Chapter 17 January 2022

Last Edit: 1-31-22: (Jan 1 – Jan 31) I have reached some goals but now it is time to make the next change and focus a bit more on my work. I need to figure out how to combine the two and manage my days better. A plan that includes the routines that I can carry with me once I get to traveling for the events again. I need to improve my diet it has gotten away for me as of late. I have not fallen off the wagon it just could be more structured.

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As a reminder, my day begins at 4:45 am, with a 45minute to 1-hour workout routine at home that is a mix of weights and floor work, focusing on my legs. I alternate the focus areas three days on and two days off every week, so I’m not doing the same thing every day. Once this is complete, I go out to run, ride or walk. Runs are a minimum of 30 minutes but 7k minimum. Focusing on getting my 7k run consistently below 30 minutes. Cycling sessions are 36km with a base session goal of 2:10 per km or less.

After my 5k event run on 1-2-2022, it brought to light that I would like to see my 5k below 20 minutes. I will not push for it right now, but by thinking about it, I can have it in the back of my mind as a future goal which helps me push my runs when they feel excellent. AGAIN my goal is to work, not push for it. I want to consistently hit a number and not have to push for it every time I go out running.

As 2022 settles in, I think a 5k sub 20 minutes and 7k sub 30 minutes is a realistic goal for the year. So here is the date marker 1-5-2022 … let’s see how long it takes me from here.

I also do one 20k run a month, but one goal for 2022 will be to do a 20km session in multiple states. Florida and Maryland can be marked off already, my very first 20k was in Maryland in June of 2021, and I have done several in Florida. My January 20k I will try to get done in Georgia since I will be up close to there at the end of the month.

January 2021: (no 20k run was not running yet)
Duration 80:00:07 / Calories 38,956 / Distance 996.3km


January 2022 (20k 12-31-22) 23.87km 2:01:04
Duration 45:22:52 / Calories 23,749 / Distance 471.2km

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1-31-22 Day 500: JT Run Day Monthly Jan 20k but pulled in a bit more 23.87km (my normal session goals are off) Avg Pace 5:04, Max Pace: 4:19 Dur: 2:01:04, Temp: 9c Humid: 72% Wind 6.7 km/h SW.

I normally don’t start hydrating until 5km because by then I have a pacing and have really settled in. Then I normally begin hydrating with small sips every km or two with heavier hits before the hills. I don’t sip on hills and stay focused on my form so my pace does not drop off too much. I did not do this and did very little hydrating which is NOT a good thing. My legs muscles clearly had issue with this and started to let me know at 22km I managed a bit more than 23 but it was clear I was going to have problems if I kept going.

My legs started bitching around 22km but still managed to get a bit more. The entire run felt great and the slower pace helps alot. I had a much better time slowing it to the five minute pacing this time. The 5:00 to 5:10 range is a good for these longer distances but my hydration management sucked. I was so focused on the 20k I lost track of other details I have to keep up on.

Breathing and general stamina was there even at 23 but I did not manage my hydration. I was hoping for 30k but will have to go after it another day. I know what my body is doing and know the difference in me be lazy and a problem arising, so stopped the routine to make sure I can go after it another day. It was clear during my cool down walk i had made the right choice. My plan is working but these longer runs have to be managed better. I learn from each one but I got the 20k done for Jan with good numbers so mission accomplished.


1-30-22 Day 499: 1hr Max timed Walk 6.54km pushing pace 1:00:05

1-29-22 Day 498 working on car and trying to lock down 2022. A bit frustrated lately. Good days and bad days not every day is sunshine and butterflies.

Got some Panthairous story work done and got a walking stick head setup and resin poured. Helped my brother with his trailer and I really need to figure some other stuff out.

1-28-22 Day 497 Rest day walk only 6.5km, getting ready to do a 20km.

1-27-22 Day 496 Run Day 11.06 km (slowed down) Jan #10 Avg Pace: 4:54 /km Max Pace: 4:18/km Duration 0:54:18, Temp 15c, Humidity 100%, Wind 15.8 km from N. Still using the Reversed route. Shoes @saucony Endorphin Pro 2. * I had issues with these shoes see notes below.

