Chapter 20 April 2022

Last Edit: 4-30-22: (April 1 – April 30): header image, Old Truck I ran across driving through Tennessee 2021.

– – For 2022, I’m working on a 19-minute 5k session and a sub-30-minute 7k session. In March 2022 I completed one of three yearly goals of 32k. The other two-yearly goals are 42k, and a 50k+ session. I get up at 4:30 am and do strength work which is now up to 1 hr, and done every day. On rest days I do not use weights, but I’m not trying to look like Huge Jackman or any of those bodybuilder types.

  • Yearly Goal #1 completed 32.02km on 3-21-22
  • Four consecutive miles at six minutes 3-27-22
  • 32.02km 2:38:33 route is available on Strava for viewing.
  • Yearly Goal #2 42k … pending
  • Yearly Goal #3  52k+ … pending
  • Do 20k in other states – States Done; 20k Florida, 20k Maryland

  I have minimum goals for each workout session and go after these goals. If a personal best happens, that’s nice but I don’t go out for them every time.

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April  2021: (No 20k run, was not running yet)
Duration 30:23:34 / Calories 15,912 / Distance 444.79km

April 2022 (Monthly 20k April-28th at 23.19km  1:59:52)
Duration 42:38:50 / Calories 24,487 / Distance 477.11km

* My morning home routine is NOT counted in the these numbers.

4-30-2022 Day 589: (Daily Steps 22,374) SGMP ManCup Adel Georgia Event Day 3 Racing got underway but I wish the attendance was better. 4.60 showed up strong. Finals day was good but some rain came in and slowed things down.

4-29-2022 Day 588: (Daily Steps 10,450) SGMP ManCup Adel Georgia Event Day 2 Testing today so I took my time coming in . Got to the track around 4 pm amid got setup with Dystany Spurlock

4-28-2022 Day 587: Run Day 23.19 km April Session #10 Pushing: No / Avg Pace: 5:09 /km Max Pace: 4:12/km Duration 1:59:52 Temp 20c, Humidity 100%, Wind 11.5km from NNE, Hoka One One Carbon X2 via Dash Sports

*I REALLY DID NOT feel like doing this today but I leave for Georgia early tomorrow morning and have to get these done to keep to the plan. I was not setting any PB’s today and knew that going out. #noexcuses #getitdone

  • Goal 1: Complete monthly 20k: Done 1:40:07 at 20k
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): just keep it down as long as possiable. I made it to km-split 9 …. 10 missed the mark and came in at 5:01 😟 😁
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 22:45 not pushing for it – session was slowed down today
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 31:58 not pushing for it – session was slowed down today
  • Strava challange 1/2 Marathlon April Complete that is what the extra distance is for.
4-28-2022 Carbon x2

4-27-2022 Day 586: 30min walk only Rest but getting a lot of work done before I leave for GA.

4-26-2022 Day 585: The drive back from Maryland was good but off again and won’t come back for a bit.

4-25-2022 Day 584: Event complete – Still in Maryland but getting organized for the trip back home. Waiting a bit to avoid the morning traffic here and get a bit of work done.

4-24-2022 Day 583: Event Day 3: (Daily Steps 16,474) (Sunday) Maryland International Raceway XDA drag racing series. We finished at a decent time, we had a late oil own that slowed the last couple of rounds down but still was done in the winner’s circle at 830pm

4-23-2022 Day 582: Event Day 2: (Daily Steps 20,509) (Saturday) Maryland International Raceway XDA drag racing series. This one started out ok but then got pretty crazy by the end of the night.

