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12-16-2021 Day 455: Event Day 1 Orlando Speed-world Dragway Grinchmas Event. Also OI got some car work done so no ride today as a waited for the him to get done.. I will get enough walking in at the event to hit my daily goal. Daily Steps 8717 I stayed mainly in the staging lanes for content but got the 6k A day so all is good.

12-15-2021 Day 454: (Local Trail Florida) Run Day 7.14km Dec #5 Avg Pace: 4:36/km Max Pace: 4:22/km Duration 00:32:08 at 7k mark Temp 18c Humidity 100%. Best split: 04:24 #1 Worst Split: 4:46 #6 – Side note: I got a text while posting this my new pair of @hoka Carbon x2 came in!!!!!

It was clear this was not meant to happen today. Another weird-ass tech malfunction day. Have I said lately how much I dislike Android with a passion. I had to leave earlier than usual because of some work getting done to my car. I started slowly to conserve some energy for the back end but, for some weird-ass reason, mentally could not get it together. I kept having to refocus a lot, and then at around 4 Kilometer, my phone started doing some weird-ass crap in my running vest, and it was distracting. I refuse to stop a run session, so I delay with it.

It finally stopped, so I settled in and focused on keeping steady in the fours and will wait to push things on the next session. Overall it was still a solid run, and the split times were a lot closer together, with #2 and #3 coming in dead together at 4:34. A good day running that felt awesome. Forcing myself to stop is tough, but I’m sticking to the plan.

12-14-2021 Day 453: (Local Trail Florida) JT-Cycling 37.09km December 4: Pushing: No, Temp: 19C, Humidity 98%, Duration: 01:16:14, Avg Pace: 02:03/km, Max Pace: 01:23/km. I was looking to stay under 02:30 per split and bleep a solid pace. Had some issues with my watch and Strava so some cool down data got missed at the end.

(Goal #1 each km-split 2:30 or less) 37 of 37 km-splits were below 00:02:30. The best slit of the day was #23 at 01:42/km and the worst was #34 at 02:23

(Goal #2 get 30K below 1 hour) Not today I don’t really push for this one if it happens it happens. Duration: 01:01:14.

(Goal #3 get as many splits possible 1:59 or less) Got 13 again today with the best of the day being 01:42.(again) 36 of the 37 splits came in below 2:20. 26 came in below 02:10

12-13-2021 Day 452: (Local Trail Florida) Run Day 7.09km Dec #5 Avg Pace: 4:29/km Max Pace: 4:05/km Duration 00:31:25 at 7k mark Temp 17c Humidity 98%. Best split: 04:13 #2 Worst Split: 4:40 #7

Session Dec Goal is 7k under 30 minutes, but this was a good run not great because my focus was off at the start again. There is a lot going on and it took almost the first full kilometer to start reeling that crap in. My focus got away from me a few times and that damn crosswalk cost me some time but I pushed it to keep the split time in the 4 minute window. I’m happy with the run because I trimmed some more time off the back end. This is my best 7k for December and still have plenty left to go, already looking forward to the next session.

PB: 5k at 22:23 – 2 Miles second fastest time at 14:04 – 1 mile 3rd Fastest time at 6:49 (according to Strava which I just started using early this year. So I have few documented time that are better just not logged in Strava.

12-12-2021 Day 451: (Fishing Kayak Day) Full rest day No Runs, rides, or floor work. Johns Lake kayaking 4 hours and got some art work done at home. Stayed off the computer and took the day off.

12-11-2021 Day 450: (Local Trail Florida) Rest day no ride or run Walk only plus normal morning floor work. Pushing walk 11km just keeping a solid pace through to session no set goal number. Just keep the pressure on.

12-10-2021 Day 449: (Local Trail Florida) Run Day 7.07km Dec #4 Avg Pace: 4:32/km Max Pace: 4:21/km Duration 00:31:41 at 7k mark Temp 17c Humidity 100%. Best split: 04:16 #2 Worst Split: 4:48 #7 I managed too get a Personal Best 5k 5:22 and second fastest 2 mile at 14:07 and got another 1-mile in minutes which came in at 6:57.

Session Dec Goal is 7k under 30 minutes but still came in off the mark today at 31:41. This run felt awesome and being more focused was a huge help. It really sucked that I had to stop at just 7k but a plan is a plan, so I will stick to it. I could have pushed this session harder and got below 30 minutes but would rather build to it than try and force myself to get it. I want consistency not speed, so I’m not really happy with some of the split time gaps but will work on that once I get settled back into my off season routines. The next two days will be rest days then I will get back to it on Monday.

