Insulting company wokeness!

Last edit 1-18-22: This shit clearly rubbed me the wrong way, because I see so many deserving people dedicated to their fitness online that should have this corporate endorsement. I’m not a competitive fitness guru, professional racer, or runner so this is not some kind of jealousy thing. Endorsing someone like me would not be a good fit for this company because of the type of work and content I produce and a lot of what I do is not credited to me directly.

I saw a post where a global fitness apparel company endorsed an individual and it literally made me stop and do a double-take … Really!?! I went and looked at the person’s profile and there is no way this “resume” would hold up in court. To have a corporate endorsement for one of the most unhealthy profiles I have seen to date. They do not have a single post showing any running, walking, event pics, or achievements to back up what was claimed in the endorsement. The profile even brags about the unhealthy choice they have made and insults those who don’t agree.

200 running and obstacle course racing events, including 5 ultra-marathons and ~25 marathons” but not a single post showing any of this!

THIS IS INSULTING to those out here doing the work, posting it up, and sharing our results. I share my information because I’m hoping it helps someone at some point. If I only help or motivate one person then that’s fine by me. We must encourage those around us to do it the right way and be as healthy as possible.

Now we see horse crap all the time where skinny models are pretending to run 15k without breaking a sweat or they post up a 30-second clip just as they complete their 14,000th push-up at 5 am on some tropical beach. That crap is everywhere but my problem is a fitness company endorsing someone who is promoting an unhealthy standard and bragging about it, is too much.

Just for the record a MARATHON: 26 miles (42.195km). Ultra Marathon: most common distances 50k, 100k, 50 miles, or 100 miles (aka centurion races). anything exceeding a marathon distance.

I’m not naming the source of the post because I know better than that and it’s not their fault. I’m happy they have the endorsement but when someone represents YOU or your company, do some content research before endorsing and promoting them. Their page is full of information that would make a serious fitness program cringe.

I try to be a positive representative for these wonderful companies that support me but also make sure we represent and support our audience in a positive, fun, and honest way. If one of my partnerships was a negative influence I would cut ties with them and would expect them to do the same in return.

I see so many positive people of all sizes kicking ass, throwing elbows, but sharing their results trying to inspire others. I see people stepping up and supporting them in return because that is what communities do. Regardless of what you are into if the community you are in is negative, you must move on to one that is. I have only been doing this for a couple of years and have worked my ass off and find this endorsement ridiculously insulting to our running and fitness community.

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