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Last update 11-14-2021: I pulled this off my daily blogs for my routines, to reduce clutter on those pages. The photo above is from a 2019 kayaking trip, Cave Run Lake in Kentucky. Spent 8 hours on the north shore of the lake. I do not really pay much attention to data by miles anymore, I use kilometers since the rest of the world using them for running and riding.

62 miles done, I’m to the left and it was not a timed ride, but just a fun ride with good people.

Personal Best Sessions

  1. Imperial 🚵 Cycling Miles
  2. 01-mile: 0:02:42 3/18/21
  3. 05-mile: 0:14:26 3/07/21
  4. 10-mile: 0:28:50 3/07/21
  5. 20-mile: 0:57:22 3/07/21
  6. 30-mile: 1:40:56 8/15/21
  7. Sessions are non-stop grinds
  • Metric 🚵 Cycling Kilometers
  • 01k 0:01:29 3/10/21
  • 05k 0:08:53 3/07/21
  • 10k 0:17:51 3/07/21
  • 20k 0:35:51 3/07/21
  • 30k 0:53:43 3/07/21
  • 40k 1:23:35 8/15/21
  • 50k 1:44:25 8/15/21
  • * sessions are non-stop grinds

  • Imperial 🏃 Run Miles
  • 01m 0:06:40 8-4-21
  • 02 m 0:14:10 8-4-21
  • 05m 0:38:05 11-14-21
  • 10m 1:18:54 1-28-21
  • 12.5m 1:46:23 6-17-21
  • I don’t stop a constant run
  • Metric 🏃 Run Kilometers
  • 01k 0:03:59 8-4-21
  • 05k 0:22:53 8-4-21
  • 08k 0:37:54 3-29-21
  • 10k 0:47:48 11-14-21
  • 15k 1:14:43 2-08-21
  • 20k 1:43:21 8-31-21
  • I don’t stop a constant run

Data Note 1: A note on my postings shows “Pushing: NO” this means that I’m not pushing for low numbers. I don’t cycle/run for speed, because consistency throughout the routine is more important.

Data Note 2: I began logging these times on 1-13-2021. I’m more focused on how well rather than how far or fast. I monitor my bio-metrics to make sure the sessions are effective. I don’t want this to be me just be running/riding my ass off and screwing up my body. I do not go out every day looking to hit a personal best but will still date each one as it happens moving forward. This begins 1-13-2021, even if I had better a time before this date.

Running: These are non-stop runs unless I get stuck at a crosswalk, but I do not like to stop. I have isolated an area of a local trail where crosswalks are not really a big deal anymore. I will drop a run routine from my weekly sessions if necessary for recovery. I would rather skip a run than push it and hurt myself, and not be able to run at all.

Bike ride: I’m a grinder; when it comes to my session, I do not stop pedaling. I drop into a lower gear for downhill portions but do my best to maintain my pacing without going too fast. It is not much for hills where I do my weekly workout routine, so the hill assist is minor. I want consistent times for the entire way, but I’m not lazy about how I ride; it’s a very aggressive style that I maintain. I’m now using a felt hybrid because my Carbkn Fiber Super Six Cannondale was destroyed when I was rear-ended in Virginia in April 2021.

JT stuff I have been asked:

I have another Q&A area on my bio page … click here

  • Most steps in a single day 68,540 July 17th 2021 *65,706 were from a single workout session. 50k walk (Palm Coast Florida)
  • How much weight have you lost? This is not about weight loss and only checked the 1st of each month. 68 pounds. (30.8kg) or 4.8 stones. (August 1st 2021)
  • Longest workout duration 10:31:37 July 17th 2021 68k steps Florida (see above)
  • Most calories burned in a single day 4,404 July 17th 2021 Florida
  • Most floors in a single day 154 floors. July 27th 2021 Shenandoah National Park hiking session Virginia
  • Longest run? 12.5miles (20 km) June 17th 2021. Maryland
  • Longest cycling distance in a single day 105.39km December 29th 2020
  • Fastest Speed Cycling 68.39 kph (42.8mph) June 21st 2021 Georgia
  • Highest elevation gain Walking in one session 703m July 11th 2021
  • Highest Elevation gain Cycling in one session 625m June 21st 2021
  • Toughest Event(s): SDBA 2020 Crossville Tennessee, was working the event with a broken left collar bone. I broke it the week before the event. AHDRA June 2021 is a close second because I have jaw surgery two days before this event and battling pain and an infection all the weekend. XDA Virginia Motorsports park May 2021 was tough but for other reasons and will leave that right there.
  • Riding in groups? I usually don’t because “normal people” don’t cycle the way I do but enjoy them … See next billet.
  • Group rides? First-ever was 62 mile (99.7km) Pan Florida Cancer Ride in March 2021. I was paired up with a group, and we would trade off lead positions, so I got to learn a lot on how to group ride. I had been watching videos on how not to be a douchbag when riding in groups, which helped out a lot. When riding solo, I always pretend there is someone next to or behind me for safety reasons.
  • First official cycling ride? High Bridge Trail State Park, Rice, Virginia. 2020
  • Injury or Wrecked? YES, on my Felt Hybrid, I broke my left collar bone Oct-14-2020, but also went down a couple of times learning the damn clip-in peddles.
  • Coldest Ride or Run? Run 24°F ( -4.44°C) Ride 26°F ( –3.33°C)
  • Coldest Hike? 9°F (-12°C) Colorado
  • Rain or shine? I go no matter what.
  • What is your favorite Pre-work drink or shake? Don’t use one; I drink water and control my energy needs through my diet. I don’t drink a lot of water right before a run session but do the day before.
  • How many Calories do you Burn? month in review click here ->JT-Sessions 2k21
  • Longest Kayaking trip? Three days on the Wekiva River. From Kings Landing to St John’s River Debary via Public Boat ramp.
  • Coldest Kayaking trip? 15°F (-9.44 °C) for eight hours with a daily high of 25°F -3.89 °c
  • Favorite Trip: Tough choice but have to say Grand Canyon South Rim 2019. On day two when I went down into the canyon for about seven miles 14 plus counting the trip back up. I was a lot heavier back then, so I am hoping to get back at my new fitness level.

