Chapter 23 July 2022

Last update 7-31-2k22: Header Image: a shot of my youngest son having some tubing fun at Kelly Park Florida 2021

  • Goals are set not to be too comfortable because I want to challenge myself.
  • Yearly Goal #1 32k completed 32.02km on 3-21-22 – available on Strava
  • Yearly Goal #2 42k … pending
  • Yearly Goal #3 52k+ … pending
  • Four consecutive miles at six minutes 5-13-22 (4th time)
  • Cycling Goal 40k sessions goal is 1:4 or less per split.
  • 10km or 20km runs in other states. (per session)
  • Florida 20K+(x10) 10k (Too many lost count)
  • Maryland = 20k (x2) 10k (x1)
  • Tennessee = 10k
  • Georgia = 11k
  • Alabama = 21.5k
  • South Carolina = 25k
  • Virginia = 11k (x2)
  • Colorado = 12k (x4) 16km (x1)
  • 2022 Goal, working for consistent 19-minute 5k sessions and sub-30-minute 7k sessions.
  • 5k sub 20 minutes …hovering around 20 to 21 minutes.
  • 7km sub 30 minutes… 5-13-22 29:58 (1st one)
  • Not pushing for 5k and 7k goals want them to come naturally.

July Totals 2021: Duration 55:22:37 / Calories 23,446 / Distance 416.65km No run in July was not part of my routine yet but did complete a 65,000 step-session on 7-17-21.

July Totals 2022: Duration 00:00:00 / Calories 00,000 / Distance 000.0km.

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8-01-2022 Day 680: Chapter 23 August 2022

7-31-2022 Day 679: Ohio Dragway42

7-30-2022 Day 679: Ohio Dragway42 Dsytany struggled to slow the bike down its too fast. At the end of the day Dysrany would would quailfy last they could

7-29-2022 Day 678: Ohio Dragway 42 testing day for ManCup so basically hung and caught up with some racers I had not see in awhile.

7-28-2022: Day 677: Coppers Rock Disc Golf working a podcast audio play through. Then got back on the road needed to cut some distance down and get closer to the target event location. Turned off interstate option on GPS and it took me through the gorgeous back roads of Pennsylvania. It is gorgeous country but I did add some fuel because the gas prices are a lot higher here. Stopped at a local Pennsylvania State park just to stretch my legs a bit, not over impressed but it was a nice enough break. REYNOR state Park

7-27-2022 Day 676: Killing some more time before the next event. I just have to keep telling myself just a little but longer. Just hold out a bit longer, but it gets tough. When this is over, people better not ask my opinion about some things. “When you believie in something but that something does not believe in itself , then you should find a new something for yourself.

7-26-2022 Day 675: West Virginia, heat exhaustion and covid within three weeks of each other. Ugh buddy it’s been a rough month. 😞 Still pushing on I’ll either push through it or be dead. Stopped at Coppers Rock State Park West Virginia and enjoyed the view but also found a disc golf course even if only a nine hole course. Fun day

7-25-2k22 Day 674: Maryland Getting some rest and getting organized before hitting the road again. I would like to get rid of this damn headache before that. I’m going to go through and throw some stuff out to reduce some of the crap I have in my car. I racer friend took my canopy for me so I can keep the weight out of my car. No walk or anything today just letting my body recover from the heat exhaustion.

7-24-2k22 Day 673: Maryland XDA Racing Series, Still sick but got to keep things going because I don’t really have an option. It was a brutal day and the heat was off the damn charts we could cover the first part of the day but it didn’t last long.

7-23-2k22 Day 672: Maryland XDA Racing Series It was a hot day and it took a toll, I got sick due to heat exhaustion and knew the rest of the weekend was going to be more of the same. There would be a first to perfect for today at the track but we would not get one on Sunday.

7-22-2k22 Day 671: Maryland Another Round of Disc Golf before heading to the track. Still not doing well on this course, Turkey Hill in La Palaka, Maryland. My putting is getting better and my drives are showing some improvement but still don’t have any good distance yet.

7-21-2k22 Day 670: Maryland Got a round of Disco golf in today but made the mistake of going later in the afternoon. Also ordered a new bag because the one I’m using is a pain in the ass. Turkey Hill in. La Palaka Maryland

7-20-2022 Day 669: MarylandRelaxing day very little driving just for coffee and laundry. Will get the car cleaned and just relax, it’s been a very active week. Got my walk-in for the day but in the afternoon, 10.45km.

7-19-2022 Say 668: Virginia Disco Golf (Podcast Game 1 Walkthrough) Game photo from 1 of 2 Marshall Lake / The Liar: 18 holes,  Par 72,  9139′, (Blue Tees) I threw a 90 on 1st game and an 87 on the second. Several holes just beat the dog mess out of me. ❤️ the challenge I will go back next month when I am back in Virginia.

