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Last update 1-13-2022: For those of you looking for prints or a gift for a friend or loved one. Here are some options, and the proceeds go back into my program. If you know I have something of you that is not shown please email me at

Messaging me via social media is NOT A GOOD way to reach me. I’m a part of a lot of pages so the messages can get missed.

The best way to support my program is to buy something or support my YouTube channel.. – Thank you Jack “JT” Norton 
The most recent but I do not post all event images because I’m not at these events to sell prints and not enough people buy them. email me if you’re looking for something
Some of these go way back!
I don’t have a lot here because I’m really busy and have not made/finished anything new in a while.
the podcast is LIVE!!!!

2022 Partnerships:

Team T&KU! Platinum General / Services Schnitz Racing / A1 Cycles / / APE Race Parts / Balch Racing / WhatAGraphic

2 Silent Partnerships

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