12-9-2021 Day 448: (Local Trail Florida) JT-Cycling 37.08km December 3: Pushing: No, Temp: 18C, Humidity 100%, Duration: 01:16:47, Avg Pace: 02:04/km, Max Pace: 01:25/km. This was a great ride I was just mainly looking to stay under 02:30 per split and I got it done. Had some issues with my watch and Strava so some cool down data got missed at the end.

(Goal #1 each km-split 2:30 or less) 36 of 36 km-splits were 00:02:23 or less.
(Goal #2 get 30K below 1 hour) Not too bad but I could have been more focused. Duration: 01:01:39.
(Goal #3 get as many splits possible 1:59 or less) Got 13 today with the best of the day being 01:42. 34 of the 36 splits came in at 2:20 or less. Not bad for this heavy ass hybrid.

Side note: The biggest problem with you-tube videos is that a lot of the time the will make you believe your doing something wrong when you not. I’m an avid running and cyclist and enjoy it a lot. I watched another video this morning because what I look for are parts of what they have say that I can apply to what I do. This video today was a top 10 tip for beginner cycling and I take issue with people saying you have to ride in groups.

Yes riding with experienced people WILL help you but unfortunatly what I have learned cycling, running and covering motorsports for over 11 years is that there are a lot of “experienced” people have no flicking clue what they talking about. The people that are quick to give you advice or talk about how they are just about to cure cancer are the ones you should NEVER listen to. In this video the issue I had was the “pro” rider talking down to the “novice” as if he should already know some of this stuff. Now it could be how they planned for the video but I see it a lot across all areas of interest. Sports, arts, boating,fishing, etc…

I have done a couple group rides and had a great time but it is not for me. I enjoy the challenge of testing myself and setting goal but most people do not take the same approach and I have no desire to slow down and have a chat about how the movie someone saw last week sucked donkey balls. I really don’t want to have a long ride where we are discussing in-laws, basketball, or what someone ate the other night at a place I will never go to. If you love ride just ride, if your loving running just run. Whatever your going to do just go do it. I started this for myself and I am still doing this for myself.

12-8-2021 Day 447 (Local Trail Florida) Run Day 7.07km Dec #3 Avg Pace: 4:38/km Max Pace: 4:24/km Duration 00:32:25 at 7k mark Temp 18c Humidity 100%. Best split: 04:25 #2 Worst Split: 4:51 #7 ( I lost a little bit of time on split 4 because of “path traffic”., so pushed it a little bit to keep the split in the 4 minute window.

Session Dec Goal: 7k under 30 minutes which. My time was up a bit but that was expected because I forced myself not to start out so aggressive this time. 32:25 is off my last session but that last one was a bit too aggressive at the start. My goal here is to get be able to push it a on the back end, but without beating the total crap out of myself. My sessions and routines are about long term sustainability, not busting out personal best every time I go out. If I have learned anything obverse the past 447 days, it is that by being consists to and working hard those personal best numbers will fall in place. I just enjoy running and want to make sure I can still do it years from now.

12–7-2021 Day 446: (Local Trail Florida) JT-Cycling 40.37km December #2: Pushing: No, Temp: 18C, Humidity 100%, Duration: 01:27:14, Avg Pace: 02:09/km, Max Pace: 01:28/km. – ** With the cool down ride ten full ride distance was 46.14km. This session was about maintaining pressure and just having a solid day on the bike. My focus in December are my run sessions. This cycle-session turned out great and kept my heart rate down as well. My focus got away from me a couple times because I corrected for it and dug in. A great ride!

40k Session results: ( Dec focus is more on running than cycling, just tried to maintain a solid pace)

(Goal #1 each km-split 2:30 or less) 39 of 40 km-splits were 00:02:30 or less. #01 started out crappy came in at 02:39.
(Goal #2 get 30K below 1 hour) I knew this would not make the cut I just was not pushing enough for it. Need a few more rides because I start pressing harder for this one and it came in at 01:04:51.
(Goal #3 get as many splits possible 1:59 or less) Got nine today with the best of the day being 01:57. I was looking at some more detail and 39 of the 40 splits came in at 2:20 or less.

12-6-2021 Day 445 (Local Trail Florida) Run Day 7.03km Dec #2 Avg Pace: 4:32/km Max Pace: 4:16/km Duration 00:31:40 at 7k mark Temp 16c Humidity 100%. Best split: 04:13 #1 Worst Split: 4:48 #7

PB: 5k 22:18 / PB 7K 31:56 / PB 2 Miles 14:09 / PB 4 Miles 29:02 / Got a 6 minute mile at 6:49 @hoka Carbon x2 Full Personal Best page Click Here

Session Goal: 7k under 30 minutes which is only a Dec 2021 goal. Trimmed some time off but missed it at 31:40 I pushed my pacing a bit but was not too sure how I wanted to managed the session, because I want consistency this is not about speed. There are areas I can speed up on but don’t want to push those areas too hard and tank other areas.

