Chapter 16: 455 to 485 DigIn and GoAgain

Last Update 1-02-2022 Last Chapter, I will be ending these on Jan 2nd, 2022 will be the final day of logging. The reason I chose this date is it will be one day after the first-ever official run I have done.

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455 to 471 Dig in and GoAgain

Dec #1: 32:57 – Dec #2: 31:40 – Dec #3: 32:25 Dec #4 31:41 – Dec #5 31:25 – Dec #6: 32:08 – Dec #7 31:49 Dec #8 32:55 7k of a 10k session – Dec #9 31:20 at 7k of a 11k session – Dec #10 25:05km 2:09:19 (7k 34:14) Dec #11 5.05k just needed the distance for a Strava goal.

Get Dec 7k runs below 30 minute nope will shoot for it in 2022

1-02-22 Day 471 Run Day : (My First official run Orlando Florida 5k) As usual I got up early and got out to Jay Blanchard Park Orlando for the NewYear 2020 New Me 5k. This is my first ever event of any kind so I was not sure what to expect. The whole process went very smooth and I tried to keep to my routine the best I could. I kept reminding myself just run your session let things fall where they may. I got my warm walk in plus a bit more but got to the line as they started calling. I did not want to deal with slower runners. I knew I would not be leading the pack but i would more than likely do more than most.

I started being too aggressive and did not focus until about 3k. The 25k last week has zapped some energy from me on this one. With that being said, I am NOT disappointed with this session because I would end up with some personal best.

Here are the official event details; 21 of 264 runners coming in at 22:04 but I would take best of my age group. So I got an extra gold medal for my efforts. #strava Personal Best: 5k 21:57 / 2 mile 13:49 / 1 Mile 6:35 / 1/2 Mile 3:03. 2nd best 1 k at 3:56 and second best 400m at 01:23

1-01-22 Day 470 (local Florida) I went out and got checked in at the Jan 2nd event 5k. Got my bib, grab bag with shirt. I walked the distance (5k) 2.5k out and 2.5k back and its a pretty straight forward trail. I don’t like running the unknown. It is in good condition and have a couple small downhill and uphill areas but don’t expected it to be much of an issue. The daily routine trail i use is stepper than this and its only 5k. I’m more worried about people getting in the way more than anything else. We are all chilled to mark our times so it does not matter who is first or second since it is all computer controlled.

12-30-21 Day 469 (local Florida) I was setting up some January Strava goals and realized I was 4k shy of one of my monthly activities. 100k in a month. I figured why not go and get a run in. 5.05k I was not worried about times and just had fun.

12-30-21 Day 468 (Local Florida) Rest day from the long run, yesterday legs are a bit sore but nothing usual. I will focus more on the bike in January and give my legs a break.

* still having a damn issue with T-Mobile getting my phone fixed, I have been paying for insurance and it is becoming a pain in the ass to get the repairs done. The phone is almost paid off and I don’t really want to get another one.

12-29-21 Day 467 (Local Florida) Run Day 25.05km Dec #10 Final run for 2021 Avg Pace: 5:09/km Max Pace: 4:31/km Duration 2:09:19 (25.05k) 1:40:27 at the 20k mark, (34:14) at 7k, Temp 17c, Humidity 100%, Wind 7.3 km from South, @hoka Carbon x2 2nd pair.

My session goals do not apply this time because this is my monthly 20k run, but I had the goal in mind to push it out to 25km if everything felt good. I failed to complete my November 20k and only did 16k of it The first session I could not complete all year. I changed my December routine schedule to focus on running and to get back to completing my 20k. This one felt fantastic and was the easiest one to date. The extra 5k push was ok until around 23 to 24k. Ny my legs started where telling me they did not like me very much at this point, but I pushed on and got it done. Here are some results…

#strava Personal Best 🎁 20K 1:40:27 🎁 10 mile 1:19:23 🎁 15k 1:13:44 and the 10K was my 3rd fastest time at 48:17. Note: I was not after low times today I was just after 20k and really did not care what the time was when I was done. Llll

Best split: 04:30 #1 This was too fast for a 20k session, when I heard the time it took me a bit to force myself to slow down and get into a good pacing.

