Back Story Tink Tink 2015

IDBL Racing Series 2015

Photo Backstory;

This shot was captured at 3/4 track Maryland International Raceway. I was training the camera along with Joey but leading the bike just a bit. I do this because when he accerlates the bike can jump out of frame and or blur.

During this event I spoke to Joey after every pass and he explained to me what was going on during each pass. On Tink Tink and on the DME Pro Street Bike he was also piloting. I would take this information and apply it to my shooting method.

Joey takes off, I’m track side up close to top end, my left arm is tucked firmly to my side with my back facing the starting line. I twist my torso to face him. I glance briefly straight across to the track surface at the “shooting area” of the track where I saw the previous lifting. That is where I will begin shooting, usually giving me 3 to 5 images.

Joey Gladstone Dme Racing built Tink Tink

I’m waiting for Joey to lift bringing DME Racing ‘sTink Tink front wheel off the ground and the shift and shot will drop the bike back down. I noticed this was happening on previous passes and wanted to catch in on camera. When I spoke to him afterward he was having a hard time keeping the bike down so had to accerlate to force it down. (YES at 3/4 track at over 200mph he punches it)

Joey confirmed had to shift and shoot it while on one wheel so he could accelerate. We looked at this image together later that evening and he estimates this was at about the 202mph mark here.

Joey Gladstone is an amazing person and an extremely talented racer. You can follow him as he continues his racing career with Reed Motorsports NHRA Pro Stockmotorcycle 2022 Try and Keep Up Platinum Fleet Repair 2022
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