The run felt fantastic and forcing myself to stop after 7k sucks but I will stick to my plan. I got several PB best and was really surprised because my focus was a off, so if I can reel that crap in the next session should be a lot better.

Note: I had a string of events in 2021 that kept me away in September and October. A couple more also creeped into November. This disrupted my workout routines so these sessions will get me back to where I should be. I struggled on my last long Nov 16k run so I’m doing some shorter sessions to rebuild what was lost. These 7k session will get done 3times a week. The weekends will be my rest days, well…. well…. what I call a rest day anyways, like kayak fishing.

12-5-2021 Day 444 Rest day / Kayaking day. Time to go relax and do a bit of fishing. I decided to go get a walk in as well today to 6k and pushed the pace to keep it below 1 hour. Daily Steps: 13135

12-04-2021 Day 443: (Local Trail Florida) Walk only 6.6km Avg Pace: 9:03/km Duration 00:59:51 Temp 11c Humidity 100%. Keep it under 1 hour and drive the pace as low as possible but there is no set goal number. Got some work done today for a 2021 partnership that looks to be renewing for 2022. Daily Steps: 13307

Also Supporting JT Try and Keep Up! once again in 2022 is returning partner APE RACE PARTS!

APE 2019.2020,2021,and 2022

12-03-2021 Day 442: (Local Trail Florida) Run Day 7.02km Dec #1 Avg Pace: 4:43/km Max Pace: 4:16/km Duration 00:32:57 at 7K mark, Temp 13c Humidity 98%. Best split: 4:29 #2 Worst Split: 5:01 #7

Session Goal change for December get 7k and get it below 30 minutes. Today came in at 33:10 so that is my starting point. I have done 7k in a faster time but this is will be the starting gauge number for the December goal. I will force myself to stop once I clear 7k, regardless how well the session is going. I struggled way too much on my November 16k so this approach should get me back where I need to be for the December 20k that I will do later in the month. Daily Steps: 20648

12-02-2021 Day 441: (Local Trail Florida) Walk Only 9.52 km Pushing my pace but with no real goal number in mind. Just getting the pace as low as possible. I also am working on breathing rhythm and form. Avg Pace: 9:34 MAx Pace 8:38 – (No running spurts.) Daily Steps: 17390

12-01-2021 Day 440: (Local Trail Florida) JT-Cycling 36.93km December #1: Pushing: No, Temp: 13C, Humidity 91%, Duration: 01:18:52, Avg Speed: 28kph, Max Speed: 40.7 kph, Avg Pace: 02:08/km, Max Pace: 01:28/km. – ** Reminder I do not ride for speed, I ride for consistency throughout the routine but try maintain pressure on my pacing. With the cool down ride ten full ride distance was 45.52km.

36k Session results: ( been awhile since I got a ride session in)
(Goal #1 each km-split 2:30 or less) 35 of 36 km-splits 00:02:30 or less. #24 got away from me and came in at 00:02:31. I manage to drive some others a bit lower so 31 were 00:02:20 or less.

(Goal #2 get 30K below 1 hour) This is harder to do on the Hybrid, today I came in at 01:03:40 seconds. I am happy with the 10k groups because they were really close together. 1-10 21:06 11-20 21:18 and 21-30 21:16, there is some work to do there to close things up but I have not done a ride session in awhile so I’m ok with these numbers

(Goal #3 get as many splits possible 1:59 or less) always a struggle with the Felt. Only four with the best being #23 at 01:47.

It was a really great ride, but it has been awhile since I got one in. Trying to get my routine back in place, and did ok for the most part so still happy with this ride. This Felt is just not meant for what I’m trying to do. I miss my Carbon Road bike still but have to get this dine one way or another. Someone I will get one back and get back to where I should be for numbers. Still a great day riding and I love it. Daily Steps: 6332

11-30-2021 Day 439: Local Florida Walk day only 9.02 km not pushing my pace. I got some website structure work today for some pending changes that are coming. Daily Steps: 13886

11-29-2021 Day 438: Local Florida rest day giving my legs a break and getting some work done. No walk today complete rest day. Daily Steps: 1175

11-28-2021 Day 437: Local Trail Florida: Run Day 16.03km Avg Pace: 5:14/km Max Pace: 4:21/km Duration 01:24:02 Temp 12c Humidity 74%. This was a mess and I could not stay focused to save my life. I made sure I got 10k and then just kept clicking off km and decided to cut it at 16k. I’m not doing enough shorter routine and need to get back into my session pattern. I still a 20k for November but will see how the next couple days goes before I push again.