Worst Split: 5:39 #18. It was getting some push back from my legs here so I speed up for the next three kilometer to stretch my legs a bit. #19 5:17 #20 5:16 and #21 5:23. Things felt good again so I slowed my pace again but it’s started pushing back at 24 but I was after 25km sand got it.

12-209-21 : *Daily extra note: I’m a big Star Wars Fan but not the dress up kind of fan – still a fan. Looking forward to new Boba Fett series and my Buddy Jimmy Morrissey is on Forged in Fire tonight. I was never a huge Boba Fett fan but I’m interested where they go with this. Hopefully they will keep adding new stiff and stop rehashing old SW stories.

Boba Fett Update : loved it, and it started out perfectly by answering the one big question right from the start.

12-28-21 Day 466 (Local Florida) Walk Only 11.65km, Still letting my leg recovery a bit more from the cycling crash on 12-25-21. The hardest part about my fitness stuff is making myself stop and not do more, these recovery days suck because i alway look forward to my next run or ride.

12-27-21 Day 465 (local Florida ) Additional Rest Day no walk no ride, my shoulder needs a break. Cable company came to fix cable, my cycling helmet is back from repair, and had a plumbing problem at house. I pulled the old sink and installed a new one, piping is a pain in the ass. Trying to get my damn phone repaired. Tmobile no location has the parts for it. I don’t want to upgrade it I want it fixed. If I replace it I’m going back to an iPhone.

* I use a Specialized helmet and they fixed the internal helmet supporting strap and honored their warranty, I can stop using my backup helmet which I don’t care for because of the brow design.

12-26-2021 Day 464 Rest Day – (local Florida ) Walk Only 10:32km: I damaged my right shoulder yeaterday. It is not as bad as when I f**ked up me left Collar bone but it’s still a bit sore. I will take a break off the bike a few days to let things recover. I will still do my run but will take today and tomorrow to get some recovery in. You must set aside recovery time especially when your aggressive with your fitness program.

1225-2021 Day 463 Cycling (Mascott Florida) JT-Cycling 50.95km (full ride was 119.33km) Dec 7: Pushing: No, Temp: 11C, Humid: 92%, Wind 3.7km/h N Dur: 01:35:47, Avg Pace: 01:53/km, Max Pace: 01:30/km, Avg Speed: 31.5km/h Max Speed: 39.8km/h – *Target is 105+ km / will start with the 36k standard session which tourney into a 50k session.

I did well but crashed at around 70km, a little scuffed up but I should be ok. Just lost focus over corrected when i went off the road I hit some loose leaves bike came out from under me. I could get unclipped quick enough, if I had the KEO peddles on, I would not have crashed and been ok, since they are easier to get out of than these new ones.

Goal 1:59 or less all km 50 km splits : All 50 came in 1:59 or less, with 7 of those staying 1:49 or less. I also was trying to stay above 30km/h per split; all 50 were above 30km/h and 28 of them were 32km/h or more

I was after 01:59 or less for the 50K but wanted to keep my heart rate below 150. That spot when my heart would go up was when I pressed for Lows 1:40’s so I shot for the 1:49 to 1:52 window. Heart rate avg for the 50k session came in at 141. Managed to maintain that for 67% of the routine. I only use this method out here because it is a straight out run with no up or downhill sections. All me and the bike.

12-24-2021 Day 462 🎁 Xmas Eve: REST DAY: Walk Only 11.35km pushing my pace a bit, so not a casual walk. I’m doing a long ride on the 25th, 🎅 My longest distance to date is 105km, so time to beat that. I will also be doing my 36km straight session. I do this at one specific path because it is straight flat and has no hills and no turn arounds. This allows me to test my progress unassisted kn the bike.