4-22-2022 Day 581: Event Day 1: (Daily Steps 20,195) (Friday) Maryland International Raceway XDA drag racing series. Event 1 for this series for 2022

4-21-2022 Day 580: (Daily Steps 12,112) Maryland Touchdown down (Thursday) Evening Walk 1hr 6.19km followed by 30-minute Bike ride – 12.52km

The route I take coming into Maryland is via 301 and do my best to get over the Henry Nice Memorial Bridge that crosses over the Potomac river as soon as possible. Today I would catch it with some heavy traffic and saw we would be crawling over it. The slow trek would end up being a shitty morning for one dude. Heading Northbound I had just crossed onto the bridge you could see a pile of traffic on the bridge so it was clear that we were going to crawl over it. I looked in my left side mirror and saw a Rav 4 behind me and a VW beetle (newer one) behind that. I looked back up but heard an impact behind us, causing me of course to look back and would see a work van injecting its ladders onto the roadway behind us, as it bounces off the SUV that was behind the VW Bettle. One ladder almost landed on the VW as headlights and other parts were flying onto the roadway from the impact. I saw that the rear wheels of the van were off the ground as it bounced back. It rolls back a bit and the entire front end was smashed back into the engine compartment so it was clearly clicking along at a good speed. I hope everyone is ok but did see the van driver get out waving his arms and then holding his head drooping to his knees clearly upset with what just happened. He stood up and started cleaning up so oncoming vehicles could pass in that lane. I could not see the condition of the other vehicle but did see a lady walking around with him shortly before we continue crawling over the bridge

4-20-2022 Day 579: (Daily Steps 18,119) Jekyll Island Georgia Traveling time as I head up to Maryland for work but I did get an evening run-in at Jekyll Island at 11.19km. I normally do a Wednesday night run at Dash Sports in Clermont with our group so I had to stop and make it a virtual run with them.

A good pace not pushing anything running over the rocks was a pain in the neck .
I did take time to enjoy the view after my run, it is a beautiful place.

4-19-2022 Day 578 Walk Only (1hr max) pressing pace 7.02km getting ready to leave for work up in Maryland. Getting a lot of work done today.


4-18-22 Day 577: Walk only 6.31km. It was rough today had to force myself through my routines. Even on the days I don’t want to … I still do.


4-17-2022 Day 576 Run Day 17.09 km April Session #8 Pushing: No / Avg Pace: 4:52 /km Max Pace: 4:22/km Duration 1:23:00 Temp 20c, Humidity 95%, Wind 5.3 km from SE, @hoka Carbon X2 via Dash Sports – *someone messaged me via Instagram about the Pushing note above. When it says yes this means I’m after 4:29 or less per km-split for a full session and a full standard JT-Session is 10km.

Goal 1: Complete 10k: Done came in at 47:12.

Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): Goal was not active today, I am doing a longer run later in the week wanted to get a longer easy session done first.

Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 23:00 not pushing for it – session was slowed down today

Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 32:25 not pushing for it – session was slowed down today

Session felt great and I kept trying to talk myself into doing monthly 20k but decided to stick to the jt-plan and stop the routine, I will do the 20k later in the week.

4-16-2022 Day 575: Recovery day : 6.18km Walk only 1 hr max . Did not press pacing .

*I still do my morning 1hr routine and have increased the difficultly. So the work is still moving forward.

4-15-2022 Day 574: Recovery day : 6:26km Walk only 1 hr max Did not press pacing .

4-14-2022 Day 573: Recover day : 5.98km Walk only 1 hr max. Did not press pacing .

4-13-2022 Day 572: Walk morning 1 hr max 6.91km. Left early and pressed the pace. Evening Casual Run with the Group Dash Sports Clermont Florida Every Wednesday 630pm all welcome walk or run at your own pace. This distance was 5.63km at a pacing of 4:36km, a good pace for me that is challenging but not pushing things so I can enjoy the lakeside view.

4-12-2022 Day 571: Run Day 16.19 km April Session #6 Pushing: No / Avg Pace: 4:40 /km Max Pace: 4:11/km Duration 1:15:46, Temp 16c, Humidity 95%, Wind 7.7 km from SE, @hoka Carbon X2 via Dash Sports

  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: Done came in at 44:49. Just wanted a solid session that met session goals. The addition distance after 10km (total 16.19km) was just to enjoy the morning.
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split): all 10 km-splits were 4:49 or less. The Quickest split was #4 at 4:16, and the slowest split was #10, at 4:47.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 21:42 not pushing for it – want it to come naturally.
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 30:28 not pushing for it – want it to come naturally.
  • Just getting some runs in for the week because my traveling starts soon. Want to get a good week of sessions in before I get on the road. There is a routine plan for traveling so will see how well that plays out.
Full run 16k

4-11-2022 Day 570: JT Cycle April #4 37.05km (Full ride 62.34km) Pushing: Yes certain splits, Temp: 12C, Humid: 82%, Wind 5.1km/h from East, Dur: 01:07:20  / Avg Pace: 01:48/km, Max Pace: 01:17/km, Avg Speed: 33.1km/h Max Speed: 46.3km/h.