Still working to slow things down for my next run, that will be a minimum of 20k. ( I do one a month)

10k (portion) of the session

1 @ 5:08 what I wanted

2 @ 5:21 trying to slow down a bit more

3 @ 5:27 too slow did not feel good at all

4 @ 5:20 requires too much management

5 @ 4:47 felt a lot better

6 @ 4:25 a bit too quick

7 @ 4:41 felt great

8 @ 4:34 felt great

9 @ 4:41 a good Pace

10 @ 4:33 felt great

Slowing down for future longer runs and I learned a lot from this one!

My run just feels better in the 4:40’s and 4:50’s and I don’t have to think about it as much. When I get into the 5:20’s it is just too much management. I will go into my 20k and shoot for a 5 minute pace, since I know once I warm up, I will speed up and then taper off after 16k.

For the session my Legs were not complaining, breathing was spot on and it felt really good. but I am sticking to my plan and stopped it at 11k. (Just wanted an extra km 😉 😜 for the hell of it.

* The shoes did not grip the ground well at times. I’m on a paved running trail that is well maintained. I have to cross a wooden bridge and a portion of this asphalt trail is at a lower elevation. (Rained a lot yesterday) Both areas are damp and still wet, and the shoes kept slipping bad on these surfaces. This is something I did NOT encounter with the previous pair of shoes, running same path in similar conditions.`

Media Support Service 2022
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1-26-22 Day 495 rest day but working on my car, fixing AC has to to go salvage yard for a part they don’t make anymore.

1-25-2022 Day 494: Run Day 10.41km (raining) Jan #9 Avg Pace: 4:56/km Max Pace: 4:00/km Duration 0:51:25 / 25:22 at (5k) / 49:17 at (10k), Temp 10c, Humidity 100%, Wind 5.0 km from NNW, Still using the Reversed route. Shoes Saucony Endorphin Pro 2.

* It started raining on me at km/split 5.

My normal session goals are off for this session. I was after 10k and want to slow things down in preparation for the monthly 20k. I was looking too keep all the km/splits between 5:00 and 5:10. I did not have much luck considering it not my normal pace. The reason I want this pacing is that I can maintain it for longer distances. I just need to keep my km/splits in the low 5 minute window. My monthly 20k is coming soon and would like to push it a bit farther but maintain some solid numbers. I need to slow things down but have another 10k this week and will and slow everything down a bit more.

Km/split that were TOO FAST as #1 4:45 #7, #8, #9, #10. The fastest split of the day was number #10 at 4:33, so I have to slow these down

KM/Splits were I WANT them: #2 (5:05) #3 (5:13) #4 (5:10) #5 (5:07) Again the trick for me is to slow down but maintain proper form and breathing. The run felt fantastic, my legs weren’t complaining, and my heart was steady in the low 150’s and high 140’s. The rain sucked but I have ran and cycled in far worse.

1-24-2022 Day 493: Walk Only 1hr max time 30 out 30 back. 6.11km

1-23-2022 Day 492: Walk Only 1hr max time 30 out 30 back. 6.08km

1-22-2022 Day 491: 5k event day a very good day!

1-22-2022 5K my 2nd event run.

5k – 3rd in my age group – 21st of all 188 runners @flodashevents – I held a six minute pace for three fricking miles!!!!!! Hell yeah!  #oldguysrule

Personal best coming in was 22:04 safe to say I hammered that one out the door today! The (left) race time may change once all results are in will check again later. Not sure why it does that but happened at last event also. I trust my apps numbers  since they have been pretty consistent over the past year.

The strava numbers (right side) match my Samsung health numbers. So I’m going with that for my personal log.

@adventhealth @krogerco sponsored event 1-22-2022 Lake Lousia State Park Clermont Florida

1-21-2022 Day 490: Took a trip to the park and walked the course so I know what to expect along the way. The hills come into play early. So if I’m going to benefit from them. I will need to apply pressure during first 3k of the course. The hills are not that big so I should be able to push through them then press the downhill portions. The remaining distance will be to maintain pacing and finish the run. My goal is to simply beat my own time even if just by 1 second. MY ALARM is set I want to get there and get warmed up.

The benifit with this 5k, it’s a point to point run. There is not turn around point and that alone can save me a couple seconds.

Rest day – Walk only and did it at the state park where the 5k is being held. 10k walk at 1:42:48. Also stopped and got my race packet before running some errands. Getting some rest tonight for the run tomorrow. Hoping to beat my event best is 22:04 from 1-2-2022.