I got the bike serviced on the 23rd, so it is ready to go after some numbers. I also need to get some car maintenance done today.

12-23-2021 Day 461: (local Trail Florida) Run Day 10.1km Dec #9Avg Pace: 4:35/km Max Pace: 3:51/km Duration 50:55 (10.1k) :31:20 at the 7k mark, Temp 7c Humidity 83%, Wind 7.6 km NNW, Best split: 04:20 #2 Worst Split: 4:48 #11 – @hoka Carbon x2! 2nd pair.

Just looking to finish my second 10k this week. (Only two runs for this week)

PB best 10k 45:41 / PB 5k 22:10 awesome and I was not really shooting for these but this entire run felt fantastic. I could have to keep going but I’m sticking to the plan and stopped at 11k. I run it out to 11 because I run three apps to track my progress and want to make sure they all cross over whatever the session distance is.

The 5k time, I do believe I can get that below 20 minutes but I don’t want to make it a goal. I know will happen eventually but do not want to make it a goal right now. Since I’m not pushing my routines for low times I just don’t believe it is a goal I want right now, but if it happens it happens NO rush for it.

Running note: I signed up for an official Orlando 5k run on January 2nd. I have never done any type of professional run before so I figured let’s just do a 5k and see things go. Since it is timed I will be running against myself so it really won’t be much of a change personally. If I like it I will do another if not at least I’ll know. –

If you would like to help out with my donation page here is the link :

Cycling note: Got the new Specialized Tri Bike serviced today by Regino’s, he is the only person I let work on my bikes. Was overdue for service but the bike checks out fine. Awesome service work as always.

The only person that works on my bikes

12-22-2021 Day 460 (Local Trail Florida) JT-Cycling 37.25km Dec 6: Pushing: No, Temp: 9C, Humid: 92%, Wind 16.3km/h NW Dur: 01:10:15, Avg Pace: 01:54/km, Max Pace: 01:15/km. 2nd ride on the Specialized Bike so some more adjustments are needed. I have to change the session goal because 2:30 is way too easy to get under now. I will drop it to 2:10 for a couple more sessions but think 2:00 or less per KM split will make the session more effective.

notes: 2nd ride on the new bike: I adjusted the aero bars and screwed them up because now they are way off now. I will adjust them again because this riding stance sucked. I need to bump the seat up just a tad. I changed clip-in to Shimano 105’s and good lord they are tight to pop out of. I was so used to the Keo peddles these will take some getting used to. I will give it a few rides to adjust and really see if I will stick with them or go back.

Adjustment to Goal #1-time change from 2:30 to 2:10 or less per km split

(Goal #1 each km-split 2:10 or less) 36 of 37 km-splits were:02:30 or less. The best split of the day was #16 at 01:37/km and the worst was #1 at 03:00 – #1 km-split THREE damn minutes I could not get clipped into that damn peddle to save my life, but by #2 I got my shit together and started getting to work. I don’t stop or restart routines they are what they are.

(Goal #2 get 30K below 1 hour) I over-adjusted the Aero bars and was not holding m,y lines very well. Duration: 30k 00:57:24.

(Goal #3 get as many splits as possible 1:59 or less) 28 of the 36 Km splits hit the session goal, 12 were 01:49 or less and 3 were 01:39 or less.

12-21-21 Day 460: (local Trail Florida) Run Day 10.15km Dec #8 Avg Pace: 4:47/km Max Pace: 4:18/km Duration 47:37 (10k) :32:55 at 7k mark Temp 17c Humidity 100%. Raining, Wind 8.2 km NE, Best split: 04:28 #2 Worst Split: 4:55 #10 – @hoka Carbon x2! My 2nd pair Personal best 10km at 47:37 #strava

I left early hoping to avoid the incoming rain but it did not happen. I got about halfway through my warm-up session and it started coming down. It was light at first but around 3km it decided to start 1coming down a bit harder. My target was a minimum of 30 minutes (7k) and was bound to do that. My plan was to do a 10k by 7K I was drenched and the run felt great so I kept on going to 10k. I was not focused on my session goal just getting the 10km done. The weather never got ugly and running in the rain is kind of fun and I have the trail all to myself, so it was an awesome morning. The 10k Personal was surprising since I did not feel like I was going that fast, My headset was calling off data but I was not paying attention to it.

