Chapter 18 February 2022

Last Edit: 2-28-22: (Feb 1 – Feb 28) For the record, I’m not here giving fitness advice; this is just what and how I do my thing(s). If you would like to read more click below

Just Doing What I do!

For 2022 I’m working for a 19 minute 5k session and a sub 30 minute 7k session. I have achieved a consistent six-minute a mile full session and consider that goal now accomplished. My second 2022 5k event and the three-mile portion, were in the six-minute window. Now my yearly plans have turned to run 30k, 40k, and a 50k session. I still get up at 4:45ish in the morning and do some strength work which is done every day. (On rest days I don’t use weights)

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February  2021: (no 20k run, was not running yet)
Duration 71:51:07 / Calories 35,956 / Distance 974.65


February 2022 (22.07km 2-24-22)
Duration 42:28:56 / Calories 22,891 / Distance 452.84

Next Chapter 19 March 2022 pending…

2-28-2022 DAY 528: REST DAY. Walk Only (1hr max) 6.98km. Was a good month refining my form and overall the sessions are going very well. For March I will begin adding hill work to my weekly routines and increasing the monthly 20k distance. I will do minimum of 20k but will push it out as far as I can with the first distance goal target goal being a 32k. This will be the first of three distance goals for 2022, but my weekly session goals will still not apply to these distance runs. Once I get the 32k, the following monthly 20k will then be pushed to go after 42k.

2-27-2022 DAY 527: Final Session Feb #10: JT-Run Day 10.23km Avg Pace: 4:28 /km Max Pace: 4:18/km Duration 45:50, Temp 18c, Humidity 100% , Wind 4.6 km from SSE.

* I was pressing this session a bit to see how many splits I could consistently keep in the 4:20’s but still trying not to go too fast, so I did not tank my overall 10k session goals.

  • 4:29 or less … 1 through 6 – Very happy
  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: at 10k ->00:44:30 (PB via Strava) the session felt fantastic, plenty of energy left for me to get in some practice some speed laps. (My session that followed this run)
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): all ten km-splits were 4:49 or less. The Quickest split was #4 4:19, and the slowest split was #9, at 4:40. This was a bit annoying so I pressed split #10 and got 4:25.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 21:56 was not pushing – want it to come naturally. Better from last session.
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 30:47 (not pushing – want it to come naturally) Better from last session.
  • My Average Pace and Max Pace time gap was only 10 seconds apart so even though I was speeding up, still managed to control things pretty well. I would like to see it a bit closer and there were several things could have done better on this run but I’m happy with the day.

* After run session was followed by a 7k walk/run. I walk about a kilometer to rest but then, I run hard for as long as I can. I make sure not to run so hard enough that I lose my form. I’m strictly paying attention to foot contact in relation to my knee but still trying to refine my posture. If I tilt myself a bit more forward these hard runs are really comfortable but I need to get my body out of the old habit and adopt this new one. Kilometers 2 3 4 are spent doing this then I run out the remaining distance.

2-26-2022 DAY 526: Rest Day – Walk Only 6.74 (1hr max) Got a lot of work to do today.

2-25-2022 DAY 525: Rest Day – Walk only 6.18km (1hr max) I will have to do one more run session for February but plan to wait until Monday, but might do it on Sunday. I need to close a Strava monthly challenge and only need to do 6km. I may go do it somewhere new `but will see how the weekend plays out first.

* note: After the effects of the 22k run, there is not much but I can feel it in my legs but it just typical soreness that needs to recovery. My routines my seem like a lot but I have been doing this consistently for a going on two years, so they do not wipe me out like many people think they should. My very first 20km in Maryland last year, (June) afterward I went to the track and worked six hours. I enjoy

2-24-2022 DAY 524: JT-Run Day 22.07km Feb 20k #9 Avg Pace: 5:04 /km Max Pace: 4:34/km Duration 1:51:52, Temp 17c, Humidity 100%, Wind 3.7 km from East. The run felt great and still got my cool-down walk (4k) in afterward with energy to spare. AWESOME DAY!

