Chapter 21 May 2022

Last Edit: 5-24-22: (May 1 – April 31): header image, Jim Page Top Fuel Nitro Harley 2022 ManCup. Shot with a Sony A7iii.

  • Yearly Goal #1 completed 32.02km on 3-21-22
  • 32.02km 2:38:33 route is available on Strava
  • Four consecutive mile at six minutes 5-13-22 (4th time)
  • I don’t run/ride for speed but for consistency.
  • May Cycling Goal change now 40k sessions with Goal Spilt times 1:59 or less per split.
  • Yearly Goal #2 42k … pending
  • Yearly Goal #3 52k+ … pending
  • Do 10k or 20k in other states –> States Done?
  • Florida 20K+(x9) 10k (lost count)
  • Maryland = 20k (x1) 10k (x1)
  • Tennessee = 10k
  • I have minimum goals for each session and if a personal best happens, that’s nice but it’s not a goal. The goals require I press my session but not push them. My plan is a long term plan not a short term ego boost plan.
  • For 2022, I’m working on a 19-minute 5k session and a sub-30-minute 7k session. I don’t mark off a goal or change them, until I have done it three times.
  • 5k sub minutes … pending
  • 7km sub 30 minutes… 5-13-22 29:58 (1of3)

May 2021: (No 20k run, was not running yet)
Duration 20:14:04 / Calories 9,907 / Distance 217.84km

May 2022 (Monthly 20k at 25.08km on 5-24)
Duration 00:00:00 / Calories 00,000 / Distance 000.00km

* Morning home routine is NOT counted in the these numbers.
Completed so far for 2k22 (have a 2 more but they are not a FloDash event)

Previous Chapter 20 April 2022

5-24-22 Day 612 Run Day 25.08km May Session #5 (monthly 20k) Pushing: NO / Avg Pace: 5:32 /km Max Pace: 4:45/km Duration 2:19:07, Temp 21c, Humidity 85%, Wind 4.2km from SW, @hoka Carbon X2 via Dash Sports @dashsportsgo

Jt Run Day 25.08km This is my monthly 20k but clicked off a few extra to close out a strava challange.  I was slowing things down and working to find my 1/2 marathlon pace. This pacing is fantastic and I could have ran more but I will stick to my plan.

This session went great and at this pace next month’s 20k will get pushed out for a second 2k22 goal of 43km.

** Complete #1 32km in April

* it is not a long run here so I had to do the path a few tines to get my distance.

I’m happy and now know my comfort pacing is the 530’s. I had a couple 4min at the start but adjusted for it and slowed things down.

That water is cold and I took advantage of it when done with my run. Went swimming, rock climbing, and just hung out most of the day.

5-23-22 Day 611 Left track found a Park with a cool name and it was raining so I stopped at Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia before heading to Creepers trail and the rain made it miserable will try it again in later in then year.

5-22-22 Day 610 This ran a bit long not getting done as quickly as I expected considering it the low turnout on bike count.

5-21-22 Day 609 Got rainier on today and the Bracket bash would have been awesome Robert Parker was on a roll.

5-20-22 Day 608 Not a lot going on just getting things setup lost a canopy because of the wind.

5-19-22 Day 607

5-18-22 Day 606:

5-17-22 Day 605:

5-16-22 Day 604: Walk only 1 hr 6.73km, getting organized leavening again Thursday this time to Virginia. XDA

5-15-22 Day 604: ride home was nice stooped at Reed Bingham Park to chill have breakfast and enjoy the sunrise.

5-15-2k22 Georgia Sunrise walk, Fish, and chilling

5-14-22 Day 603: Event Day In Reynolds Georgia for SDBA motorcycle drag racing event. Low turn but there were a lot of races going on this weekend. So turnout was light still had a great time and got to see a new track. The event went well and everyone had a great time. The track is pretty nice but could use a few upgrades. It is not a bad track by any means and the staff is friendly and helpful.

5-13-22 Day 602: I’m stupid ventured up to a cycling and run site for the wrong track. 😑 it was worth the trip up spent several hours in Tennessee and had a great time. Ride 43.48km Run 10.04km it was a beautiful day. The l I action is not the greatest but it is good to have it on the list. I can’t ride hard like I normally like to here. Path is too narrow and too much foot traffic. There is a back section that was cool but it is a lot on board walk, I did nit realize how much I dislike boardwalks until today.

