Chapter 19 March 2022

Last Edit: 3-31-22: (Mar 1 – Mar 31): header image, I got while hiking Lake Apopka North Shore 2020:

For 2022, I’m working on a 19 minute 5k session and a sub 30 minute 7k session. In February 2022 I completed a six-minute mile full 5k session and consider the goal now accomplished. My yearly plans have turned to do 32k, 42k, and a 50k+ session. I still get up at 4:45am-ish and do some strength work for a min of 45 minutes, which is done every day. On rest days I do not use weights, which is not a massive amount. I’m not trying to look like Huge Jackman or any of those bodybuilder types. I started this too late in life to try and build a body and that crap is a lot of work to maintain.

My cycling sessions remain the same for now at 36km at least once a week. Goals with hills 2:10 or less per km-split, 30k below 1 hr. Without hills 2:00 or less per km-split and keep 30k below 1 hr. My ride sessions include a cooldown and warm-up ride that will usually put the distance over 50k.

My running sessions are done twice a week at 10k and pressing the pace to ensure each km-split is 4:49or less. I try not and go too low at the beginning of these weekly sessions and stay away from the three-second km-pace time. If I have a run-event then it will be three a week. I try to not do more than three in a 7day window because of the intensity in which these are done.

  • Yearly Goal 32k completed on 3-21-22
  • 32.02km 2:38:33 route is available on strava for viewing.
  • 42k pending
  • 52k+ pending

Once a month I do a 20k session and plan to do it in as many states as I can this year. States Complete; 20k Florida, 20k Maryland

I have minimum goals for each workout session and go after these goals. If a personal best happens, that’s nice but I don’t go out for PB. I don’t take it easy on myself so if the session goals become easy or too comfortable then I increase the difficulty by reducing times or increasing distance. I’m not after speed but for consistency throughout the entire routine. The goal is to make the longer runs and rides easier so I can sustain my fitness for years to come.

I’m not here to give fitness advice this is just what and how I do my thing which is not about weight loss. If you would like to read more click -> Just Doing What I do!

Previous Chapter 18 February 2022

March  2021: (no 20k run, was not running yet)
Duration 71:51:07 / Calories 35,956 / Distance 974.65km

March 2022 (Monthly 20k at 32.02km)
Duration 56:58:47 / Calories 33,866 / Distance 797.94km
* My morning home routine is NOT counted in the these numbers.

4-1-2022 Day 560 – Chapter 20 April 2022

3-31-22 Day 559: JT Cycle March #7 36.27km (Full ride 61.20km) Pushing: Novery happy with results, Temp: 22C, Humid: 87%, Wind 18.7km/h from SSE, Dur: 01:07:40 for the 36k / Avg Pace: 01:50/km, Max Pace: 01:18/km, Avg Speed: 32.5km/h Max Speed: 40.9km/h.

  • No bike Adjustments
  • Session Goal #1: 30k Below 1hr – 56:53
  • Session Goal #2: 2:10 or less per km-split:
  • The goal is 2:00 but I give time for the hill, I’m getting close to dropping the 2:10.
  • KM-split times
  • 2:10 or less: 36 of 36
  • 1:59 or less: 34 of 36
  • 1:49 or less: 19 of 36
  • 1:39 or less: 7 of 36 best of the day Split #32 at 1:30
  • Km-Split time groups
  • 05k Groups best group 26-30 at 8:56 / worst 1-5 at 9:36
  • 10k Groups best group 21-30 at 18:10 / worst 1-10 at 18:42

I’m very happy with the day. I’m using a new dig in position and working my gears differently to maintain a stronger pace up the hills. It seems to be working out so far, as I managed a few more 130s. It felt good and at times I was running low 140s without digging in.

3-30-22 Day 558: Walk Only 1hr 6.32km Got a casual 5k run – 5.27km done at Dash Sports in Clermont. We get together every Wednesday at 6:30 pm to have fun. Come join us and walk or run at your own pace, all experience levels then hang out and share stories and good company.

3-29-22 Day 557: Run Day 20.12 km March Session #6 Pushing: No / Avg Pace: 4:45 /km Max Pace: 4:20/km Duration 1:35:39, Temp 15c, Humidity 93%, Wind 6.3 km from WNW @hoka Carbon X2 via Dash Sports

Running Silent no head set, just running to what feels good, would press pace only when I got thinking about something other than what I was doing. Reeling in those shining ball and butterfly moments.