  • My normal session goals do not apply for my monthly 20k run. (Carbon x2 Hoka) I started out a bit too aggressive 😳 … 😆 all good I will do better next time.
  • I was a watching a really long interview last night with Eliud Kipchoge and one of his training methods is that he trains to his heart rate. So I decided too try it out for my monthly 20k. I set the voice notifications to go off for each km-spilt and heart rate but not my pace.
  • I would like to see my heart down into the 150’s steady. I averaged this session out at 160 bpm for the 22k so I need to slow things down more. Here are some details…..
  • 5k Groups Samsung health running app
  • 1-5 at 24:53
  • 6-10 at 25:17
  • 7-15 at 25:29
  • 16-20 at 25:53
  • 10k Groups Samsung Health running app
  • 1-10 50:12
  • 11-20 51:23
  • Strava notifications
  • 3rd fastest half-marathon at 1:47:41
  • 3rd fastest 20k at 1:42:00
  • 3rd fastest 10mile 1:21:35
  • These were surprising because of slowing things down, so I was not expecting any achievements today.
  • I use two apps to track my sessions as backup to each other. The data between is pretty close.
2-24-22 monthly 20k plus 2

2-23-2022 DAY 523: Rest Day: Walk Only (1hr max) 6.72km

2-22-2022 DAY 522: Run Day 11.13km Feb #8 Avg Pace: 4:34 /km Max Pace: 4:29/km Duration 0:45:50, Temp 17c, Humidity 98%, Wind 8.4 km from East. I’m extremely happy with the Average and Max pace time gap, slowing things down in the right way!

* I was running silent today and turned by turning off voice notifications to my headset. I did set one app just to call out to once I got to 10k. The extra 1.13km was because I did not want to stop on a hill, so I cleared it and shut the run down. It went well and was trying to slow things down some. The run felt great and made progress on some form corrections I have been working on. I did not look at my data until I got home but was very happy when I did. A very good day!

  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: at 10k ->00:45:31 #strava good pace slowed tings down and the session felt great.
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): all ten “eleven” km-splits were 4:49 or less. The Quickest split was #5 4:15, and the slowest split was #6, coming in at 4:42. I could feel that km-six was too quick and focused harder on correcting my pace.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 22:45 group six through ten, was not pushing – want it to come naturally. down from last session, but I wanted a slower pace.
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 31:46 one through seven (not pushing – want it to come naturally) down from last session; but i was running the session slower.
  • I’m EXTREMELY happy with my Average Pace and Max Pace time gap. I was trying to slow things down and narrow down that gap. I want the average pace time below the session goal but want the Max pace time closer to the Average time.

2-21-2022 DAY 521: Rest Day Walk Only (1hr max) 6.17km

2-20-2022 DAY 520: JT Cycle Day 122.07km / 75.85 miles (Strava February Challange) I took a 3-minute break at each hour mark for snack and water whether I needed it or not. 2 hours out 2 hours back then a cool-down ride.

Each cycling hour is non-stop…
1st hour just keep a pace not pressing
2nd hour pushed the pacing up a bit.
3rd hour held a pace but not pressing
4th hour pressing the pace a bit …BUT

ONCE I got to the 3hour 45 minute mark I started pressing the pace. To run at 2 minutes a km split and easy pace for me to maintain.

THEN… Once at 3:50:00 I started applying pressing the pace to maintain 1:40’s and 1:50’s per km split.

106km 1:58.4 at 30.3km/h
107km 1:58.2 at 30.4km/h
108km 1:49.3 at 32.9km/h
109km 1:59.1 at 31.0km/h
This completes the 4hr target time

(Cooldown ride was 12km a bit longer just to drive the distance up a bit for my records a casual ride)

@iamspecialized  Bike: Comp Transition Tri-bike: added note I also used their gloves and helmet.