  The private course $20.00 to play but it is all-day access. (Takes cash, PayPal, and Venmo you have three courses available play as many times as you Like it is a daily fee)

  • LAIR: Tough ass course, don’t bring your pastor he won’t like to hear what you have to say as you play through it.
  • LION: Oh holy hell !!! 浪 the golf God of Pain awaits you

I played two rounds of the Liar and 1 round of Lamb. Lion will have to wait until I get better.


This course is crazy tough 🤪 if you think you’ve played some tough courses come do this one. It is fun but damn it children it will FUBAR A SCORE CARD. I love this place and the scenry is absolutely stunning. It is not a course I would play on a regular basis because I don’t want to feel like I suck all the time.

I would like to come back when I’m a bit more rested up. I was coming off a long road trip so it was extra rough. Control your shots, land flat, don’t overshoot and come do it at least once. #bucketlist

Game one is the first time ever playing or seeing the course and would birdie 14 in both games. It is not as physical as Canon Ridge VA but it will still give you a healthy workout.

Spend all day here it is an awesome course. They have a tournament coming in October 2022, I spoke with the land owner between games 1 on 2 and he really wanted to create a  championship course that will test even a seasoned pro.

7-18-22 : Day 667: A relaxing day arm is still sore from an aggressive disc golf round yesterday. Will hang out see the area and take it easy today. Picked up another book yesterday will spend time on it today after breakfeast. I ended playing a round at Curtis Park Disc Golf Course.

😮 😮 😮 😮 – WOW….. I JUST MET a woman that literally took my breath away!! I simply stopped to mail a package to Colorado and stood there stunned. When she spoke nothing else mattered and I let her know what I thought. When that big beautiful smile hit her face – WOW! I have traveled all across this country and interacted with THOUSDANDS of people but never has someone stop me dead in my tracks! I even went back to make sure she knew I was dead serious about my compliment and to leave a small gift for being so damn gorgeous.

7-17-22 Day 666: (Daily Steps 24,753) I had a good morning disc golfling, but aggravated my right shoulder so I will take a break tomorrow and do something else, Nothing big it is just sore.

* went to my favorite restaurant for a sit birthday dinner, keep in mind I’m alone but still I was told the wait was 25 minutes when half the tables in the place were empty. Went to a Mexican place next door (see below) and the service was pretty bad. She took menus after ordering appetizer but never ask about the dinner I was planning to get. I’m really not in the f*cking mood to fight for some decent service today.

** Once again my family says nothing 😆 … why do I think they would. I sit here having “dinner” by myself and two different families are here celebrating birthdays with their loved ones. It would be nice to just get a text, but it should not surprise me since it has been this way for years. I have actually been standing in the house with my kids and direct family on my birthday and they didn’t recognize it with a happy birthday comment.. I really don’t like this day anymore and the more traveling I do the more I realize how alone I am… BUT I GET to experience some cool places. 😎

7-16-22 Day 665 : Virginia Still killing time … Canon Ridge disc golf course played two rounds after stopping at a few yard sales. 😊 I like yardsales they are cool even if I don’t buy anything it a good way to meet the locals.

Awesome course but mean as hell.

7-15-22 Day 664: Virginia : Today a good day played a new course in Stauton Virginia. The course got hammered by a storm that rolled through the day before. I was in Shennadoah National Park when it did. It was ugly for awhile but further south communities got hammered hard.

  The course is pretty 😍 awesome, even if some of the signage needs fixing but I am just nit picking. The pad are stellar and well done there are three positions for the most part two being used at any go en point and the pro basket position will make you work your ass off. 14 is my personal favorite get a good throw and you feel like a pro because that mother f**ker will fly. I hung out all day because I want to play three rounds in case I can’t get back again. Game three was ALOT BETTER THAN most once I got the layout down. 16 was rough because a tree came down across the pad. I still had just enough to work with it.

7-14-21 Day 663: Virginia:  Another day I’m not doing any runs or rides because my diet is not where it should be. Will pick back up next week.. still getting my walks at least . It is becoming very clear this will be my last season on the road. Today was a good day I decided to walk off off soem issues, clocked in 20km and it helped me enjoy the day because tomorrow is …well?… when it gets here we will see.

My sunset 7-14-22

7-13-21 Day 662 Virginia Apalacian Trail walk nothingong and crazy just killing time. DAILY steps  24,057 “69 floors”

7-12-21 Day 661: Finding yourself is really hard to do but I’m trying. I have always done what I was supposed to do and messed up a few times. Now I don’t know how to undo it all and think for myself. One day at a time.