  • No headset running with it off going by feel only and I turned the voice off for my watch so it wouldn’t talk to me. Let’s see how it went.
  • I knew more than 10k was coming so I tried not to go too fast.
  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: DONE at 45:47.
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): all ten km-splits were 4:49 or less. The Quickest split was #4 at 4:24, and the slowest split was #7, at 4:45.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 22:37 not pushing for it and was trying to stay out of the Four second teens pace time.
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 31:52 not pushing for it – as with the 5k time was slowing things down
  • The session went very well I got stick at a crosswalk during gathering 4k and 11k so lost some time there. The full 20.12km felt great and the weather was awesome.
  • 20k groups
  • 5km Groups – 1-5 at 22:37 / Worst 16-20 24:57
  • 10km Groups 1-10 45:47 / 11-20 49:09
  • 20km Splits Best spilt #4 at 4:24 / Worst #19 at 5:10
Just clicking off kilometers

3-28-22 Day 556: Rest Day walk only (1hr) 6.56km Feeling pretty good today have some soreness from being down on the bars too long in the left arm but that is expected not the first time. It is a lot like after I broke my left collarbone and began excising again .

3-27-22 Day 555: JT Cycle March #6 36.27km (Full ride 139.29km) Pushing: No, Temp: 18C, Humid: 50%, Wind 10.9km/h from NNW, Dur: 01:05:13 for the 36k / Avg Pace: 01:47/km, Max Pace: 01:28/km, Avg Speed: 33.3km/h Max Speed: 40.9km/h.

  • *no hill assistance it’s flat out here.
  • Tri-Bike Transition Specialized @iamspecialized
  • Saddle moved back
  • Session Goal #1: 2:00 or less per km-split:
  • 36 of 36 below 2:00
  • 29 of 30 1:49 or less
  • Best: 1:43 #23
  • Worst 1:53 #31
  • Session. Goal #2 Clear 100km 139.29
  • Km-Split time groups
  • 05k Groups best group 21-25 at 8:30 / worst 31-35 at 9:12
  • 10k Groups best group 21-30 at 17:47 / worst 11-20 at 18:00

Was a great day riding Mabel Trail Head Webster Florida and it started out with a warm-up ride and then a warm-up hit ride. Got some tech issues fixed and then got to the 36k that went well. I manage to control my pacing pretty well but did not get any personal best. Early one I had an issue with some pet owners hogging up the entire trail and then some pedestrians later in the 36k session. I gave bell warnings and verbal warnings but they were just in another galaxy. I got past them safe enough and managed to keep my time down below my goals.

3-26-22 Day 554: Rest Day – Walk Only 6.31km have a long ride tomorrow keeping things simple today.

Afternoon quick j-toon by JT

3-25-22 Day 553: Run Day 10.25 km March Session #5 Pushing: No / Avg Pace: 4:28 /km Max Pace: 3:56/km Duration 45:49, Temp 15c, Humidity 92%, Wind 6.0 km from WNW @hoka Carbon X2 via Dash Sports

  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: DONE at 44:43. Just wanted a solid session that meet session goals. I have a long ride coming Sunday so I was not pu
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): all ten km-splits were 4:49 or less. The Quickest split was #1 at 4:16, and the slowest split was #6, at 4:41.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 22:10 not pushing for it – it will come naturally.
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 31:21 not pushing for it – it will come naturally
  • I got a really good pacing going at 8k and managed to keep consistency for 9 and 10 running dead on 4:23 for both splits. It all felt good but I had to stop the session after 10k, so that I stick to the jt-plan.

3-24-2022 Day 552: JT-Cycling March #5 (session 36k) 36.27km (Full ride 57.78km) Pushing: No, Temp: 22C (rain), Humid: 100%, Wind 14.2km/h from South, Dur: 01:08:48, Avg Pace: 01:53/km, Max Pace: 01:19/km, Avg Speed: 31.6km/h Max Speed: 45.3km/h. Tri-Bike Transition Specialized

  • Saddle is still off a bit, needs to go back a bit.
  • This was not one of my better days.
  • Session Goal #1: 30k Below 1hr – 56:53 (crap)
  • Session Goal #2: 2:10 or less per km-split:
  • KM-split times
  • 2:10 or less: 35 of 36
  • I did not get the first split at 3:09, I had tech issues but got it resolved before rolling into km 2 pulling in a 1:46 … but got it corrected without stopping the routine.
  • 2:00 or less: 30 of 36 (tech issue and some poor gear choices at the turn around)
  • 1:49 or less: 16 of 36
  • 1:39 or less: 1 of 36 at 1:30
  • Km-Split time groups
  • 05k Groups best group 5-10 at 9:11 / worst 1-5 at 10:39
  • I have not see ten minute plus 5k in a long time! That sucks.
  • 10k Groups best group 11-20 at 18:27 / worst 1-10 at 19:51

Today was not one of the better days but that’s ok I still hit my session goals for the most part and I could have been worse so managed to save the routine.