Fall Creek Falls State Park Tennessee (a remote controlled go-pro selfie) 
Chief Ladiga Trail Alabama 2020 (43 miles)

Travel Log: 
*I'm not counting routine paths only specialty locations.

Van Fleet Trail (x2)(Felt & Cannondale)
Santos Trail Head Ocala (Cannondale)
Lake Apopka North Shore (Felt)

Van Fleet Trail (x1 Cannondale)

(JAN) Silver River
(FEB) Little Big Econ State Forest

Lake Apopka 14 miles North Shore

Little Econ Forest

Maryland International Raceway
Sanish Moss Trail Virginia Bike
Darlington Dragway (SC)


Darlington Dragway (SC)
Bigham Park Geogoria (Hike)(GA)
South Georgia Motorsports Park(GA)

Spanish Moss Trail (SC)hike
Congaree National Forest (SC) Hike and run
Maryland Intenrational Raceway
Francis Marion National Forest SC

Santee State Forest
Shenandoah National Park
Maryland International Raceway


South Carolina Motorplex
The Rock North Carolina x2
Maryland International Raceway
Bankhead Nat Forest Alabama
Uwharrie Nat Forest (5days)
Santee State Forest (kayak day)
Cherokee Nat Forest (3 days)
Shenadoah Nat Park (2days)


Cape Hatteras Outer banks North Carolina Sep
High Bridge Trail State park Virginia Sep
Big Shoals State Forest Florida Nov
Santos Trail Head Ocala Florida Aug
Jekyll Island Georgia Oct
Indian Head Rail Trail Maryland July
Lock #24 (Riley's Lock) C&O Canal Trail, Seneca MD July
Suncoast Trail - State Road 50 trailhead Nov
Spring-to-Spring Trail started at Beck Ranch Park Florida (Dec) (36 miles)
Fall Creek Falls State Park Tennessee Sep (Giant Mountain bike)about 15 miles

Fall Creek Falls State Park Tennessee Sep
Santee National Forest x2 South Carolina

Santee National Forest (Lake Marion) South Carolina Oct
Silver River Florida Feb
Johnson Field Boat Ramp (Ocklawaha River) Florida May
Potomac River Launch point Chapel Point State Park Maryland Sep


Grand Canyon South Rim Oct Arizona (3days)
Zion National Park Nov Utah (3days)
Cummins Falls State Park Tennessee
Cadillac Ranch Potter County, Texas
Santee National Forest x1 South Carolina
Myrtel Beach and had lunch at a fantastic Sub shop on the beach

Silver River x2
Potomac River Virginia
Rappahnnock River Virginia
Cave Run Lake Kentucky
Potomac River Launch point Chapel Point State Park MD x2
Lake Anna State Park Virginia
Indian-Celina State recreation area Indiana (2 days) Hoosier National Forest


Garden of the Gods Colorado
11 Mile State Park Colorado - my youngest son was with me.
Battleship North Carolina Memorial Park (did the tourist thing, it was very cool.)
North Carolina Aquarium at First Fisher
Myrtle Beach stopped for unch at a sub shop on the beach


Drag strips... The ones I can remember at the moment
I have worked and many of them I have lost count how many times for some of them.
My home track - Orlando Speedworld (Florida)
Gainesville Raceway (Florida)
South Georgia Motorsports Park (Georgia)
Maryland International Raceway (Maryland)
Brandon Motorsports Park (Florida)
Bandimeer Raceway (Colorado)
Darlington Dragway (SC)
Galot Motorsports Park (North Carolina)
Palm Beach International Raceway (Florida)
Virginia Motorsports Park (Virginia)
Memphis International Raceway (Tennessee)
Lucas Oil Raceway (Indiana)
Atco Dragway (New Jersey)
Rockingham Dragway (North Carolina)
Atlanta Motor speedway (Georgia)
Vegas Motor speedway (Nevada)
Zmax Dragway (North Carolina)
Muncie Dragway (Indiana)
Brainerd Motorsports Park (Georgia)
Crossville Dragway (Tennessee)
Dragway 42 (Ohio)
Route 66 Raceway (Illnois)

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