7-11-21 Day 660: thinking about life and relaxing. Reading a book I picked up at a book store last week. It is OK for the most Park.

7-10-21 Day 659: spent the day support a great event in Virginia I am glad I went back and I made some friends and had a great time. Disco Golf is awesome.

Got to Shennadoah national Park around 10pm let’s get some sleep.

7-9-21 Day 658: a rainy day so just chilling in west side of Virginia. Got a shower and slept well.

7-8-21 Day 657: got some rest then heading out to play some dusc golf but there was a tournament going on so I offer to grab some shots for them. A fun day. Steps 10,655

7-7-2122 Day 656: (southwest) Made into Virginia and but it was a long flight and my luggage did not transfer to the connecting flight. So now I’m waiting for it to get here because their process is really stupid. It amazes me how archaic the airline system is and that there is no communication with the customers. The tracking portal removes the company from the process of dealing with the customer and also makes you just sit around and wait, with no idea what the hell is going on. It is all very sterile and void of emotion and they wonder why people don’t like to fly. My problem is that after so much time and money has been made in this industry it’s clear the airlines have not re-invested in their platform. The whole process from boarding to problem resolution is garbage and then we bail them out over and over when shit goes south.

*So it turns ouy my bags went to Chicago  ???? Colorado springs to Denver to Virginia … Chicago makes sense ….NOT! I will just go to the airport and get them tonight when they arrive.

Here now let’s see what happens …..

* An unrelated note: Today is a tough day, because I really am tired and believe “all this” is getting the best of me. I want to believe it can work but something is pulling me away slowly. I have made promises and will keep them but the days are getting tougher. The time I had with my boys recently has also given me something else that I should be focused on. I won’t be around forever and have already lost too much time with them.  All this travel and hard work on some days feels like I am just spinning my wheels. Part of it today is that I’m over tired and once I get some serious rest I should be able to have a better look at things.

7-6-2122 Day 655: Walk only 10.78km Colorado last day here and the flight due to leave at 4:20pm. Still sitting on the gound at 5:42, Bad weather in Denver but my connecting flight is not till 9pm so all good not in a hurry anyways.

727 pm still have not left yet …. southwest I have ever been on a plane leaving on snow storm and these morons can’t take off in the rain plus it is a disorganized mess.

7:54pm lifting off the ground … we get to Denver 8:25pm but another plane is in our terminal waiting again… 845 still sitting in plane on the runway. This is a total disorganized mess and is one of reason why I hate flying. Yeah I know it’s all wonderful because it is the miracle of flight but after all this time you would think this industry would try to improve the process but it just gets worse over time – not better.

Connecting flight is also delayed. Departure 10:10 pm cutting it close to making the flight but had a gut feeling my bags were going to get left behind and I was right.

7-5-2122 Day 654: JT-Run 16.26km July Session #1 Pushing: No / Avg Pace: 5:16/km Max Pace: 4:51/km Dur: 01:25:49, Temp 14c, Humidity 56%, Wind 9.5km from WNW

* slowing pace for distance running: Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 via Dash Sports of Clermont Florida @dashsportsgo

  • An elevation increase of +2,484 feet (+757m) over my last session elevation #Colorado Session Elevation 2612m / 8570feet
  • Goal 1: 12km: below 1hr is NOT active today, slowed pacing
  • Goal 2: Stay below 4:49 or less per km-split: ((((( Not active today ))) wanted to stay above 5 minutes per Km-Split and succeeded without slowing down too much.
  • The Quickest split of the day was #5 at 5:06 again I wanted no splits below 5 minutes.
  • The slowest split of the day was #9 at 5:26
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: (((NOT ACTIVE )))1st 5k 25:51 / 2nd 5km 26:25. / 3rd 5km 26.29
  • Goal 4: 10k below 1hr (((results))) 52:17 even slowed down I still want my 10ks below 1hr.

7-4-2022 Day 653: Colorado Walk only 7.28km : 4th of July 🚀 🇺🇸 spending the day with family becuse I only have a couple days left here then back to Virginia.

7-4-22 morning toon

7-3-2022 Day 652: Colorado Walk only 5.89km still more contemplation about 2023.

7-2-2022 Day 651: Colorado Walk only 8.78km – spent a great day with my x-wife and her husband’s family. Was a really fun day. They are all great people. Pool, games, food, and spirits it was a fun day getting to know them. Scott my x’s husband is an awesome cook and my X did a great getting things together for the day. They have done very well for themselves and I’m very happy for both of them.

7-1-2022 Day 650: Colorado Walk only 7.52km I have not been back to Florida since June 13th, 2022. I’m already making plans for 2023 and it will be quite different. Just a relaxing day with my youngest and my hosts.

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