3-23-2022 Day 551: Walk Only 6.26km. Another Recovery day from that long run. The body is bouncing back as usual but added a rest day because I want to do a ride tomorrow. I can feel that my upper legs still need a bit more recovery time and a cycling ride will be easier on the body but still give me a workout day.

  • Even on walks it is all about posture and breathing, I use the same breathing method so it becomes second nature no matter what I do.
JT Meme – weekly gain-killer meme Instagram @ JTNortoncom

3-22-2022 Day 550: Rest day walk only 6.01 1:01:02. Pretty sore from yesterday’s long run but not in a bad way. I will not do any more session runs this week but will get a couple of cycling sessions in. Will take time off today from both but will need to get a long ride this weekend to close out a Strava March challenge and will probably do that Sunday.

3-21-2022 Day 549: Run Day 32.02km March #4 Monthly 20k … kind of …?… 😁 🏃‍♀️ Pushing: Hell Yes 🔥 but not for low times / Avg Pace: 4:54 /km Max Pace: 4:10/km Duration 2:37:45, Temp 11c, Humidity 89%, Wind 8.3 km from NNE @hoka Carbon X2 via Dash Sports

  • Multiple goals “I was on a misson today” …
  • 1st was to consecutively keep as many km-splits as possible 4:29 or less (1 through 7)
  • 2nd was once I missed 4:29 … I would then press the pace to keep as many as possible 4:49 or less, which is my normal session goal time. (1 through 17) There was no distance mark for this I just kept going for as long as I could.
  • Once I missed goal two, the times no longer mattered. I was only concerned with form, focus, and breathing because I needed to clear 20k….BUT ON purpose ran the back half up a hill section.
  • So on the way back this would give a bit of a downhill assist (not much for hills were I run) Now at this point it was just a matter of clocking off kilometers but maintain form, focus, and breathing.
  • I have a yearly goal of 32k … so I kept my mind focused on form, pace and breathing. I don’t care about times at this point but heart tate was still running where I want it.
  • I kept clicking KMs’ off BUT at 28k it started to push back but I slowed my pace a bit and smoothed out my form for the slower pace.
  • The last 2 miles sucked 💪 but I got it done! 🏆 32k one yearly goal down -> 42k is up next! #challangeyourself

3-20-2022 Day 548: Walk only 1 hr 6.33 km. It ran over a bit stopped to clean up some trash on our trail. Heading out to Winter Park Art festival today. (Morning routine complete) I have some resin art hardened up so I can’t do any sanding on it yet, looking to get some new ideas from the art show today.

The 63rd Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is not as big as it use to be and the prices they ask for some of this stuff is pretty crazy. Some of them are flat out lying about the medium they are using which says to me “the powers that be” does not know what they are judging or doesn’t care. There was plenty of great work so it was not like a waste of time. People out there seem to be having a good time so that is always great to see for the art world. Got a few good ideas for my own stuff.

3-19-2022 Day 547: (daily steps 10,322) Rest Day spent the outside roaming around some yards sales. Just to get out and give the body a rest. (Mourning routine is the only session for the day) Worked on some art stuff and stayed off the computer for the day. Even watched Lord of the Rings Two Towers again.

3-18-2022 Day 546: 1 hr Walk only 5.58km: (Daily steps: 10,954) Not feeling good today still got my morning routine done and got the walk-in anyways. Just one of those days. Not much for sunshine and butterflies today even though the sun is shining bright but I have faith by the end of the day I will see bugs and bright lights. I altered my at-home training yesterday, increased weight, and the intensity of the home routine which includes more adjustments to my diet. I will do this pattern for 21 days and sees how it goes. The changes will only be for Monday through Friday.

3-17-2022 Day 545: Rest Day Walk only 1hr 6.09km. Daily steps: 11,553) A beautiful morning and this was just an easy walk to enjoy the cool Florida air. There are still things I do even during these walks. I breathe the same way as when I’m running or riding, keep my posture correct at all times, and make sure my steps and cadence are correct and not too lazy..

