Locked in dates 2022

Answering due to a few messages. (((Clarification)))

“Locked in Dates” applies to any date that can not be bumped off my schedule. Due to a prior arrangement or because I have a hosting partner for the date(s).

Sample 1: Weddings, birthdays, business events, etc… I require a non-refundable deposit/retainer to lock the date(s) onto my schedule. We are requested frequently so it’s 1st come 1st serve.

The XDA series are the only dates locked in at this time. These dates can only be adjusted by our hosting partnership Schnitz Racing 2022

All six XDA event dates are locked in!

Team support partnerships at times do lock in dates depending on the support that is needed.

Sample 2: NHRA, NASCAR, ETC…. dates for team support would lock in the dates requested. These require a bit more pre-planning than most events since my role is to be present as a team member not as JT.

For the record, I have an established working relationship with the NHRA media staff and they are an outstanding group of people.

* any other date on my schedule is open at this time. Just because there is an event on that date does not mean I will be present.

Hope this helps:
JT / Try and Keep Up Platinum General Services 2022 – please email me for further questions social media messaging is not a good way to reach me. Jaked35mm@hotmail.com

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