  • No bike Adjustments / Specialized Tri-Bike  Transition Comp
  • Session Goal #1: 30k Below 1hr – 53:54
  • Session Goal #2: 2:05 or less (new goal) time reduces by 5 seconds.
  • My expectation is 2:00 per km-split but have a couple hills so I want them all 2:05 or less.
  • 37 splits KM-split times – Best split #23 1:29 / Worst Split #24 2:05
  • 2:10 or less: 37 of 37
  • 1:59 or less: 34 of 37
  • 1:49 or less: 24 of 37
  • 1:39 or less: 5 of 37
  • 1:29 or less: 1 of 37 km-spilt #23
  • Km-Split time groups
  • 05k Groups best group 01-05 at 8:37 / worst 6-10 at 9:15
  • 10k Groups best group 01-10 at 17:53 / worst 21-30 at 18:03

   This was a good run my focus was a bit off again, have some stiff I am dealing with this week that kept creeping into the routine. I shook it off and dug in when i caught ,yes;f doing it. I pushed myself on the uphill section to keep them below 2:05 which is a new goal that includes hill climbing. We don’t have much for hills here in Florida but I work with what I have.

4-10-2022 Day 569: Rest Day Walking only but increased the distance to 10k (at 10.29km). Was not pushing my pace just a nice casual walk. It was a nice walk because I needed to give my body a break today so I can get back at it tomorrow. I had a hitchhiker for a few Kilometers today.

Today is not a good day having some issue with some partnerships and it is causing me problems. I changed my program for them this year and they simply can’t confirm their commitment, I do not mind of they do not need or want my services this season but they really just need to make up their mind. I won’t take it personally and I understand things change for people and I’m a pretty easy person to deal with.

4-9-2022 Day 568: Run Day (#4) 5k 10th Annual Chick-fil-A 5K – Ocoee, Florida  It was a great day of running 9th overall (291 participates) and 1st in my age group. The weather was awesome and the event was very well organized, it was part of my home town music festival. They had running events for the kids and attached it to the city’s music festival so we had a great time today.

  • Added a walk/run switch up session #3 after I was done at the 5k event run. 10km 1km walked then 2km ran., 3km walk etc…
  • 1km 9:35
  • 2km 4:53
  • 3km 9:02
  • 4km 4:52
  • 5km 8:20
  • 6km 4:26
  • 7km 8:30
  • 8km 4:48
  • 9km 8:06
  • 10km 4:31

4-8-2022 Day 567: JT Cycle April #3 37.02km (Full ride 58.71km) Pushing: No, Temp: 16C, Humid: 83%, Wind 14.7km/h from NW, Dur: 01:08:21 for the 36k / Avg Pace: 01:50/km, Max Pace: 01:16/km, Avg Speed: 32.5km/h Max Speed: 47.3km/h.

  • I’m very happy with this session and was able to maintain sub-two minutes with a better heart rate and a solid pacing. I could have been a bit more focused but will do better next time. 
  • I finally figured out what has been causing my tech issue that has been plaguing the starting portion of the last couple sessions.
  • No bike Adjustments
  • Session Goal #1: 30k Below 1hr – 55:04
  • Session Goal #2: 2:10 or less per km-split:
  • My expectation is 2:00 per km-split but have a couple hills so I want them all 2:10 or less. I’m close to lower it to 2:05 including hills. I was pressing the routine during those areas testing this possible new goal. I don’t want to sacrifice the whole routine for a couple hills.
  • KM-split times – Best split #23 1:35 / Worst Split #34 2:09
  • 2:10 or less: 37 of 37
  • 1:59 or less: 33 of 37
  • 1:49 or less: 17 of 37
  • 1:39 or less: 3 of 37
  • Km-Split time groups
  • 05k Groups best group 01-05 at 8:54 / worst 30-35 at 9:24
  • 10k Groups best group 01-10 at 18:10 / worst 21-30 at 18:29