All this while staying relaxed and NO head dropping, proper posture includes head position staring down at the ground is not an option. I see it all the time with people out excising they have some horrible form. I was once there myself and I understand if you have a physical issue that causes it. I’m talking about bad form then they see other people and straighten up.

YOU must keep proper form no matter what you’re doing. If you are so tired you can’t keep the form you need to shorten your session time and slow down to a pace that will let you maintain it. Once you get it “dial in” then add some time or distance to your routine. If you have a more aggressive workout schedule, as in doing it every day your increase can be more aggressive. If your routine is more casual just a 10% increase is commonly suggested and I agree should do the trick.

3-16-2022 Day 544: Run Day 10.18km March #3/ Avg Pace: 4:23 /km Max Pace: 4:01/km Duration 44:40, Temp 19c, Humidity 100% , Wind 7.7 km from SSE. (Double tap Day: also did a 10k switch up walk/run immediately following the run session)

* I was pressing this session a bit to see how many splits I could consistently keep below 4:29. Once I had a split hit at 4:30 I made sure to keep it below the session goals pushing a but when it felt good.

** I also had several urges to stop, you know those feelings when that voice creeps up and says, Hell with this sh*t let’s do it another day. I don’t get them too often but today was an odd day. I usually only get them at the beginning, but by 2km it goes away. Today it popped back in at 7km which is not normal but you have those days and its just part of sticking with all this. As usual, I don’t listen to it, and just keep dropping one foot after another and getting after my goal.

  • 4:29 or less … spilts 1 through 6
  • (1 through 5 were below 4:20)
  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: at 10k ->00:43:52 (PB via Strava) the session felt fantastic, plenty of energy left for me to get in some practice some speed laps. (My session that followed this run)
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): all ten km-splits were 4:49 or less. The Quickest split was #4 at 4:07, and the slowest split was #9, at 4:35.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 21:18 was not pushing – want it to come naturally.
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 30:12 (not pushing – want it to come naturally) Damn crosswalk just before 5km, I might have been a tad closer.
  • I was a bit more aggressive early on but made sure not to hit too hard, so I could complete the full 10k session.
  • I did a 10k switch up imedtaly following the run 1km walk 1km run
  • 10k Switch up Walk Pace: best km-split #5 at 8:56 worst #1 at 9:26
  • 10k Switch up Run Pace: best km-spilt #10 at 4:18 Worst #2 at 4:55

3-15-2022 Day 543: JT-Cycling March #4 (session 36k) 37.23km (Full ride 60.36km) Pushing: No, Temp: 17C, Humid: 93%, Wind 9.9km/h from ENE, Dur: 01:08:15, Avg Pace: 01:50/km, Max Pace: 01:19/km, Avg Speed: 32.4km/h Max Speed: 45.3km/h. Tri-Bike Transition Specialized

* Seat adjusted forward BUT I did not tighten it enough and did not realize it until about 3km in so I kept going. It was tight enough that it allowed me to finish to routine but also try a couple of different positions which helped get this thing in a ghost placement. Tightened it down after the session before the casual ride.

  • Saddle moved forward
  • Session Goal #1: 30k Below 1hr – 55:01
  • Session Goal #2: 2:10 or less per km-split:
  • KM-split times
  • 2:10 or less: 36 of 36
  • 2:00 or less: 32 of 36 (very happy)
  • 1:49 or less: 21 of 36
  • 1:39 or less: 3 of 36 (Best if the day #23 at 1:27)
  • Km-Split time groups
  • 05k Groups best group 1-5 at 8:55 / worst 6-10 at 9:27
  • 10k Groups best group 11-20 at 18:15 / worst 1-10 at 18:23

3-14-2022 Day 542: Walk Only 1 hr 6.44km 1:00:31

3-13-2022 Day 541: Time Change: Switch up day: Walk/Run 20km 1 km Walk Pushing pace then 1 km running at a comfortable pace to work on form and breathing. This is inputted as a walk-in Strava, I don’t want it messing up on my run data. If I get a run km PB when doing this routine it WILL NOT count as a personal best. A JT-run PB must be done in an event or regular run session. Temp

  • 20.05km Temp -1c / Humidity: 61% / Wind: 13.8km/h from West
  • Goal 1Walk less than 8:59 (9 of 10)
  • Goal 2 Run less than 4:29 (8 of 10)
  • 01km: Run 4:49
  • 02km: Walk 9:00
  • 03km: Run 4:22
  • 04km: Walk 8:30
  • 05km: Run 4:11
  • 06km: Walk 8:24
  • 07km: Run 4:17
  • 08km: Walk 8:48
  • 09km: Run 4:35
  • 10km: Walk 8:47
  • 11km: Run 4:20
  • 12km: Walk 8:40
  • 13km: Run 4:20
  • 14km: Walk 8:37
  • 15km: Run 4:37
  • 16km: Walk 8:33
  • 17km: Run 4:21
  • 18km:Walk 8:34
  • 19km: Run 4:27
  • 20km: Walk 8:52

3-12-2022 Day 540: Bad weather rolled in for the am, so getting some work done.

