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Last update 7-18-2022: The photo above is from Virginia Motorsports Park, me and one if best friends Brandi.

Personal Best Sessions

I don’t go out looking for a personal best in every session and just strive to have a solid session, hit my goals, and forget about stuff for a while. Getting the sessions done is an essential part of my day. So far, I’ve only had to bail out of one session and that was my November 20k run in 2021. I had been traveling due to work and it was a long stretch away from home. I had not been able to keep up with my normal workout pattern and did not have the energy to safely finish the 20k so I stopped at 16k. I did buckle down for December and got back into my routines and knocked out a 25k for December.

I do not use energy drinks or gels since I’m not competing with anyone. All my sessions are non-stop, and if I need to eat or drink anything, I do it moving. Every now and then depending on my route, I will get stuck at a crosswalk but I do not pause the apps, it is what it is. I have my path and time of day pretty well figured out by now and it does not happen that often anymore.

  • Imperial 🚵 Cycling Miles #strava
  • 01-mile: 0:02:33 03/30/22
  • 05-mile: 0:13:46 05/29/22 🆕
  • 10-mile: 0:27:38 05/29/22 🆕
  • 20-mile: 0:55:25 05/29/22 🆕
  • 30-mile: 1:31:22 12/25/21
  • 62 miles: 3:43:17 05/07/22
  • 74.15 mile 4:40:17 12/25/21
  • 75.85miles 4:38:45 2/21/22
  • 86.55miles 5:44:20 3/27/22
  • Metric 🚵Cycling Kilometers #strava
  • 01k 0:01:27 03/15/22
  • 05k 0:08:31 05/29/22 🆕
  • 10k 0:17:04 05/29/22 🆕
  • 20k 0:34:24 05/29/22 🆕
  • 30k 0:51:37 05/29/22 🆕
  • 40k 1:08:57 5/29/22 🆕
  • 50k 1:33:02 5/29/22 🆕
  • 100k 3:29:37 05/29/22 🆕
  • 119.33km 4:40:17 12/25/21 after 36km a casual ride
  • 122.07 km 4:38:45 2/21/22 casual ride after 109k

  • Imperial 🏃 Run (m) = Miles #strava
  • 1/2m 0:02:56 01/22/22
  • 01m 0:06:13 01/22/22
  • 02m 0:13:00 01/22/22
  • 04m 0:27:41 03/21/22
  • 05m 0:34:28 05/12/22 🆕
  • 06m 0:42:56 03/21/22
  • 10m 1:12:43 03/21/22
  • 1/2 Marathon 1:37:23 03/21/22
  • 15 miles 01:52:37 03/21/22
  • Marathon 26.2 miles … pending
  • Ultra-Marathon … Pending
  • Six-minute Mile: 4 in a row 5/12/22 🆕
  • Metric 🏃 Run Kilometers #strava
  • 400m 0:01:21 01/21/22
  • 01k 0:03:45 01/22/22
  • 05k 0:20:50 01/22/22
  • 07k 0:29:58 05/12/22
  • 08k 0:34:39 03/21/21
  • 10k 0:43:16 05/12/22
  • 15k 1:07:15 03/21/21
  • 20k 1:31:23 03/21/22 ( Once a month)
  • 1/2 Marathon (21.09km) 1:37:23 03/21/22
  • 25k 01:55:00 03/21/22
  • 32.03k 2:37:45 03/21/22
  • Marathon 43k … Pending
  • Ultra-Marathon … Pending
  • 🆕 placeholder

  • Events Running & Cycling (at this time I do not plan to do any cycling timed events)
  • 2021 March Pan Cancer Charity Bike ride 62 miles Fort Myers Florida not a timed event.
  • 2022 Jan New Year / New Me 5k: 21st field of 270 at 22:04 and 1st in Mens Master Orlando Florida FL 1/2/2022
  • 2022 Jan Floridia Fastest 5k: 21st overall of 188 at 21:06 and 3rd in men masters Clermont FL 1/22/2022
  • 2022 Feb Howey in The Hills 10k: 5th overall at 44:16 and first in mens masters Howey in the Hills, . Fl
  • 2022 Mar Citrus 5k 3-5: 5th overall 22:39 and 1st in men masters. Clermont FL
  • 2022 Apr 10th Annual Chick-fil-A 5K Ocoee Fl: 9th at 21:17 overall of 291 and 1st in my age group.