2-19-2022 DAY 519: 10K EVENT RUN HOWEY-IN-THE-HILLS #DASHSPORTS #FLODASH I got 1st place in my group and made it into the top 10, placing 5th for this 10k event at 44:16. FloDash Events Dash Sports HOKA Carbon x2 (my 1st 10k timed event)

App Data shows me Averaging 4:31 with a Max Pace of 4:00 / Cloudy / Temp 19c / Humidity 100% / Wind 10.0km NNW. Elev Gain 70m

The weather was nothing like forecasted but it still made for a fun run.

I did a good job slowing myself down and wanted to just maintain a solid pace. I had never run this route before so I focused more on a steady pace and form. There were steeper hills than what I’m accustomed to but managed them pretty well. I will add more hill work to my weekly sessions. Already looking forward to the next one.

2-18-2022 DAY 518: Rest day Walk Only (1hr max) at 6.26km. Florida is starting to reveal its ugly head, Supposed to be in the 80s today. What a fantastic day. I had a blast at the Howey-in-the-hills 10k run today.

2-17-22 Day 517: Run Day 10.26km Feb #6 Avg Pace: 4:26 /km Max Pace: 4:04/km Duration 0:45:50, Temp 19c, Humidity 95%, Wind 10.8 km from ESE. Felt like a sauna again, so Florida weather is back yet again… sucks lol.

  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: at 10k ->00:44:44 #strava (PB) I knew it was going good but I started out a bit too aggressive. I did manage to back it down by spilt #3. I’m not complaining at all because the session felt great and I could easily ran further but that is not the jt-plan.
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): all ten km-splits were 4:49 or less. The Quickest split was 4:03, and the slowest split was #6, coming in at 4:43. My starting spilts were too aggressive but my focus throughout the routine was a thousand times better than session #5.
  • * I’m beginning to see dip into the 4:20’s on a more consistent basis so this JT-plan is showing steady progress. I will stick with it for now and not make any goal time adjustments. I can run a lot further but since I’m doing numeorus 10k sessions a week I make myself limit the sessions to 10k. (always running a bit over for data reasons, for the two apps I use)
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 21:29 (not pushing – want it to come naturally) down from last session; improvement by 35 seconds
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 30:40 (not pushing – want it to come naturally) down from last session; Improvement by 1 minute 24 seconds.
  • ** By starting out a bit to aggressive I had to work my form a bit more and dig in a bit for the final two splits which allowed me to get another personal best 10k at 40:44 #strava

2-16-22 Day 516: Rest Day Walk Only 6.51km 1:00:12, felt really weird today but still went and got my walk in. I would normally do a bike ride but this weird off-balance feeling is not a good idea for riding. I have a 10k run coming Saturday so my focus this week is more geared to running. I will do one more session run tomorrow before taking a Friday Rest day. The weird subsided about mod morning and if it returns I will do a doctor’s follow-up. I experience it before but it was many years ago.

2-15-22 Day 515: Run Day 10.31km Feb #5 Avg Pace: 4:27 /km Max Pace: 4:10/km Duration 0:45:58, Temp 11c, Humidity 64%, Wind 11.1 km from N. Decided not to push anything because I was fighting to keep my focus. I settled in and just went after my session goals before I ended up with a crap session.

  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: at 10k ->00:44:50 #strava (PB) this was surprising, I really thought I was going slower that turtle poop.
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): all ten km-splits were 4:49 or less. The Quickest split was 4:18, and the slowest split was #8, coming in at 4:36. My starting spilts were good and I am really impressed with my myself for keeping this session together. I would lose focus but quickly reel back in. I had to do it a lot more than usual but i clearly managed the problem very well and git a solid routine done.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 22:04 (not pushing – want it to come naturally) up from last session
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 31:03 (not pushing – want it to come naturally) up from last session.
  • My body settled in nicely at around 8km, which helped me get a personal best 10k that is still surprising. Happy camper!
JT 1994-2022

2-14-22 Day 514: Rest Day Walk Only: I have to move my run sessions around a bit this week because of my 10k event coming this Saturday. Walk only (1hr max) but pushing pace 1:00:17 / 7.05km #strava

2-13-22 Day 513: Rest day: walk only (1hr max) pushing pace 6.6km 01:00:10: Getting some work done for the race season and addressing some other issues.