3-11-2022 Day 539: JT-Cycling March #3 (session 36k) 36.88km (Full ride 51.80km) Pushing: No, Temp: 19C, Humid: 98%, Wind 8km/h from SE, Dur: 01:09:32, Avg Pace: 01:53/km, Max Pace: 01:14/km, Avg Speed: 31.8km/h Max Speed: 48.6km/h. *Lots of bike adjustments for this session.

  • Saddle height raised and moved back , clips adjusted.
  • Session Goal #1: 30k Below 1hr – 56:41
  • Session Goal #2: 2:10 or less per km-split:
  • KM-split times
  • 2:10 or less: 35 of 36 (#1 was a mess at 2:19)
  • 2:00 or less: 29 of 36
  • 1:50 or less: 19 of 36
  • 1:49 or less: 16 of 36 best of day 1:40 on #4
  • 1:39 or less: NONE: I did not push the session for 130s
  • Km-Split time groups
  • 05k Groups best group 16-20 at 9:04 / worst 31-35 at 9:43
  • 10k Groups best group 11-20 at 18:27 / worst 1-10 at 18:53

Was a good day riding this session was more about building adjustment than numbers. The saddle still needs more adjustment still don’t have it right for the new height. The sub-two-minute window felt a lot better at this ride height once I get this saddle dialed in I should have an easier time staying down consistently in the 140s. Took a casual ride to make sure I clocked over 50k, a good day riding.

3-10-2022 Day 538: JT-Cycling March #2 (session 36k) 36.86km (Full ride 53.80km) Pushing: No, Temp: 26C, Humid: 100%, Wind 12.3km/h from S, Dur: 01:08:29, Avg Pace: 01:51/km, Max Pace: 01:19/km, Avg Speed: 32.2km/h Max Speed: 45.1km/h.

  • Session Goal #1: 30k Below 1hr 55:36
  • Session Goal #2: 2:10 or less per km-split:
  • KM-split times
  • 2:10 or less: 36 of 36
  • 2:00 or less: 28 of 36
  • 1:50 or less: 18 of 36
  • 1:49 or less: 16 of 36
  • 1:39 or less: 04 of 36 (best spilt of the day #23 at 1:33)
  • Km-Split time groups
  • 05k Groups best group 26-30 at 9:11 / worst 6-10 at 9:24
  • 10k Groups best group 21-30 at 18:24 worst 1-10 at 18:40

It was a great day riding but had to get my session in later than I normally do because bad weather came in. I gave it a while but noticed there was a break in the radar so I went and got it done. I got back to the car just as it let loose. I solid ride but the bike needs more adjustments, so weather permitting will do another one tomorrow. I got a good cool-down ride in as well and it helped my poor attitude.

3-9-2022 Day 537:Rest day walk is only 1HR 6.41km. Doing a pod session with Dan Rudd today so I have to make this another rest day.

I’m grateful for every second I had with her, we had a lot of adventures together.

3-8-2022 Day 536: Run day 11.32km – I weather was all Florida; hot, humid, and really sticky-nasty today. It started raining yesterday afternoon and it does not cool things off here in Florida when it does. (HOKA Carbon x2)

Lots of tech problems today …. 😔 – Both apps took a dump because my phone decided to do an update mid-session, so I have no idea what the details are. Strava only saved up to 6km and shows my average km-split pace at 3:05, which I find HIGHLY unlikely. Looking at strava km-splits 1-5 which seem to process normally, I was running 4:30 and under, with my lowest split at 4:11. I held my pacing well so I’m sure my 4:49 or less was not an issue today but would not rule out may be missing a couple on the back end…. but an average pace of 3:05…? … I DON’T think so 😆!

Once moving I do not stop no matter what, good or bad, but it was still a great run. I also got a walk-in as well: 5.59km. Immediately following the session.