5-12-22 Day 601: Run Day 10.22 km May Session #3 Pushing: yes / Avg Pace: 4:20 /km Max Pace: 4:06/km Duration 43:16 at 10k, Temp 17c, Humidity 98%, Wind 10.4km from NNW, @hoka Carbon X2 via Dash Sports @dashsportsgo

Only doing 10k, I have a longer run coming Sunday Morning. So this is the last of the shorter sessions. #noexcuses #getitdone

  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: Done 43:16 (my 2nd fastest time)
  • Goal 2: Stay below 4:29 or less per km-split for as long as possible and pressing the pace a bit harder when I get too comfortable. This is what I call “settling in” and any low times are just whatever happens.
  • Goal 2 details splits #1 through #7 were 4:29 of less (got ten back down below it also at 4:27.)
  • Best split of the day was #6 at 3:58
  • Worst split of the day was #9 at 4:34
  • Normal session goal of 4:49 or less per split was achieved on all 10 km-splits.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 21:43 took me a bit to settle in not very focused (my 3rd fastest time)
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 29:59 I’ll take it! But now I need to do it again. (A Personal best)
  • I could have pushed this session a lot harder but it still felt great even though my focus was a bit off today. There is a lot going on this week so it took a bit more focus to stay focused.
  • Added Note: Six minute mile: I held six minutes for 4 consecutive miles, with the best mile being #4 at 6:37 the worst (of course) #1 at 6:58. This is the 3rd session for 2022 where I’ve held 6 minutes for four consecutive miles. I began running six minute miles back in October of 2021. I do not run for this time but people do ask so I take a look when I have a good day.

5-11-22 Day 600: Walk only 1hr 7.02km have to pack the car for another event. SDBA

5-10-22 Day 599: JT Cycle May #3 40.67km (Full ride 57.06km) Pushing: No, Temp: 18C, Humid: 87%, Wind 9.0 km/h from W, Dur: 01:14:51 / Avg Pace: 01:50/km, Max Pace: 01:18/km, Avg Speed: 32.6km/h Max Speed: 45.6km/h.

  • May Session Change Increased distance and lowered split time goal.
  • Seat adjustment – moved forward / Specialized Tri-Bike Transition Comp
  • Session Goal #1: 30k Below 1hr – 54:59
  • 40k Time: 01:13:22
  • Session Goal #2: 2:05 or Less (New May goal).
  • The expectation is 2:00 per km-split overall but have a couple hills so if I get those 2:05 or less I will be happy.
  • 40 km-splits: Best split #23 01:29 / Worst Split #6 02:04
  • 2:05 or less: 40 of 40
  • 1:59 or less: 37 of 40
  • 1:49 or less: 22 of 40
  • 1:39 or less: 02 of 40 ( I was trying to stay in the 40’s)
  • Km-Split time groups
  • 05k Groups best group 11-15 at 08:53 / worst 06-10 at 09:28
  • 10k Groups best group 11-20 at 18:13 / worst 01-10 at 18:24
  • A solid routine, tried to back the pace down a but today wanted it in the 40’s. I figure a new position for digging in on the hills that seem to be working. Normally I would come up off the bike to dig in but if I stay down and work the gears and hold a consistently hard pace I stay below my hill time allowance of 2:05 or less.

5-9-22 Day 598: Run Day 11.03 km May Session #2 Pushing: No / Avg Pace: 4:35 /km Max Pace: 4:18/km Duration 45:51 at 10k, Temp 20c, Humidity 94%, Wind 11.6km from NE, @hoka Carbon X2 via Dash Sports @dashsportsgo

Only doing 10k, I have a longer run coming later in the week, only doing a couple shorter sessions first. #noexcuses #getitdone

