Last Update: 12-26-21 NOTE: Title image is from 2021 Ocoee Lake, Tennessee (Spent 4 nights 5 days camping in the area) – go pro selfie. A kayaking trip for me is a minimum of four hours. Many locations are shown I have done more than once over the years: I probably have missed a few will recheck from time to time and make sure. The average trip length for me is about 6 hours. The longest to date was the Wekiva river and St Johns which I spent three days on the water and camping small islands along the way.

I use a 32 lb 9’6″ Old Town Rush that is called Gator, which I bought new 15 years ago from Bass Pro. I do need to upgrade it now that I have moved into fishing as well. I will see what time allows me the ability to get. I cut the cargo nets off this one and sealed the holes to reduce water access. Added paddle clips to hold my paddle when doing camera work.

owned mine from 2006 to 2022

I’m licensed to fish in Florida (fresh and salt), Georgia (fresh), and South Carolina (fresh) but I only sport fish. I will be picking up licenses in North Carolina and Tennessee after the first of the year. 2022

Image source for this Jt-edit: United States Map Coloring Page Printable Reference Nice United | Usa Map Coloring Page #PvI2h – Printable Coloring Pages Free Forever

Locations as of 11-30-2021 will create a hiking one as well, that list is a bit more extensive. I got into kayaking back in 2006 and bought it because I’m “into photography” and there were places I could see while out hiking that I wanted to get to. Since photography has become my business, I really don’t go for pictures anymore I just go because I love kayaking. I still keep a camera with me but it is usually just go-pro or a point and shooter.

FLORIDA (Home State) Orange Lake, Johns Lake, Beckman Lake (Astor) Lake Apopka, Lake Jessup, Lake Monroe, Wekiva River, Little Econ, Silver River, St Johns River from Lake Monroe to Ed stone at 44, Starke Lake, Lake Woodruff, Lake Big Toho, Shingle Creek, Weekie Wachee river, Everglades via Coot bay, Lake Jessup (east side), Oklawaha River, Lower Sante Fe, Indian River, Mosquito Lagoon, Lake Lousia, Lake Dixie, Halifax river, Orange Lake (eastern shore at cross creek) and Lochloosa Lake SE area via cross creek canal) —- > (I’m sure a few have been missed will edit later)

I have done so many it is a pretty long-ass list, but one of my favorite loactions in Florida is the Wekiva River I have been on it countless times and never get tired of it, just something about it that works for me. I have kayaked the entire river in a single trip and spent 2 days on the river. Dropped off at King’s landing picked up in Deary Florida off St Johns River. It was an awesome adventure and want to do it again.

Georgia: Banks Lake Wildlife Refuge and Bingham Lake State Park

Alabama: Sipsey River is A very short-run by my standards but wow was it really pretty scenery.

South Carolina: Lake Marion (One of my favorite locations)

North Carolina: Baden Lake

Maryland: Potomac River, Wicomico River

Virginia: Rappahannock River

West Virginia: Lake Ann

Indiana: Celina / Indian lakes (this also sparked my interest in fishing)

Kentucky: Cave Run Lake Northern Shoreline

Mississippi: Bay Springs Lake Eastern area

Tennessee: Ocoee Lake, South Houlston, and Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge.

Camping, hiking, and kayaking North Carolina 5 days 4 nights 2021

NOT Kayaked …Yet

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