  • Why do all this fitness stuff ? It is to stay healthy, there is another reason but I do not share that with anyone.
  • What is your favorite pre-work drink or shake? I don’t use them, I drink water and control my energy needs through my diet. I’m not in competition so do not see the need to take them. For my events I’m still only racing myself and not looking to become a professional runner.🆕
  • Why a Tri-Bike? I have a very aggressive stance and have a pace number “time” per km-split I ride for. I work the gears to manipulate my power and pacing. A tri-bike allows me to stay down in this aggressive stance and work these gears without having to reach away and alter my riding position. 🆕
  • Do you doing triathlons? No, my cycling supports my running and personal fitness goals. 🆕
  • How long can you run six minutes per mile? The furthest to date is Four consecutive miles. 3-21-2022 🆕
  • Most steps in a single day? 68,540 July 17th 2021 *see next bullet. 60k walk 7-17-21 (Palm Coast Florida)
  • How much weight have you lost? – This is not about weight loss and and don’t really check anymore The last time it was checked I was down by 74 pounds. (33.5kg) or 5.2 stones. (January 1st 2022)
  • Longest workout duration 10:31:37 July 17th 2021 68k step walking session Florida (see walk story below) 60 Thousand Steps Walk Story
  • Most calories burned in a single day 4,404 July 17th 2021 Florida
  • Most floors in a single day 161 floors. July 15th 2022 Shenandoah National Park hiking session Virginia
  • Longest run? 32.03km (19miles) Mar 21st 2022, Florida🆕
  • Longest cycling distance in a single day 139.29km March 27th 2022🆕
  • Fastest Speed Cycling 68.39 kph (42.8mph) June 21st 2021 Atlanta Georgia. I don’t ride for speed so this probably won’t change anytime soon.
  • Highest elevation gain Walking in one session 703m July 11th 2021 Shenandoah National park 2021. I’m normally in Florida we don’t have much for big elevations here.
  • Highest Elevation gain Cycling in one session 625m June 21st 2021
  • Toughest Event(s): SDBA 2020 Crossville Tennessee, was working the event with a broken left collar bone. I broke it the week before the event. AHDRA June 2021 is a close second because I had jaw surgery two days before this event and battling pain and an infection all the weekend. XDA Virginia Motorsports park May 2021 was tough but for other reasons and will leave that right there.
  • Riding in groups? I usually don’t because “normal people” don’t cycle the way I do but enjoy them … See next billet.
  • Group rides? First-ever was 62 mile (99.7km) Pan Florida Cancer Ride in March 2021. I was paired up with a group, and we would trade off lead positions, so I got to learn a lot on how to group ride. I had been watching videos on how not to be a douchbag when riding in groups, which helped out a lot. When riding solo, I always pretend there is someone next to or behind me for safety reasons anyways so it was not that big of a change.
  • First official cycling ride? High Bridge Trail State Park, Rice, Virginia. 2020. I did some bike work awhile back in 2009 but I was not as devoted to it as I am now.
  • Injury or Wrecked? YES, on my Felt Hybrid, I broke my left collar bone Oct-14-2020, but also went down a couple of times when 1st learning these clip-in peddles. On 12-25-21 I over corrected, hit some dry leaves at about 25mph and went down – right shoulder torn muscle.
  • Coldest Ride or Run? Run 24°F ( -4.44°C) Ride 26°F ( -3.33°C)
  • Coldest Hike? 9°F (-12°C) Colorado
  • Rain or shine? I go no matter what, if the weather is going to clear I will wait but I will get the session in!
  • How many Calories do you Burn? It varies, but month in review click here ->JT-Sessions 2k21
  • Longest Kayaking trip? Three days on the Wekiva River. From Kings Landing to St John’s River Debary via Public Boat ramp. My mom dropped me off and picked me up 2007
  • Coldest Kayaking trip? 15°F (-9.44 °C) for eight hours with a daily high of 25°F -3.89 °c
  • Favorite Trip: Tough choice but have to say Grand Canyon South Rim 2019. On day two when I went down into the canyon for about seven miles, 16.8miles+ counting the trip back up. I was a lot heavier back then, so I’m hoping to get back at my new fitness level. Zion national Park Angels Landing is right there with it because both amazing places.
  • JT MORE Q&A area on the bio page … click here

Travel Log: Page click here

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