryandkeepup.buzzsprout.com/

TAKU! Apple Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/try-and-keep-up/id1583303146

11-13-2021: Day 424 complete rest day helping m brother work on his truck, but it was more Allen than me. JC or Jeff. Daily steps: 3203

11-12-2021: Day 423 Walk only 6.07 miles (9.76km) Avg Pace:9:34/km Max Pace 8:11/km. Getting some car work done and event work caught up on. After this event I will begin deciding the direction of the program for 2022. I hope to take on fewer partnerships but larger partnerships to help increase the quality of coverage for the sport and for my partnerships. Daily Steps: 14401

11-11-2021: Day 422 JT Run day has been awhile since I got a session in so it was a but off the mark today. Distance 6.5km Duration 33:20 1st session in a while been traveling and working Avg Pace 5:07 Max Pace: 3:58 Temp 21c Humidity 94%. Got slowed up at one crosswalk but knew my times would be off. @hoka Carbon x2

Session results

(Goal # 1 30 min/ minimum) complete 33.20 and I was focused on just doing 30 not much more.

(Goal # 2 4:59 or less) 1 and 2 were 4:48 or less, but everything dropped off at 3km, my form and breathing was off. I kept it to 30 minutes but will run again Saturday. I could feel that I was not all with it but begin to settle in towards the end of the thirty 30 minutes

(Goal # 3 6k under 30) not today but it’s not surprising since I have been on the road for awhile working but still came in at 00:30:24

(Goal # 4 six minute mile) this was not the day for this one, but came in at 7:13 – not bad for an old guy. 😉 The consistent mile to mile pace is usually in the eight 15 to 20 range over an five mile stretch. 5 miles is usually exhaust I try to complete in a session when working on mile to mile pacing. I was not doing that today.

(Goal # 5 One 20k per month ) I have not done one yet for November, but plan to do it Monday or Tuesday. I need to get a couple shorter sessions in to remind my body its coming. I don’t expect any awesome numbers on the next 20k since I have been off my normal at home routine.

TAKU! Android Podcast: https://tryandkeepup.buzzsprout.com/

TAKU! Apple Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/try-and-keep-up/id1583303146

Daily Steps: 19731

11-10-2021: Day 421 Rest day trying to get caught up on some stuff. No doing a. Whole lot cleaning car reorganizing for MAnCup next weekend. My poor attitude was not helping my day much. Daily Steps:96

11-09-2021: Day 420 Florida Gainesville doing some kayaking and practice some more fishing before heading home. Got a bunch of hits and finally caught one. Slowly getting the hang of this crap, my casting and accuracy is improving but still figuring it all out. Real Fishing is a lot tougher than people think, the hardest part is the patience needed to catch these damn things. (Daily Steps: 7838

About damn time 🙂 😆

11-08-2021: Day 419 Florida Gainesville Kayaking an drying to get the hang of this fishing crap but no lick today need to try some different lures. Got a few hours in the water but had to get moving, to attend the 2021 AHDRA Championship and Awards Banquet. (Daily Steps: 10150

11-07-2021: Day 418 Florida Gainesville Raceway AHDRA EVENT – . Was a great of day of racing and two Try and Keep Up Partneships became champions this season. LSR Nitro Harley Pro Fuel AHDRA Champions and Michael Balch AHDRA Nitro Funny Vike Champion.

My next event will be my last, 2021 will be my last season doing what I do. (Daily Steps; 19727

11-06-2021: Day 417 Florida Gainesville AHDRA EVENT – more rain hanging out today. (Daily Steps: 4637

11-05-2021: Day 416 Florida Gainesville AHDRA EVENT – Getting rained on today so not a lot going on. (Daily Steps: 4149

Evening toon

11-04-2021: Day 415 Florida was in Ocala then Gainesville. I got some kayaking in 7am to Noon (ONF) Ocala National Forest at Wildcat Lake. Spent time fishing and practicing my casting and I did NOT catch a damn thing. 😆 Headed back to house to handled some work stuff showered and was off to Gainesville for AHDRA. Got close and it was still early so I decided to stop GPS and find a spot to do some practice casting. Found. a state park and a great public boat ramp.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings State park was a neat find and the property is pretty cool too. Found a county boat ramp into Orange Lake right next to it. It is a must do and will kayak it on the way out Monday. But for now I practiced my casting with the rod and got a couple hits. I would pick a spot and cast to that area ten times. Then change spots cast another 10 and so on until I got to 50. Then went to a heavier lure and repeated this 50. 100 cat done for the day. (Daily steps: 7826

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings State park Cross Creek Fl

11-03-2021: Day 414 Florida getting some work done before I head out again. This is not a good day. (Daily Steps: 8020

11-02-2021: Day 413 Florida back home and getting some work done before heading out again. Picked up my bike and the price damage was not bad minor repairs. (Daily steps: 10340

11-01-2021: Day 412 South Georgia Bingham State Park Georgia kayak and fishing, then went back over to Banks Lake Wildlife Refuge for a few hours. Then made the drive back to Florida. (Daily Steps: 5292

Banks Lake Georgia

10-31-2021: Day 411 South Georgia Spent the day at Banks Lake Wildlife Refuge kayaking and fishing. I’m legal to fish in Georgia now. (Freshwater only) (Daily Steps: 8110

Banks Lake Georgia

10-30-2021: Day 410 it was a rainy day so I got some driving in and found a parking area at the Apalapcian Trail then went and did some hiking at the falls. Daily Steps: 7735

10-29-2021: North Georgia Day 409 rain rain and more rain… Sitting things out for about half the day. Working on a video for you tube. I really don’t want to go “home” since I don’t feel like it is home anymore. I have the weird feeling of not belonging anywhere anymore but as unusual it will pass. Daily Steps: 962

10-28-2021: Day 408 Ocoee, Tennessee it got windy today but some sun was popping through, the storm front is coming but still had a great day. A second kayak run was out of the question way too windy. Daily Steps: 15600

10-27-2021: Day 407 Ocoee, Tennessee kayaking the Lake WAS amazing! OH WOW. Got back had lunch and then went to see Benton Falls. A great day but we have pending weather coming in not sure how tomorrow will fair. Daily Steps: 17001

10-26-2021: Day 406 Taladega Alabama then Red Top Mountain State Park Georgia camp ground was full so I move further North and ended up at Gound Chilhowcee Recreational Area Lake Ocoee Tennessee. They had open camping spots! Night 1 getting some real rest. Will better here three nights two full days. Daily Steps: 7970

10-25-2021: Day 405 : Jasper Alabama some sleep will make you feel so much better. Yesterday was a long ass day. But on to today. I will do a podcast session with one and only Chris Hand. Then head off to kill a couple days and do some exploring before SDBA. I will do some driving first and get myself back into Georgia. Stop in Taladega National Forest Alabama for some rest. Daily Steps: 2.719

21 Day Self Goal  01-30 / Chapter 2: Bike on 30-60 / Chapter 3: Keep On KeepN 61-90 / Chapter 4: KeepN Up! 91–120, Chapter 5: PushN On 120–150 / Chapter 6: TryN and Still Flyin 150-180 / Chapter 7: DropBars and BookN it! 180-210 / Chapter 8: Switching Gears 210-240 / Chapter 9: RoadTripN and Events 240-270 / Chapter 10: Digging In PushN On 270-300 / Chapter 11: Run, Ride,Live 300-330/ Chapter 12: 330 -365 Light – End -Tunnel / 365 and beyond

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