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Last edit 3-17-22: For the record, I’m not giving fitness advice, this is just what and how I do my thing. I watch all types of fitness videos and do the research to figure out what is accurate and what is going to work for me. Then I get to work and if it doesn’t work I get rid of it. If it does work I keep doing it but make sure to find more advanced versions as I get stronger. Here is where I’m at right now with my goals.

  • 2022 Brand Ambassador Dash Sports / Flo Dash
  • Run session is 10kilometers : (Min 2x a week)
  • Core Running goal 4:49 seconds or less per km-split at 10 kilometers.
  • Run one 20k session per month, began doing this back in June of 2021
  • Cycling session 36k (Min 1x a week )
  • Core Cycle Goal 2:10 seconds or less per km-split, keeping 30k under an hour.
  • Walk: 1 hr when I don’t ride or run, 20 minutes on ride/run days (daily)
  • 45 minutes home strength training daily (no weights on rest days)
  • The weekends are for Strava challenges, monthly goals and or just fun days, like fishing, yard sales or kayaking.
  • *Events do not count against my weekly run count , if I have an event then I will do three in a week and will usually not do more than three run sessions in a 7 day period.
  • I usually don’t do run sessions on back to back days because of the intensity applied to these routines. If I do they are usually because they are shorter sessions like a 5 or 7k.

Personal Best / 2022 Partnerships

  • 20k runs locations: Maryland, Florida, more pending for 2022
  • Maryland 2021 is where I did my first 20k run.

I was never an athletic person of any type growing up and started all this late in life, as in 550+ days ago. I do a home routine in the morning, with a heavy focus on my core, legs, and glutes. I then go run, cycle, or walk every day and can tell you every single session km time achieved since I began all this in 2020. I have added weights to my morning routines to increase the difficulty.

In the beginning, I focused on cycling with running sessions to support it but shifted my focus to running with cycling as the supporting routine. I’ll watch a lot of professional runners and cyclists doing events and focus on the small things they’re doing that might work for me. I DO NOT copy what they are doing, because I’m not trying to achieve their performance levels because most of them have been doing it all their lives. I’m doing this for me and my own personal best even when doing events. Just race yourself and soon very few will be able to keep up with that. I’m not a professional athlete so there is no reason for me to do all the stupid stuff they have to do to stay competitive. Even when I do events I’m running for myself, I just want to be around people that enjoy running too.

I personally set times (session goals) because it gives me a way to gauge where I’m at. It is also my motivation to go again, again, and again. Even on the days when I don’t get any personal best, it mentally lets me “win” every day. I don’t want to just do 5k, 7k, 10k, and then just say it’s done. I want to break it down to see what could have been done better. I do not run or ride for speed, I want consistency so I can then press the whole routine for improvements.

When the entire session gets easier I adjust the time down BUT make it a realistic goal. I’m not Usain Bolt and never will be and really don’t want to be. I love running but my passion and ability for it is nowhere near his level and come on folks the guy is a beast.

When you get a personal best on a day when you were in a shitty mood and could barely get your ass out the door, is one of the best feelings you will have doing this. Some of my best times came from days when I really just did not feel like doing it but grabbed my keys and got it done anyway.

Not everyday is sunshine and butterflies, so prepare yourself!

Back in 2021, I had one day when the world was falling down on me, and was in a REALLY BAD mood. I wasn’t going to go running but grabbed my keys and went anyways. It was one of those days where I was so pissed off at everything and anything amplified it. Even as I was driving to my trail location the morning DJs on the car radio just added to this pissed-off-ness, they weren’t saying anything bad or wrong it was just annoying.

I got into this angry run and just stared straight ahead, trying like hell to stay focused. Running so pissed off that I could not even tell you if anyone else was on the trail that day. I just ran pissed off and absolutely killed my best 1-mile time at 6:40, because up to that point my best was 7:01. I hit several other personal best but that was the first 6-minute mile that I had been after for over a month.

No, It did not completely fix my struggles but it damn sure took the edge off and got me through that crap. As the WEEK would roll on I would stop and look at that 6:40, smile and say to myself… “FUCK YEAH!” Whatever you are into just get it done, but don’t try and do it all at once. Do a part of it then a bit more the next day and so forth. Even if you are in a bad mood and pissed off get something of it done NO MATTER how small it may seem.

2-19-2022 – 10k and My 3rd timed run event for 2022.. 1st in my age group 5th for the event at 44:14. ✊️

(Even if just 10 minutes) If you’re a writer just do one paragraph about your character, the next day write about their family, about their world, then about their education and so on. Just think about what one paragraph a day would look like after just 20 days. Use this time as your motivation because it is something you love to do. If you working on a car do something small to it once a week or once a paycheck and keep track of it. Don’t compare it to others because as time moves on YOU WILL find out most people are full of shit and even lazy as hell and there you will be shining bright doing something you love.

MAKE YOURSELF DO SOMETHING, people love to say if you love it you won’t need to be motivated. This is bull shit because life is tough and we all have good and bad days. No matter how much you love something parts of the process are going to suck! The trick is to do it on the bad days too when you don’t feel like it. As time moves on you find there will be more good days than bad ones. If you have to watch a video of someone else motivating you every single day, then you’re in trouble. You can use these people to get you started. It is up to YOU to stay motivated and one way is to set realistic goals. These small ones will add up a lot more quickly than you think. Once you begin to see yourself getting better the motivation you need within yourself will also get stronger and others will become motivated by you!

My mom was the reason I got started doing my fitness stuff but several Jordan Peterson videos helped me understand if it’s is up to me to stay motivated. Even if it is something small we must have something to strive for something to get up for. Setting goals for myself give me something that is mine and NO ONE can take them from me.

No matter how small the success is …. celebrate it! If you beat a personal best by 1 second you should celebrate it! If you write two chapters instead of the one you should celebrate it, If you paint the mountains and forest instead of just the mountains in your painting you should celebrate it.

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