A1 Cycles 2022 with JT

What an AWESOME way to start the new year because I’m excited to announce a brand-new 2022 partnership with the Try and Keep Up family!

A1 Cycles.net and JT Try and Keep Up 2022!

(Motorcycle shown in photo was built by A1 Cycles)

Website: http://www.a1cycles.net
Facebook: A1 Cycles.net
Instagram: @a1mike

Wow, where to start? The company is owned and operated by the one and only Mike Beland. If that name does raise the hair on your arms then you’ve never seen this man in action! Mike is a expert racer, builder, but even with a busy still takes time to even create videos to share his wisdom to help you and our sport.

For years, A1 Cycles has proven to be the best choice for custom, high-performance builds. If you are in the market for creating the build that leaves no stone unturned, you need to turn to A1Cycles in business for 21 years, Mike has built award-winning show bikes, been on the cover of 5 national magazines, done 6 pilots for Speed Channel and been featured on “Pinks” and “Pinks All Out.” He has also been on Air Talent for “Pass Time” and “Pinks All Out 2016.” Mike has been featured in multiple documentaries on the National Geographic and Travel channel. Mike currently resides in the center of racing at Mooresville, North Carolina.

Are you looking for trackside support? Once again, you’re in the right place.

1993-1995 Drag race Super Comp Bike at New England Dragway + finished Top 10 each year

1996 NHRA Bracket Finals competitor

1997-1999 Local Dirt Track Multi Class Championships 2000-2005

GNC Dirt Track national expert, multiple mains on 883 Harley Davidsons

2006-2014 Local bracket racing at the Palm Beach International Raceway

2014 October Attended Hawaya Racing Pro Fuel School, graduating first in class

2014 October AMRA Race, leased school bike and qualified 7 out of 14 – rained out

2015 Achieved IHRA Top Fuel License on East Coast 2015 Achieved NHRA Top Fuel License on West Coast
2015 NHRA national event winner Top Fuel Sonoma 2016 AMRA
national event winner at Bowling Green Kentucky

2016 AMRA Top Fuel Champion

2017 10th Place NHRA

2018 ran NHRA top fuel 3 races

2019 built drag racing bagger and won the championship, purchased 2 top fuel bikes, and formed a racing team.

Website: http://www.a1cycles.net
Facebook: @a1cyclesnet
Instagram: @a1mike

What an awesome addition is to TAKU! family. I’m blessed and honored to have A1Cycle here with us. – Team Try And Keep Up! 2022

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