Let’s do this! 1-22-2022

I don’t like running a path I have not seen. I also have to go by Dash Sportswear Clermont and pick up my event packet. Knee is a little bit sore today but a lot better, more protein and staying off it today except for the walk.

1-20-2022 Day 489: Rest day – Walk only 1hr 1:00:01 at 6.41km Pushing pace but there is no goal on how low the time is. My knee is still bothering me today and hope it clears before Saturday. If it is still bothering Saturday morning I will bio-freeze it before my 5k run. I may not get an personal best but be damn, I will complete that run.

1-19-2022 Day 488: Run Day 7.14km Jan #7 Avg Pace: 4:42/km Max Pace: 4:17/km Duration 0:33:41 / 23:22 at (5k) / 32:56 at (7k), Temp 11c, Humidity 82%, Wind 6.2 km from NE, Reversed route. @saucony Endorphin Pro 2

This one was painful because my knee popped right before I began the session. (Me being stupid and nothing to do with my shoes) I had to slow everything way down so I knew without a doubt there would not be any great numbers today. I did not want to to aggravate my knee anymore and push any part of this session. So I kept a steady easy pace, maintain a safe form and stopped the routine after 7k

I have two days of rest (walks only) before my event run so the soreness should go away by then. It does not happen very often but when it does it sucks. Just part of getting older because I’m no spring chicken 🐔 anymore. 😆

(Session Goal 4:59 or less per split:) 6 of 7 were below the goal #5 did not make the cut coming in at 00:05:00.

Goal #2 Get 5k group below 20minutes – 23:22

Goal #3 Get 7k group below 30minutes – 32:56

  • No way 2 or 3 was happening today, better to be safe today, so I can fight for it again another day. I will probably have to go back to the HOKA for Saturday 5k to make sure I keep pressure off that knee.

1-18-2022 Day 487: JT-Cycling (Session) 36.94km (Full ride 56.66km) Jan #4: Pushing: No, Temp: 5C, Humid: 81%, Wind 9.6km/h from N, Dur: 01:10:34, Avg Pace: 01:54/km, Max Pace: 01:19/km, Avg Speed: 31.4km/h Max Speed: 45.1km/h

Session Goal 30k below 1hr: Not a problem, I slowed the pacing down some for this session but made sure to get my sub 1hr. Came in at 00:57:00

Session Goal 2:10 or less per split: 35 of 36 came in 2:10 or less. #24 came in at 2:13, I had to back off because of a poor gear change choice so my calf muscle, let me know it was getting pissed off. I slowed down and just keep a steady pace. Overall I was trying to stay down on the bike more, work on form, and manage my pacing better over all. Trying to stay away from the low 1:30’s but keep it below 2:10.

Splits times and groups: 35 of 36 below 2:10 / 27 0f 36 01:59 or less / 10 of 36 01:49 or less. / 1 of 36 01:39 or less at 01:37 {I did not want any 30’s so went a bit too quick here} – Best 5k of 7 groups was 11-15 9:18 / Best 10k of three groups was 11-20 at 18:54. The group times could have been closer for the 5k’s but the 10 faired a little better.

1-17-2022 Day 486: Run Day 10.09km Jan #6 (weekly 10k) Avg Pace: 4:30/km Max Pace: 4:02/km Duration 0:45:33 / 22:12 at (5k) / 31:08 at (7k), Temp 9c, Humidity 91%, Wind 18.2 km from WNW, Reversed route and extended distance for the 10k weekly session will do a 7k Wednesday and have my event 5k Saturday. I almost talked myself out of going today but told myself off grabbed my keys and went. Lol

(Session Goal 4:59 or less per split:) All ten splits were under the session goal. The best of the day was #1 at 4:12 and the worst split was #5 at 4:37. I started out a tad too aggressive and had to slow it down just a bit because but the pace I found felt fantastic. Once I settled in by backing it up a tad in the run went great. The new shoes are not as forgiven as my previous shoes so it forced me to focus harder on my form and pacing and had to open my stride up a bit. I’m very happy with this session because I got several personal best.

#strava Personal Best 10k at 45:04 / 2 Mile at 13:46 / 1 mile at 6:25 / 1k at 3:51 / 1/2 mile at 3:00.

