2022 Program Partnerships almost complete

Hosting partnership locks in dates killjaked35mm@hotmail.com

(1) .000 1st to perfect bonus for the racers applies to any event I have a host partner for. Except for the NHRA because their media rules do not allow it and my role there is much different than other events.

(2) 1st come first serve on availability. Locked in dates only happen if prepaid or IF your a JT-hosting partner for that date or series.

(3) additional dates other than what is shown are possible if You need my assistance.

(4) I will not have as many partnerships as I’ve have had in past years. This will allow me to increase the coverage but also the quality of support for each partnerships. This will in turn increase the amount of coverage we can also provide to the racers.

(5) all equipment we need is in place and no upgrades are needed in 2022. I do have to replace one lens but it’s a kit lens for my beater camera which is inexpensive.

Type of services offered to name a few, event coverage support, technical and pass support. Slow motion, video, onboard cameras, with quick turn around on processing and editing to help you program make adjustments in real time. Online, YouTube, and social media support for branding and promoting partnerships. 

Getting content out while the event is going on and not day or weeks after it’s over. This can be done via your pages as you or we can use our partnerships. This is about you and the sport not me.

I’m here to help promote what you do and those helping you do what you do. Thank you JT

Hosting Partner
Schnitz Racing
1st 2-perfect .000 active for this series.
April 22-24 May 20-22 Locked June 17-19 Locked July 22-24 Locked Aug 26-28 Locked Sep 23-25 Locked

(2) SDBA April 2 May 14 June 4 Aug 13 Sep 3 Oct 1 Oct 29

(3) Mancup March 4-6 April 29-1 July 8-10 October 7-9 November 17-20

(4) AMRA March 25-27 May 20-22 June 24-26 August 19-21 Sept 23-25 Oct 28-30

(5) NHDRO Pending official date postings

(6) AHDRA Pending official date postings

(7) NHRA (not filtered for pro-stock motorcycle)
Feb 17-20 Feb 25-27 Mar 10-13 *Gatornationals April 1-3 April 22-24 April 29 May 1 MAy 13-15 June 3-5 June 17-19 June 23-26 July 15-17 July 22-24 July 29-31 Aug 12-14 Aug 18-21 Aug 31-5 —- countdown dates —- Sept 15-18 Sep 23-25 Sep 30 - Oct 2 Oct 13-16 Oct 27-30 Nov 10-13

Photography, Videographer,
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