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Last Update: 12-20-2021: ** My 45min morning home routine, calories burn numbers are NOT calculated into the ones to show below, since I don’t track them for my morning sessions.

I do not use energy drinks or energy supplements and don’t see the need since I’m not competing in races. I want to hit my numbers naturally. I may consider it if I start competing regularly but would only do so for the event itself.

September and October  2020 – was not using the fitness watch for these months.

December 2020 Calories Burn 42,171 Distance: 987.73km

November 2020 Calories Burn 32,926 Distance: 800.04km

January 2021 Calories Burn 38,986 Distance: 996.3km

February 2021 Calories Burn 35,989 Distance: 974.65km

March 2021 Calories Burn 30,544 Distance: 737.18km

April 2021 Calories Burn 26,371 Distance: 772.35km

May 2021 Calories Burn 14,337 Distance: 448.58km

June 2021 Calories Burn 17,663 Distance: 381.62km – 1st 20.2k run completed 1:46:23 7 17th.

July 2021 Calories Burn 23.446 Distance: 416.27km 1st 50k walk completed

August 2021 Calories Burn 31,894 Distance: 766.83km 2nd 20.7K run 1:43:21 Completed 8-31

September 2021 Calories Burn 21,961 Distance: 332.05km 3rd 20k 23.21km 2:07:06 Completed 9-15

October 2021 Calories Burn 14806 Distance: 135.85 km 4th 20k completed 20.02km 1:53:07 10-20-21

November 2021 Calories Burn 9514 Distance: 154.2 km 5th 16k complete.

December 2021 Calories Burn 00000 Distance: 000.00 km 6th 20k pending

🗒 March is when my events begin, so to see my numbers drop is normal. The larger drop begins in May when the season really gets going and I’m traveling a lot more.

NOTE: Due to reaching Part One of my fitness goal, I’m redefining the weekly workout beginning April 5th, 2021. My old routine was classified as over-training, but it was intentional. This approach will not work for the next level of my journey and long-term sustainability. As of 4-5-2021: my weekly routine is listed below, but it may get bumped around as our events come into play. My day starts at 4:45 am … The following is a general rule of thumb but can change depending on my event scheduling and what rest my body needs to recover.

Saturday Sunday: Complete Rest day fun day – Walk, fishing, kayaking, yard sales or working on art (stay off computer)

Monday Through Friday 45 minutes workout at home before doing 3 cycling session two Run sessions then swap 3/2 week to week. Events do impact my ability to do my sessions.

Cycling Goals: all km-splits 00:02:10 or less and keep the 30k under 1hr. 36km minimum (12-20-21)

Run Goals: 30 minutes Minimum,  all km-splits 00:04:59 or less, and the 6k portion under 30 minutes

Daily Walk: cool down walks rang from 30 minutes to minimum of 6k steps

  I’m doing this solely for myself and started with a cheap 2008 Boulder Giant mountain bike. I got it just to take to my events, but it morphed into all this. I enjoy cycling the most, so everything is being used to support cycling and my overall health. This is not about weight loss for me; it’s about making myself stronger for the life that is still in front of me.

To see my personal best, 👈 click here. I sometimes get behind updating it. For the record, before starting all this, I never worked out or exercised. I’m proud of myself for the progress I’ve made since October 2020. I officially started in September but got serious in October when I also changed my diet but for those that are curious, I have lost 74 lbs, 134.4kg, or 4.57 stones, as of 12-1-2021. For the record, I only weigh myself once a month.

Session Goals

Cycling 36k Each session is made up of 36 Kilometer Splits (km-split). I want each one below 00:02:20 with the heart in the 145 to 155 range. I also want to drive as many km-splits as low as possible. That number is 00:1:59 or less, but I want to do it throughout the routine. I don’t want low times on the first half then crap times on the back half. I would rather have a consistent full session than just a couple of fast km-splits. Speed will come as I get stronger and better at routine management. Metric data is how to save, compare, and evaluate my progress.

  Running 6k: I need to reduce my cardio levels, so in March 2021,  the run distance was lowered from 16km to 6k per session. I did not start running until after I broke my collarbone in October of 2020. I have some issues that come with my age/life that prevent me from truly going all out. So I’m making sure my form is right and that I’m strengthening up properly, and the speed does not really matter because it is more about fitness than some SELF-EGO prize. The new goal is that I want each kilometer split to be less than 00:04:59 and the session to be under 30 minutes.

March 27th 2021 Please click on logo donate and help me reach my ride donation goal.  Thank you -JT

Here is a sample of what it was like during a month with JT. There is a reasoning for all this and it is to hit a personal goal. The goal is set in two parts getting healthy is the first part of the goal. On 3-4-2021 I achieved part one, now it is time to move to part two.  I’m not counting any cool-down rides and walks, but the (DAB) Daily Activity Burn will include burn data because my watch saves it activity calories. I do not datalog my morning exercise session. 

DayLocationCycling mi/km Run mi/kmWalk mi/kmActivity Burn Calories
Feb 1Local trail FL22.93 / 36.8NA5.2 / 8.41719
Feb 2Local trail FLNA8.41 / 13.55.2 / 8.41681
Feb 3 🍰🍰Local trail FL22.93 / 36.8NA5.2 / 8.41637
Feb 4Local trail FL28.69 / 46.5NA5.2 / 8.41721
Feb 5 💊Local trail FLNANA5.1 / 8.2717 (rest day)
Feb 6Local trail FL22.91 / 36.87NA5.2 / 8.41743
Feb 7Local trail FL NANA6.1 / 9.8741 (rest day)
Feb 8Local trail FLNA10.28 / 16.54.19 / 6.71683
Feb 9Local trail FL22.91 / 36.8NA5.9 / 9.41585
Feb 10Local trail FL22.90 / 36.85NA5.9 / 9.41718
Feb 11Local trail FLNA10.26 / 16.54.74 / 7.61729
Feb 12Local trail FL23.01/37.03NA5.74 / 9.251535
Feb 13Local trail FLNANA9.06 / 14.58926 (rest day)
Feb 14💗Local trail FL28.76 / 46.28NA4.39 / 7.061900.6
Feb 15Local trail FLNA10.3 / 16.585.23 / 8.371761
Feb 16Local trail FL26.74 / 43.03NANA974
Feb 17Local trail FL29.37 / 47.27kmNA3.7 / 5.91418
Feb 18Local trail FLNA10.36 / 16.674.23 / 6.811891
Feb 19Local trail FL29.0 / 45.57NANA1149
Feb 20Local trail FL33.9 / 54.59NANA1554
Feb 21Van Fleet 48 / 77.88NA0.0 / 9.922383
Feb 22Local trail FLNANA0.00 / 2.73316 Rest day
Feb 23Local trail FLNA10.29 / 16.560.00 / 6.761694
Feb 24Local trail FL23.04 / 37.08NA0.00 / 8.861641
Feb 25Local trail FL23.09 / 37.17NA0.00 / 9.561693
Feb 26Local trail FLNANA0.00 / 15.211074 Rest day
Feb 27Local trail FLNA11.1 / 18.020.00 / 11.232310
Feb 28Little Big EconNANA0.00 / 6.76Kayak day 8.2hrs
DayLocation mi/kmCycling mi/kmRun mi/kmWalk mi/kmActivity Burn Calories
Super Six and I do use clip-in peddles
Carbon x 2 and Bondi 7

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