My tech issue was that in the mornings I do a warm up ride / walk before the session but do not use the “talking app” for this session, only Strava. When done with this warm up I stop the warm up session then activate both apps for the main session. The one that talks to me is not Strava, and it does not sync to my watch quickly enough once I start moving. The trick is to start the watch with the warm as well, this syncs the watch better so when I go into my normal session the app launches fine and the session data is far more accurate.

4-7-2022 Day 566: Rest Day so its a walk only pushing the pace (1hr max) 7.15km

4-6-2022 Day 565: JT Cycle April #2 46.54km (Full ride 54.32km) Pushing: NO, Temp: 22C, Humid:100%, Wind 9.6km/h from South, Dur: 01:25:4 / Avg Pace: 01:59/km, Max Pace: 01:17/km, Avg Speed: 32.6km/h Max Speed: 46.7km/h.

More tech problems within android, the first km did not register until like KM three so the Samsung data is screwed. I added some kilometers to the ride to drive it up a bit to compensate for the tech issue. It corrected itself at km-split 2 ( but it I was at almost my 4km mark when it decoded to start acting right. I need to figure out how to extract the data so I can save it and switch devices. Strava seemed to register everything ok except I can’t break down my data as well using it.

Group Casual Run Evening 6.29 km March Session #2 Pushing: No / Avg Pace: 4:45 /km Max Pace: 4:20/km Duration 1:35:39, Temp 30c, Humidity 64%, Wind 22.5 km from SW @Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 via Dash Sports This is a group run done every Wednesday at 6:30 pm at Dash Sports. All experience levels are welcome and it is a run or walk at your own pace. We hang out for a bit afterward to visit and have some good conversation. Some great people.

4-5-2022 Day 564: Rest day walk only (1hr) 6.84 pressing pace. I have a long run coming later in the week and need to get some work done from the races.

4-4-2022 Day 563: Got some rest after working the AHDRA event, The next morning before driving home decided to stop and hit a spot I had not been to in awhile. Santos Trail Head Ocala Florida. The last I was here it was raining on me but had nicer weather this time. I decided to do a double tap Monday and cycle plus do a run.

  • Double Tap Cycle ride followed by a run.
  • My normal session goals are off for these sessions just working on my form,breathing and doing some hill work.
  • I did a 1.5km walk between the ride and run
  • Cycle April session #1 50.14km
  • Cycle Out 24.59km
  • Cycle Back 25.23km
  • Run Apr session #2 11.6km
  • Bike: Tri-Bike Comp Transition @iamspecialized
  • Shoes: Carbon x2 @hoka via @dashsportsgo
  • Can order from them at

4-3-2022 Day 562: Event Day 3 April #1 Morning Run (casual) 6.61km Avg. Pace 4:41 Max Pace 4:21 just focused on getting 30 minutes in.

The day was pretty productive but there were no clouds and for a drag strip (this one) it causes problems. The bright sun all day after getting drenched in rain the day before causes problems. Water began coming up from the track right about the 1000 ft mark and the track softy crew called the race late Sunday and shit racing down. The track was deemed unsafe to race on even to the eight mile. I got some content and my supported team deal very well, he made it to the final but they could not run the finals because of the safety issue with he track. They will split purse and points but run for the belt at another event.

JT Media Support onboard Jimmy McMillian Top Fuel Harley 2022

4-2-2022 Day 561: Walk Only 5.32km event Day 2 AHDRA Gainesville Raceway: Turnout is low and the expected rain came rolling in. Saturday will be a wash out but the sportsman got some passes in. Sunday should be a better day for us.

JT / Balch Racing 2022

4-1-2022 Day 560: Rest Day Walk Only (1hr) 6.82km Event Day 1 AHDRA Gainesville

APRIL 1ST 2022

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