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I have always been a Star Wars fan and have seen every movie good or bad on the day of its release. This includes the Original three all the way up through to these Disney streaming shows. Good or bad I have seen them and some I don’t care to see again because they suck droid parts.

A Good show not great but good.

Boba Fett Played by Temeura Morrison and Fennec Shand played by Ming-Na Wen. This post is my take on Book of Boba Fett Episode Chapter One.

Temeura Morrison and Ming-Na Wen

Boba Fett and Fennec Shand are on the planet of Tattoine and are in a city know as Mos Espa. Tatooine is the same planet the original Star Wars movie began with, except when Luke, Ben Kenoevie and the droids go to the city for a pilot that city is Mos Esaly.

Boba and Fennec begin the task of seizing control of Tatooine and assuming Jabba the Hutt role as a crime lord. Here is where my problem with this show begins because the brutal nature shown by Boba in the Mandalorian series has quickly faded away. We are now getting a mainstream watered PC version Boba, he wants to run this city but everyone is just blowing him off. I also like the character of Fennec but just don’t buy into the right hand bad ass woman type, she just does not carry it well. Keep in mind they are building a crime syndicate and it comes off more of a Sunday afternoon nap fest. The characters are bland and boring and the dialog at times is pretty hard to get through at times.

Even with my criticisms I enjoy watching the show but unlike Mandorlian have no desire to go back and watch them again. They “Disney” is forgetting that they are now using an established “bad ass” character and they are making boring. With Mando it is a brand new character so you don’t have worry about having him compared to movies or comic versions of him. Boba is a bad ass Bounty hunter that is feared across the Star Wars universe but what we are getting is far from that.

Chapter 1: CHAPTER 1: STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND : It was good not great. Boba just seems like a pussy, because he wants to take over Jabba the Hut position but can not order anyone around and when they basically just blow him off he lets it go.

The flashbacks are cool because we are learning a lot more about the sand people and they are indeed intelligent and tribal. I’m enjoying the show for the most part but they really need to edge this up and because Boba is becoming boring as hell. He is not tough or the kick ass character we all assumed he was. The landscape and CG work looks fantastic but the story is very blah with moments of oh that was cool!

Chapter Two: Chapter 2: The Tribes of Tatooine: This story is turning into a mess, Boba has no forces to speak of and still has not obtained any power over any part of the city. They introduced and new Wookiee Black KKrasantan and man he does looks cool. He is a character from the comics that has actually worked for Darth Vader and fought Obi-Wan Kenobi.

A mayor tries to have him killed but Boba just turns his back to him and goes to walk out? Watch over his right shoulder… so does his bodyguard after they both just watched them shoot and kill the assassin. I might add one that only worked for Jabba the Hutt yet Boba did not know who this guy or group was.

Chapter Three: The Streets of Mos Espa: OH this is getting bad! I’m a life long Star Wars fan and always liked Boba Fett. (not my favorite character but still liked him) This series is turning into a stupid mess that makes no sense. They are taking a cool character a slowing destroying it. I was hoping for more but it’s becoming pretty clear that soon we’ll need one big a** plunger to fix this mess.

Someone should get fired for approving those speeders and for the speeder chase sequence. The Turtle Waxed Up Cyber-Punk Power Rangers are gawd awful and are about as threatening as dish soap.

It was really difficult getting through this one. It took one episode and they took a really cool character Black KKrsantan (The Wookie) and gave him one of the worse fight scenes I have seen in Star Wars.

Chapter 2

It amazes me how Boba was bad ass in Mandalorian but now he gets ignored, blown off and out right insulted but just stands there and takes it. – “What happened did your balls drop off?” – Joker 2008

Episode 4: The show is garbage, the flow and story telling is horrible and the dialog is absolute horse crap. This episode was one of the laziest ones yet. This turd is circling the bowl and if they are not careful it will get too big to flush.

Chapter 4 The Gathering Storm: Someone please forcechoke this mess and make it stop! They have a mouse-budget but are getting shown up by 99% of the cosplay artists out there today! The modtech shop sequence “special effects” looks like someone went shopping at Radio Shack and went straight to the clearance isle! 🤢 These are cybernetic parts being installed in this woman NOT automotive jumper cables and fish tank parts. The “doctors” arm looked like really bad cosplay costume.

Using the The Slave 1 to look into the pit and search for his armor was moronic. The “colors” leather jackets on the speeder gang was cheesy as hell. This run down to pay them back for sand people slaughter was boring and lacked any imagination. Flies in, shoots them up and leaves. … really that’s it!?!

The bar fight science is yet another rehash of a old Star War well known comment about Wookiees ripping arms out of their socket. TRY something new for Christ sake, because this whole science is set up just to see a guy get his arm ripped off.

Oh good lord ….. who wrote this mess!!!!

Episode 5: Wednesday, Jan. 26

Episode 6: Wednesday, Feb. 2

Episode 7: Wednesday, Feb. 9

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