Honorable mention 5k (2nd best time at 22:03) – 400m (2nd best time at 1:22)

I honestly thought the session was just a average and did not think I was doing this well until I looked at the numbers. My headset (aftershocks) was calling my data out but I was only paying attention to it for the 10k call out mark. THE JT-PLAN is working so I’m sticking to it.

Goal #2 Get 5k group below 20minutes – Still chipping away at 22:12

Goal #3 Get 7k group below 30minutes – Trimmed a bit more at 31:08

1-16-2022 Day 485: Home routine only a full rest day, The weather was not fit for running Tornadoe warnings. Once it cleared, I hung out with some friends after getting some work done.

Try and Keep Up You Tube 2022

1-15-2022 Day 484: Have a run coming tomorrow morning, so it’s a rest day: Walk Only but pushing the pace and capped the time at 1hr = 6.5km (01:00:09)

1-14-2022 Day 483: Run Day 7.06km Jan #5 Avg Pace: 4:31/km Max Pace: 4:11/km Duration 0:31:56 / 22:33 at (5k) / 31:55 at (7k), Temp 10c, Humidity 77%, Wind 11.3 km from WNW, Reversed route so the hills to the front of session

(Session Goal 4:59 or less per split:) All seven splits were under the session goal. The best of the day was #1 at 4:19 and the worst split was #3 at 4:48.

Goal #2 Get 5k group below 20minutes – A little better than last time at 22:33

Goal #2 Get 7k group below 30minutes – a solid pace and felt good but need too start pushing a bit harder 31:55.

A much better day and I’m happy with session an sticking with the plan forced myself to stop after 7km. The run felt great even with a chill in the air, but it made the cool down walk in the sun feel even better. One 10km and two 7km runs completed this week with solid numbers, will do it again next week and will push it need to up the challenge a bit.

Extra Daily Note: I have moved away from HOKA running shoes and gone with a different brand, that being the Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 . I did some research and then went to a local sports store. I believe these will be a greater benefit in keeping my stride and feet safe as I work towards faster and more consistent goals. I have also signed up for another timed 5k run in 2022. January 22nd Clermont Florida. My best event time going into this is 22:04 (1-2-22), so let’s see if I can do better than that. I will go out to Lake Louisa, where the event will take place and walk the course so I know what to expect during my run. I do not like running blind, but even though I have been to this park many times, just never as a runner.

Come join us Jan 22, 7:30 AM EST
Lake Louisa State Park, 7305 US 27 Clermont, FL US 34714

1-13-2022 Day 482: recovery day: Walk Only but pushing the pace and capped the time at 1hr = 6.58km (01:00:10)

1-12-2022 Day 481: JT-Cycling 36.98km Jan #3: Pushing: No, Temp: 15C, Humid: 81%, Wind 10.7km/h from NNE, Dur: 01:08:24, Avg Pace: 01:50/km, Max Pace: 01:19/km, Avg Speed: 32.4km/h Max Speed: 45.1km/h

Full ride with warm-up and cool down: 45.40km

* NOTE the last couple sessions the 1st split has been a pain in the ass, so I applied some pressure right from the start, to make sure it got below the session split time goal.

Session Goal 2:10 or less per split: 36 of 36 came in 2:10 or less. The best split was #32 (yet again) at 1:35 and the worst was #15 at 2:10. 31 splits were 1:59 or less, 18 were 1:49 or less, and 4 got into the ’30s. So it was a very good ride and I’m happy with the times. It felt good overall but i need to adjust my seat a bit more.

Session Goal 30k below 1 hour it would come in at 55:20, some improvement over the last session by a few seconds.

The best 5k group was 1-5 at 8:46 and the best 10k group was 1-10 at 18:18.

1-11-2022 Day 480: Run Day 7.12km Jan #4 Avg Pace: 4:34/km Max Pace: 4:17/km Duration 0:32:37 / 22:39 at (5k) / 31:57 at (7k), Temp 16c, Humidity 93%, Wind 8.9 km from East, @Hoka Carbon x2. Reversed my route again to bring hills to front of session.

(Session Goal 4:59 or less per split:) All seven spilts were under the session goal. The best of the day was #1 at 4:22 (I held also split #2 to the same 4:22 time). The worst split was #4 at 4:55 need to dig in more on that hill.