2-12-22 Day 512: Run Day 10.31km Feb #4 Avg Pace: 4:29 /km Max Pace: 4:15/km Duration 0:46:17, Temp 16c, Humidity 97%, Wind 3.3 km from NNE. This run felt fantastic even though Florida is being its hot muggy self today.

I did a longer after-walk session after my run and practiced some hard 20 and 30 second sprints. Working on cleaning up my posture, because after watching some pro runner videos, I can see where some adjustments are needed. When I did the sprints after a few adjustments they began to feel great and you’ll know when you get it right because your body likes the form.

You will see people from time to time complain that running destroyed their legs and knees and it is not smart. That is because they were doing it wrong. As you get better and if you’re being honest with yourself by learning the proper way to do things, you’ll soon realize most people are not as focused as you think they are. There is only one person on the trail where I do my routines that has her shit together.

“When you don’t know anything, you think everyone knows something. When you know something, you’ll discover most people don’t know anything!”

– JT 2022
Run Meme
  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: at 10k -> 00:45:08 No Goal time just get it done.
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): all ten km-splits were 4:49 or less. The Quickest split was 4:18, and the slowest split was #8, coming in at 4:39. Still doing good keeping my starting spilts slowed down. Maybe a tad faster than I wanted but nothing to complain about since I still kept my overall split times down. I like that they were all in the 4:30’s or less. See if I can keep that trend going.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 21:56 (not pushing – want it to come naturally) down from last session
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 30:53 (PB) (not pushing – want it to come naturally) down from last session and almost got it, I can shave 54 seconds off that’s for damn sure, I will go for it on my next run.

2-11-22 Day 511: Walk Only Pushing pace: 1:00:19 (1 hr max) 6.97km. No set time for the pacing just get it as low as an I can with doing any run spurts or jogging. This is just a rest-day activity to keep me in a positive fitness mindset because I can’t sit and do anything.

2-19-2022 doing another one this time a 10k my 3rd for 2022

2-10-22 Day 510: JT-Cycling Feb #1 (session 36k) 37.19km (Full ride 56.00km) Pushing: No, Temp: 10C, Humid: 82%, Wind 7.5km/h from NNE, Dur: 01:09:54, Avg Pace: 01:53/km, Max Pace: 01:22/km, Avg Speed: 31.8km/h Max Speed: 43.8km/h – Been a couple of weeks since I have been on the bike so just wanted to get the ride in.

Session Goal #1 30k below 1hr: Not a problem, could have pushed it some but has been a couple of weeks since I been on the bike. 00:56:22

  • Session Goal #2 2:10 or less per split:
  • Split time clusters
  • 2:10 or less: 35 of 37
  • 2:00 or less: 31 of 37
  • 1:50 or less: 19 of 37
  • 1:49 or less: 17 of 37
  • 1:39 or less: 02 of 37
  • 05k groups best group 1-5 at 9:14 / worst 6-10 at 9:35
  • 10k Groups best group 11-20 at 18:40 worst 21-30 at 18:53

I’m happy with the ride because it was solid pacing and I managed to keep my max speed down but my average up. If I can keep the split over 30km/h I should be able to trim some time. 4 of 37 were below 30km/h so got some work to do. The worst km-split for speed was #34 at 28.1km/h was dealing with a hill and made a poor choice of gears.


2-9-22 Day 509: Run Day 10.32km Feb #3 Avg Pace: 4:31 /km Max Pace: 4:24/km Duration 0:46:20, Temp 12c, Humidity 84%, Wind 10.7 km from NNW. – –

I may need to change my km-split time goal again but will keep it at 4:49 or less for February. I will probably not drop it by much, I’m thinking down to 4:45 or less per split. which will make me push the hills a bit more but will see how the month goes first.