12-20-2021 Day 459 (Local Trail Florida) JT-Cycling 37.14km Dec 5: Pushing: No, Temp: 19C, Humid: 91%, Wind 8.6m/h NNE Dur: 01:09:10, Avg Pace: 01:51/km, Max Pace: 01:15/km. It took me a bit to get the gear ranges I wanted to use for the session. The seat needs to go back a bit and the area bars need to come forward a tad. (Total distance with cool down ride 53.8km)

** First ride on the Specialized Transition Tri bike and back to using clip-in peddles. I was not really expecting much because I knew adjustments would be needed to the bike. BUT, once I start a session I don’t stop good or bad I make the adjustments after I’m done. The bars and seat need some adjustments but not much. I will make those before the next ride Wednesday.

(Goal #1 each km-split 2:30 or less) 37 of 37 km-splits were below 00:02:30. The best split of the day was #23 at 01:33/km and the worst was #34 at 02:08 – this goal is worthless on this bike I will lower it to 2:10 or less per km split after this week,

(Goal #2 get 30K below 1 hour) Yeah not much of a problem, but once I get the bike dialed in I should be able to improve on this quickly. Duration: 00:55:38.

(Goal #3 get as many splits as possible 1:59 or less) 30 of the 37 Km splits were below the goal. 19 were 01:49 or less and 3 were 01:39 or less.

12-19-2021 Day 458 This Will be A FULL REST day have a lot of work to do and I have to let my body do some recovery. Will probably also make Monday a rest day since I have a run planned for Tuesday.

12-18-2021 Day 458 (Event day 3 Orlando Speedworld) NO run or ride today. This was a long-ass day, good lord I did not think it would end. I had some awesome people to hang out with to make it bearable. #racefamily #

I’m going to look at a new bicycle, one more designed for how I ride and do my sessions. I loved it and after a test ride knew it would work just fine after some adjustments. My style is very aggressive and number-driven (as if you can’t tell by these daily notes. I will need a new bike rack for my car though to make sure it stays safe on our travels in 2022

12-17-2021: Day 457: Event day 2 Orlando Speedworld and a run Local Trail Florida) Run Day 7.12km Dec #6 Avg Pace: 4:33/km Max Pace: 4:14/km Duration 00:31:49 at 7k mark Temp 18c Humidity 100%. Best split: 04:14#1 Worst Split: 4:41 #7 – Side note: ON THE NEW 2ND PAIR @hoka Carbon x2! (Total daily steps 30,821)

Dec Goal gets 7k under 30 minutes, NOPE not today but that’s ok because this session was fried-king fantastic! I easily held the split time session goal of 4:59 or less per km. Now I only have two weeks left in December so I need to adjust for the upcoming 20km.

Session adjustment – Next week I will only do two runs BUT will do 10k each session and slow the pace a bit. This should put me back where I need to be for a solid 20k session. Hopefully, I can push it on out to 25k but will see how things go.

NOW for the good stuff! #strava Personal best

PB: 5k 22:13 / 1k 3:53 / 1 mile 6:36 / 1/2 mile 3:05 / 400mm 1:22 / 2 Miles 13:49 / PB 6 minute mile at 6:36

Personal Best page Click Here will need updating after today

12-16-2021 Day 455: Event Day 1 Orlando Speed-world Dragway Grinchmas Event. Had some car work done so no ride today, I will get enough walking in at the event. Daily Steps 8717 ( stayed mainly in the staging lanes for content) as long as I clear 6k A day we are good

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