Howey-in-the-Hills 10k Run 2022

2-20-2022 FloDash Events and Dash Sports have a series of running events schedule for 2022 and they do an outstanding job with them. This is their 2nd event and my second one participating in. I have already done two 5k events in 2022 but decided this time around to try and 10k. I recently changed my weekly session from 7k to 10k and figure it would be a good test. I have ran 10k’s plenty of times but this would be my 1st timed 10k run. – FLODASH does an amazing job with their races. ✊️

Dash Sport becomes JT program Partner 2022

The two 5k’s taught me quite a bit and it was surprising how much I had to change my running routine when doing events. I normally wear a headset that calls data out to me but during events I don’t like wearing it. There is a lot more going on and I have other runners to use for my pacing, so with the headset it becomes too much.

I went to bed earlier and of course this meant getting up early too. Which was fine since I’m usually up early anyways. I made sure to drink a bit more water than usual on the 18th and 19th. I had a light breakfast of oatmeal and a protein drink. I had this at 430am because i needed time for it to settle and not be a problem for my run. When I needed water it was small sips. I of course had my coffee but did not even finish it.

More events to come.

I got to the event location and got a walk and warm up done. I would do a few run warmup which is awesome when you have a view of beautiful Little Lake Harris to run along side. I ran into a running friend Roger who was doing the 5k event and he would go on to get 1st in his group. The weather was supposed to be sunny, hot and cloud free but that did not happen. The 10k runners went first followed by the 5k group and walkers and it was clear they were having a good turnout.

I started out at a good steady pace and managed to slow it down a bit more this time in preparation for dealing with the hills. I had one racer ahead of me and was using her for pacing but she fell back after 1k. I turned my focus to the next runner and she had a stronger pace. She got me through the hills but she then began pull away, so I settled into my own pacing and kept plugging away.

The route had some hill sections that I thought might cause me some problems but they were not that bad. I did have an issue with a stepper downhill section on the back half. I had to check myself a couple times because I have not had to deal with a hill this steep before, even when running up in Maryland and Virginia. It was not a big downhill run but it was another lesson learned and showed me that I need practice more on hills. I will start doing this in March, because I have a set plan for February and don’t like to change routines mid-month. There are some hills, some are even a bit steeper in Clermont that should get the job done. I will add that location to my schedule, once a week for March.

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