* I turned my headset off and just focused on my comfort, pacing, and form. There were a couple of areas where my focus got away from me because I was thinking of stupid crap. I have another 10k session to do this week and will go to a brand new location and change up the scenery for that one. What was surprising is I got a personal best for my 10k anyways.

  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: at 10k -> 00:45:02 (PB) No Goal time just get it done.
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): all ten km-splits were 4:49 or less. The Quickest split was 4:21, and the slowest split was #6, again coming in at 4:44. Do doing good not starting out too strong and had good solid pace and settled into pacing quickly.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 22:12 (not pushing – want it to come naturally) down from last session
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 31:28 (not pushing – want it to come naturally) up from last session.

2-8-22 Day 508: Walk only 1hr 6.73km 1:00:05:

Side note: Watched a few videos of professional marathon runners answering questions from people online…. some people are dumb as shit and should stay on the couch. (2-7-22)

2-07-22 Day 507: Run Day 10.16km Feb #2 Avg Pace: 4:29 /km Max Pace: 4:13/km Duration 0:45:39, Temp 11c, Humidity 95%, Wind 7.6 km from NW. * Strava took a crap today and did not log my run. I run a secondary run-APP to make sure I get my data, because this is not my first rodeo with Starva and Android.

** Run Goals Changed 2-5-21; my distance has increased from 7k to 10k. In addition, the km-split time goal was reduced from 4:59 to a 4:49 or less per km-split.

  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: at 10k -> 00:44:55 No Goal time, get it done.
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): all ten km-splits were 4:49 or less. The Quickest split was 4:13, and the slowest split was #6, which came in at 4:45. I pressed my pace on splits 7-10 and kept them 4:39 or less.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 22:13 (not pushing – want it to come naturally)
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 31:17 (not pushing – want it to come naturally)

I have finally got a good handle on my opening splits and not hammering them too hard. However, I’m getting into pacing before I hit my first split. I press the pacing harder on 5 and 6 and get the sub 30 for my 7k. I should also maintain in the long term but keep stepping on.

MY 2 Cents

Someone tried to convince me because I’m so active, I need a gallon of water a day, so I reminded them, “You pour concrete for a living and don’t even work out, so why would I take advice from you?” I research pay attention to how it affects me. I drink water to avoid other beverages that contain additives and sugar. I will drink Gator aid from time to time for some flavor but make sure it is sugar-free, just because I like the taste over the competitors. Usually, a powered pack in a 12 oz water bottle. (My drink treat is a morning coffee and sometimes even an afternoon coffee)

My biggest struggle is a controlled, balanced diet; I don’t eat a lot and have never been a foodie, so should have a more structured diet plan. I’m not like some people that when I get stressed or depressed, I eat a lot, I do the opposite and don’t eat. These things are where you have to be honest with yourself and figure out what TYPE you are. You need to know this to fight your battle to stay healthy. It is not easy but is worth it, and over time you’ll feel and want it more and more. It will get to a point where you’ll feel guilty when you don’t work out. It will change your life for the better, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day, it WILL make a difference.

Here is a good study for everyday people, but drinking three liters a day or a gallon of water a day had no accurate scientific data to support the claim. So this link is for everyday people; those who are active or, in some cases, extremely active will need to increase it some but not by some crazy amount.

Here is a good study for everyday people, but drinking a 3 liters a day or a gallon of water a day had no real scientific data to support the claim. This link is for everyday people those of use active or REALLY active will need to increase it some but not by some crazy amount.