3-7-2022 Day 535: Rest Day Walk only 1 hr (6.25 at 1:00:41)

3-6-2022 Day 534: Sunday Quick 5k run before heading to work at the track. 5.14km- 5k only- Duration: 42:17 Temp 16c / Humid 99% / Wind 6.4km E. Daily Step Count : 24,606 (Mancup Drag Racing Series)

Sunday Quick run goal was to stay 4:29 or less per km-split. Best 4:07 on #5 the worst was #3 at 4:27. #strava. Then heading up to the track to get some work done. Orlando Speedworld Dragway.

3-05-2022 DAY 533: 5k Citrus Run Flo Dash / Dash Sports My RESULTS: 5th overall with an event time of 21:39 and got #1 for men’s masters.

Not used to running in sand and it was a bit thick at the start and another section on the backend. Had to trek with caution but still finished well but it took a bit more effort. I should practice more trail running. 😆 🤣 Daily Step Count: 19,237 (Mancup Drag Racing series)

3-5-22 JT 5th Overall and 1st Masters

Once done headed over to Orlando Speedworld to get some work done for some teams.

3-04-2022 DAY 532: Rest day walk only 1hr max 6.28km

3-03-2022 DAY 531: New for March 2022 Walk/Run “run” day 16.02km- New for March 2022 Walk/Run 16k Duration: 1:42:43 Temp 15c / Humid 82% / Wind 3.0km NNE.

This is at 16k but it will get pushed up to 20k next week and done once a week. I don’t care how low the walk or run km-split time is, as long as I maintain my new form and correct breathing. I will run to a pace that feels good but if it gets too comfortable I will pick up the pace. … so let’s go!

  • WALK per km-split goal: 8:59 or less (7 of 8)
  • RUN km- split goal: 4:29 or less (6 of 8)
  • 01km walk: 9:42
  • 02km run: 4:30
  • 03km walk: 8:13
  • 04km run: 4:07
  • 05km walk: 8:18
  • 06km run: 4:04
  • 07km walk: 8:23
  • 08 km run: 4:22
  • 09 km walk: 8:32
  • 10 km run: 4:09
  • 11km walk: 8:14
  • 12km run: 4:34 (damn crosswalk 😄)
  • 13 km walk: 8:26
  • 14 km run: 4:10
  • 15 km walk: 8:15
  • 16 km run: 4:24
  • *In Strava this will be inputted as a walk session.
  • A true run session for me is nonstop and I don’t want it screwing up my run achievements in Strava.

3-02-2022 DAY 530: Walk Only (1 hr max) 7.11km at 1:00:06 but did go and do an evening Casual Run 6.83km with the good people a day friends at Dash Sports Clermont.

3-01-2022 DAY 529: JT-Cycling March #1 (session 36k) 36.83km (Full ride 57.30km) Pushing: No, Temp: 15C, Humid: 93%, Wind 11.3km/h from N, Dur: 01:08:40, Avg Pace: 01:51/km, Max Pace: 01:16/km, Avg Speed: 32.1km/h Max Speed: 46.7km/h.

  • Session Goal #1 30k below 1hr: Done: 00:55:40
  • Session Goal #2: 2:10 or less per km-split:
  • Km-Split time clusters
  • 2:10 or less: 36 of 36 #1 – 2:11 (I came unclipped)
  • 2:00 or less: 30 of 36
  • 1:50 or less: 21 of 36
  • 1:49 or less: 18 of 36
  • 1:39 or less: 03 of 36 (best spilt of the day #32 at 1:35)
  • 05k Groups best group 26-30 at 9:11 / worst 6-10 at 9:25
  • 10k Groups best group 21-30 at 18:25 worst 1-10 at 18:45

Was a good ride but I came unclipped during my first km-spilt and had an issue getting clipped back in, just had a massive brain fart. This session went very well because when I look at my group I just kept getting faster and faster. I need to adjust the goals a bit but will wait and address a few issues I have first with the bike. I need to make a few adjustments and want to test them out on a couple of sessions. The session went great, and I am happy with the results even took a long cool-down ride and enjoyed just riding for a while.

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Chapter 10: Digging In PushN On 270-300 
Chapter 09: RoadTripN and Events 240-270
Chapter 08: Switching Gears 210-240 
Chapter 07: DropBars and BookN it! 180-210 
Chapter 06: TryN and Still Flyin 150-180
Chapter 05: PushN On 120–150
Chapter 04: KeepN Up! 91–120
Chapter 03: Keep On KeepN 61-90
Chapter 02: Bike on 30-60
Chapter 01: 21 Day Self Goal
Info: Personal Best and other stuff

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