Yes I was below my session goal but I am NOT happy with this routine at all. My focus was horrible and I struggled to maintain a consistent controlled placing. I reversed my path but that is no excuse for the piss poor focus. Need to buckle down harder next time.

Goal #2 Get 5k group below 20minutes – Nope came in at 22:39

Goal #3 Get 7k group below 30minutes – Not today still holding in the 31 minute zone at 31:57.

1-10-2022 Day 479: Strength Training 1hr – Walk Only but pushing pace – only 1 hr time limit 30 out 30 back. (6.56km at 1:00:06)

1-9-2022 Day 478: Run Day 10.16km Jan #3 Avg Pace: 4:39/km Max Pace: 4:12/km Duration 0:47:21 / 22:36 at (5k) / 31:58 at (7k), Temp 13c, Humidity 70%, Wind 18.3 km from NNE, @Hoka Carbon x2.

I changed the running path that I use to do my sessions. I reversed it which puts two uphills sections into play at the start of the session. I also have a waist belt for my phone and keys and do not use the park many more. So lots of small changes to my pattern. I’m very happy with the numbers today and was focused on getting 10k, forcing myself to stop once I got it done.

I was doing some research since altering my diet and goals. I will reduce the running session to twice a week but both sessions will be 10k. I will focus a bit more on strength training. I think this will allow me to build some mass back on but do it as muscle. I do not want to be a body builder just something I can maintain on a regular basis and when the traveling resumes, I will still do my 20k once a month and I plan to d my next one at the end of the month in Georgia. I have an appointment then and will be close to the state.

Sessions updates: 2022 session adjustments. My sub 5 minute split time goal now applies no matter have far I’m running. It use to only apply to 5 and 7 k sessions. Also looking to get my 5k below 20 minutes and 7k below 30 minutes. Let’s go see how I did today…

Goal #1 all splits 4:59 or less, All 10km splits were below 4:59. The best of the day was of course number one at 4:17 the worst was #9 at 4:57, which pissed me off when I heard it so I push 10 and got that one down to 4:45.

Goal #2 Get 5k group below 20minutes – Nope not even close 22:36

Goal #3 7k below 30 minutes Nope still hovering in that 31 minute zone at 31:57. If I slow up a bit at the start and push a bit harder in the back half I should be good. Still trying to get the mindset right for it.

1-8-2022 Day 477 Rest Day Walk Only (session change) On days where I do only a walk, I’m allocating a 1 hr maximum time. 30 minutes out 30 minutes back but I will push the pace. The goal here is to keep my heart rate over 113 bpm to keep the metric in the weight loss zone. I only managed to do it for 25.1% of the session, so will have to push a bit hard next time.

*Getting my booster shot today. Moderna – and then got an extra short walk-in: Flat Island Preserve Leesburg FL

Just an easy hike after my booster shot

1-7-2022 Day 476: JT-Cycling 36.82km Jan #2: Pushing: No, Temp: 17C, Humid: 87%, Wind 6.8km/h from WSW Dur: 01:08:20, Avg Pace: 01:51/km, Max Pace: 01:22/km, Avg Speed: 32.3km/h Max Speed: 43.6km/h

Full ride with warm-up and cool down is 43.86km

Session Goal 2:10 or less per split: 35 or 36 came in below 2:10. I did not hit #1 hard enough again at 2:15. #2 through #36 were all below 2:10. The best split was #32 (again) at 1:36 and the worst was #15 at 2:05. 32 splits were 1:59 or less, 15 were 1:49 or less, and three got into the ’30s on #4 at 1:39, #36 at 1:36, and #35 at 1:39. So it was a very spoiled ride and I am happy with my time today.

Session Goal 30k below 1 hour it would come in at 55:34, some improvement over the last session but still need to dig in a bit more.

The best 5k group was 16-20 at 9:02 and the best 10k group was 11-20 at 18:23. Nowhere near any personal best but that’s ok. Those were done on a bike designed a bit more for speed but I will get back and beat ‘em. No rush.

1-6-2022 Day 475: Run Day 10.57km Jan #2 Avg Pace: 4:43/km Max Pace: 4:10/km Duration 0:50:02 / 22:45 at (5k) / 31:52 at (7k), Temp 15c, Humidity 79%, Wind 5.9 km from North, @Hoka Carbon x2.