National Academy of Medicine: 

Age Daily Adequate water Intake

1-3 years 4 cups, or 32 ounces
4-8 years5 cups, or 40 ounces
9-13 years7-8 cups, or 56-64 ounces
14-18 years8-11 cups, or 64-88 ouncesmen
19 and older13 cups, or 104 ounces
women, 19 and older9 cups, or 72 ounces
pregnant women10 cups, or 80 ounces
breastfeeding women13 cups, or 104 ounces

The full details can be found here! Click link

Just read up using real studies backed by real science and understand how the body works. As you exercise you will figure out what works for your body. Don’t believe anything based on its marketing, because it only favors the product they are trying to sell you. If you’re honest with yourself, take what you doing seriously, pay attention to what the hell is going on, you’ll soon realize most people even so-called fitness ones are full of shit.

I don’t anything at face value, so this video is not why I control my water intake. Watch each side see where their data comes from. It does not take long to find out who is full of shit.

I drink water so I don’t drink crap beverages. Drinking too much or large amounts when running WILL impact your performance. I don’t need this video for that BECAUSE I have first hand experience.

2-06-22 Day 506: walk only 6.68km 1hr max 1:00:12 working on the car again.

Some Racing stuff from. 2021

2-05-22 Day 505: complete rest day. Had to go pick up some parts for my car in Ocala.

2-05-22 Day 504: Run Day 10.14km Feb #1 Avg Pace: 4:36 /km Max Pace: 4:16/km Duration 0:46:45, Temp 18c, Humidity 94%, Wind 10.9 km from SSE. Run Goal Changes

** Goal change, Distance increase from 7k to 10k per routine and the split time is being reduced from 4:59 to a 4:49 or less per km-split.

  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: at 10k -> 00:46:03 No set time, just get it done.
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): all ten km-splits were 4:49 or less. Quickest split was 4:21 slowest split was #5 and #8 that both came in at 4:44. I’m not trying for low 4’s or high 3’s. These times would require me to push it a bit more to maintain it across the whole routine. I will work down to them eventually, so will stick to my JT-plan since I’m seeing steady progress.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 22:47 (not pushing – want it to come naturally)
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 32:01 (not pushing – want it to come naturally)

The run felt great overall even though I could have been a bit more focused but there is a lot going on right as I work on my 2022 event schedule and address some partnership needs. I have a date request that conflicts so waiting for the 1st one to sign off. 1st come 1st serve. Got some more car work done today and have some things to pick up tomorrow.

2-03-22 Day 503: Walk only 6.02km 1:00:07 (1 hr max) Having my car worked on will so this will be another rest day. New tires and oil change, and car running OK but working on an engine replacement. Trying to find one with lower miles, I was going to replace it for something bigger for this season but my budget is too tight. I know where this car is mechanically so I’ll stay with it for now until the budget improves.

2-02-22 Day 502: Rest Day walk 6.12km 1:01:53 (1hr max) Still working on my car had to go get some more parts today and managed to keep the cost down. Episode 6 Book of Boba Fett, awesome stuff!

Cad Bane 2022

2-01-22 Day 501: Rest Day walk Only 6.29km (coming off my Jan 20k on 12-31-22)

Chapter 20: April 2022 
Chapter 19: March 2022
Chapter 18: February 2022 
Chapter 17: January 2022 
Chapter 16: 
455 To 485 DigIn And GoAgain
Chapter 15: 
425 to 455 Show up or Shut Up
Chapter 14: 
395 – 425 5.0 Keep on Booking
Chapter 13: 
365 to 395 Try or Try Not
Chapter 12: 
Light – End -Tunnel 330-365!
Chapter 11: 
Run, Ride,Live 300-330 
Chapter 10: 
Digging In PushN On 270-300 
Chapter 09: 
RoadTripN and Events 240-270
Chapter 08: 
Switching Gears 210-240 
Chapter 07: 
DropBars and BookN it! 180-210 
Chapter 06: 
TryN and Still Flyin 150-180
Chapter 05: 
PushN On 120–150
Chapter 04: 
KeepN Up! 91–120
Chapter 03: 
Keep On KeepN 61-90
Chapter 02: 
Bike on 30-60
Chapter 01: 
21 Day Self Goal
Personal Best and other stuff
completed 2-20-22

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