(Goal #1 30 min/ minimum) completed 01:24:02 at 16:03km * The run sucked because I did not handle it well, but my 6k session numbers were not that bad, so it was not a complete loss.

(Goal # 2 4:59 or less for 6k) Km-split 4 came in at 5:01 (damn crosswalk again) the other 5 were 4:49 or less. So not bad but a bit too aggressive since I was going for distance today.

(Goal # 3 6k under 30) got it this time 00:28:30 but could have been a but faster just could not get my crap together.

(Goal # 4 six minute mile) I was not pushing for this today but the best mile split was 7:20.

(Goal # 5 One 20k per month) There was no way this way going to happen today I just could not get it together.

Daily Steps : 27415

11-27-2021 Day 436: Local Trail Florida : 8.51km Walking Day but pressing my pacing Avg Pace: 9:08/km Max Pace 8:05/km Then came home and got some organizing done. Preparing for my monthly 20k run tomorrow. Daily steps 15687

11-26-2021 Day 436: Local Florida Some partnership are coming together and I hope to get things in order for 2022. Things are looking up for a very busy 2022. Another big change is coming so stay tuned, because I wont post it anywhere else until after Jan 1. The Man Cup trip did open up some partnership options for 2022. I have a plan and with the help of some great people 2022 will end up being a far more productive year than any year before.

We do not need any new equipment for 2022 so I will focus on areas that will strength the program and maximize our resources even further. I do want a go-pro 10 for our travel segments but it is not that high on the checklist. That will more than likely be our only purchase equipment wise but will come once I get some other new scary areas secured. is back again with me for 2022, our 7th year together and I would not be here without DB.

11-25-2021 Day 435: Astro & Platka Florida I could not stay at the house for Thanksgiving it reminds me too much of my mother. I took up an offer from some friends to hang out with them for Thanksgiving and had a favor to do for someone over there so it worked out. This lead to a morning kayak fishing trip and manage to land a beautiful large mouth bass. I guess Mom is reminding me how beautiful life is even if she is not here anymore. Holidays without her are always going to suck.

Beckman Astor Fl

11-24-2021 Day 433: Astro Florida, headed out to do a favor for a racer and make my way to Platka. Stopped by Johns Lake on the way out to throw the line out and get some paddling in. Got a few hits but did not land anything this time. FWC officer in training gave me a once over when I came back in. Life vest and fishing license all checked out ok for them. Nice guys just doing their jobs so I don’t mind.

11-23-2021 Day 432: Local Florida I got back into town and decided to make a stop at the local lake I have never been to. John’s Lake in Winter Garden and got me my first good size bass. I had numerous hits but only managed to get this one in the kayak. Was a beautiful morning and had a great time on the water.

11-22-2021 Day 431: Georgia then Florida – Monday departure, I hung out for awhile before leaving and got to visitors a bit with people before leaving. I headed back to Florida but took my time. I decided to get some rest in North Florida before finishing the drive in.

11-21-2021 Day 430: Adel Georgia Event Day 3 South Georgia Daily Steps 22,125, it was really fracking late when we got done. I finished my last winners circle picture at midnight. A really cool day of racing but it was slow going.

11-20-2021 Day 429: Adel Georgia Event Day 3 South Georgia Daily Steps 16,119

11-19-2021 Day 429: Adel Georgia Event Day 3 South Georgia Daily Steps 16,951

11-18-2021 Day 428: Event Day 2 Adel Georgia, always good hanging out with awesome people at the races. It is the one place that I enjoy belong it fells like I belong there.

11-17-2021 Day 427: Lakeland then Adel Georgia, Kayak stop and event day 1 SGMP. I got to my rest stop which put me close to my stopping point, before heading over to Banks Lake for some kayaking and fishing. This is not far from the track so I will head over there when I get done goofing off. I got to the track in the afternoon and some people were testing so got a few shots. I damage a 300mm lens so i will need to replace it at some point. It is a kit lens so it should not be too bad. Got my first fish on my Georgia Fishing License!

11-16-2021 Day 426: Getting a walk in to keep active 5.38 km. A bit stressed out about some personal issues but hoping things work out. Just keep trucking along. I will need head to the races tomorrow.

11-15-2021 Day 425: 8.31 km – walk only but pushed the pace to get it as low as possible and get heart rate up. Getting things ready for the ManCup Race

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