* Session goals are off today because I was just getting one of my Strava January challenges out of the way. It was my 10k challenge but even though I was not focused on session goals it still came in as my second fastest 10k. A damn lazy ass crosswalk light screwed me up today at 5km. The run felt great but sticking to the plan, I forced myself to stop after 10k. As usual, I did run it out a bit further .57km to make sure all apps clear the 10k mark. The run was immediately followed by a 3km cool-down walk.

1-5-2022 Day 474: Rest Day Walk Only; (Pushing my Pace) 10.26km avg 9:17 / max 8:22(/km) Still need some recovery from last week was pretty hard on me. I am not sore or feeling anything bad but I know things need to heal properly. Working on my diet to begin to regain some weight, but control how it comes back. Focus more on my abs in January.

1-4-2022 Day 473: JT-Cycling 37.82km (full ride was 54.91km) Jan 1: Pushing: No, Temp: 13C, Humid: 82%, Wind 10.4km/h from North Dur: 01:09:46, Avg Pace: 01:53/km, Max Pace: 01:19/km, Avg Speed: 31.6km/h Max Speed: 45.3km/h

Session Goal 2:10 or less per spilt: 35 or 36 came in below 2:10. I just had another crappy start again with #1 coming in at 2:22. Just could not get out together with these new clip-in peddles and get settled. BUT after that I got my act together, 2 to 36 The best split was #32 at 1:36 and the worst was #33 at 2:10 poor turn around a wrong gear change. 27 splits were 1:59 or less, 13 were 1:49 or less, and only one gilt into the ’30s and it was the best of the day at 1:36.

Session Goal 30k below 1 hour 56:46, This should have been better just poor form and not aggressive enough on my part.

I did a fantastic job keeping my heart down and averaged 138bpm for the 36k session. The best 5k group of the day was 9:15 splits 26-30, best 10k group was 21-30 at 18:33. I’m happy with the session today but will not do another until later in the week. Still need some additional recovery time and I am working on a new early morning training program.

I managed to keep the session in the Aerobic heart rate zone for 59.2% of the session. I will like to see that closer to 65% with the same split and session times but it is going to take some work.

1-3-2021 Day 472 Walk 10.26km A Rest Day so it will be just a walk. I did way too much running last week and need to give my body a break. I will do only one run this week and that will not be until midweek to ensure my body is recovering properly. I’m increasing my early morning “at home” routine by adding sets and focusing more on the upper body. I have increased my push-up sets and I am trying an AB routine from Athleanx (YouTube) I think I have been skinny up there long enough.

1-02-22 Day 471 Run Day : (My First official Event run Orlando Florida 5k) As usual was up early and got out to Jay Blanchard Park Orlando for the NewYear 2020 New Me 5k. This is my first ever event of any kind so I was not sure what to expect. The whole process went very smoothly and I tried to keep to my routine. I kept reminding myself to just run your session let things fall where they may and have fun.

Created by the event 😍

I got my warm walk-in plus a bit more than got to the line as they started calling. I did not want to deal with slower runners. Knowing I would not be leading the pack but felt I’d more than likely go faster than many of them. I would get 21st overall 22:04 in a field of 265 runners and get #1 in my age class.

I would get three personal best to start out 2022. 2 Miles (13:49) 1 Mile (6:35) and 1.2 miles (3:03). I would pull in two second-best 400m at 1:23 and 1k at 3:56. It was a great day of running and I am so happy with my first ever event 5k

1-01-22 Day 470 (local Florida) I went out and got checked in at the Jan 2nd event 5k. Got my bib, grabbed a bag with the shirt. I walked the distance (5k) 2.5k out and 2.5k back and it’s a pretty straightforward trail. I don’t like running the unknown, so I wanted to check it out. It is in good condition and there are a couple of small downhill and uphill areas but don’t expect it to be much of an issue. The daily routine trail I use is steeper than this and it’s only 5k. I’m more worried about people and slower runners getting in the way more than anything else. We are all chipped to mark our times so it does not matter who is first or second since it is all computer-controlled. I have never done anything like this so I’m also curious how close the timing system is to my monitoring apps.

Thank you for keeping up! – JT

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Chapter 17: January 2022
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21 Day Self Goal
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