  • 7Goal 1: Complete 10k: Done 45:51
  • *FYI: running silent no headset and turned off vibration alert on my watch.
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split but stay above 4:25) all were below 4:49 but #4 and #5 were a bit too quick. #4 came in at 4:25 and #5 was 4:21.
  • I could feel things speeding up mid-routine and slowed things down but it felt like maybe it was too much and it turns out I was right; since #7 came in at 4:48. The back half was still a bit more settled hanging out in the 30’s. I forced myself to stop at 11k because I’m sticking to the jt-plan.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 22:43– session was slowed down so is was not on the to-do list today
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 32:04 session slowed down, not after it today.
  • My focus got away form me a few times bit I reeled it back in pretty quick. I will traveling again soon so I need to manage my sessions so that I can carry the plan with me on the road.
  • I set realistic but challenging goals for myself and when they become to easy I adjust them. I have a couple long distance goals for 2022 so I need to slow down and manage my time. WHEN I complete them they will be something I can enjoy doing without killing myself. Work Hard BUT Work Smart – be patient!

5-8-22 Day 597:Walk only 1 hr 7.37km

5-7-22 Day 596: JT Cycle May #2 101.36km (Full ride 108.23km) Pushing: NO, Temp: 24C, Humid: 93%, Wind 16.2 km/h from WNW, Dur: 03:43:17 / Avg Pace: 02:16/km, Max Pace: 01:02/km, Avg Speed: 26.6km/h Max Speed: 57.7km/h.

  • Session goals were off today –
  • monthly 100k session Strava
  • The section of local trail I use for my routines is too busy on the weekend.
  • Today I was just focused on form, hill work, and knocking out a strava goal.
  • I dug in on the open areas and stayed moving pretty much the whole time.
  • Some kids in Clermont were selling lemonade by the trail so I stopped and gave them some business.
  • TRI-Bike Transition Comp specified @iamspecialized

5-6-22 Day 595: Walk only 1hr 6.79km working on stuff before I leave again.

5-5-22 Day 594: Run Day 10.37 km May Session #1  Pushing: No / Avg Pace: 4:35 /km Max Pace: 4:23/km Duration 47:42 Temp 21c, Humidity 92%, Wind 4.4km from SW, @hoka Carbon X2 via Dash Sports @dashsportsgo

Only doing 10k because I have a longer run coming next week and want to just get a couple shorter sessions completed first. #noexcuses #getitdone

  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: Done 45:54
  • Goal 2: (4:49 or less per km-split but stay above 4:25) all were below 4:49 but #6 was a bit too quick at 4:23.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 22:53 split 6 -+=-[ thru 10 but not pushing for it – session was slowed down today
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 32:08 not pushing for it session slowed down

5-4-22 Day 593: JT Cycle May #1 40.16km (Full ride 55.40km) Pushing: No, Temp: 21C, Humid: 94%, Wind 4.1km/h from ENE, Dur: 01:13:26 / Avg Pace: 01:49/km, Max Pace: 01:17/km, Avg Speed: 32.8km/h Max Speed: 46.6km/h.

  • Session Change Increased distance lower split time goal.
  • No bike Adjustments / Specialized Tri-Bike Transition Comp
  • Session Goal #1: 30k Below 1hr – 54:22
  • Session Goal #2: 2:05 or less (new May goal).
  • The expectation is 2:00 per km-split overall but have a couple hills so if I get those 2:05 or less I will be happy.
  • 40 km-splits: Best split #23 1:30 / Worst Split #34 2:05
  • 2:05 or less: 40 of 40
  • 1:59 or less: 36 of 40
  • 1:49 or less: 21 of 40
  • 1:39 or less: 4 of 40
  • Km-Split time groups
  • 05k Groups best group 01-05 at 8:41 / worst 36-40 at 9:18
  • 10k Groups best group 01-10 at 17:56 / worst 31-40 at 18:34
  • A good day but there is plenty here I need to work on. Need to make sure I get more ride done in May.

5-3-22 Day 592: (Daily steps: 12,271) Walk only 1 hr 6.62km … still getting some work done from the races and getting things prepped for my next trip in a week. have to get some requests done before I leave again.

5-2-22 Day 591: (Daily steps: 9,054) Drive home and rest day but got some workday – No walks, run, or riding just a rest day,

5-1-22 Day 590: Workday Adel, Georgia ManCup Event Day three. (Daily steps: 20,637)

Hollywood 4.60 SGMP April 1st 2k22

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