Chapter 25 September 2022

Last Update / Edit 9-30-2022 Image Cincinnati, Ohio shot on 9-5-2022

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September 30th Day 736 driving – Tennessee, I’m not really in a big hurry, and only a couple hours away from my next event location. Arrived at Huntsvilles Dragway Alabama. SDBA

Dustin Lee Friday 9-30-22

September 29th Day 735 driving – West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, (Georgia briefly for Dinner) – Pit stop Seven Islands State Bording Park – cool place. Just a 2 mile walk through the park to do something different and simple

Seven Islands

Athens Regional Disc Golf 18 holes beautiful course +9 1st time ever laying course. Very windy 14mph with gust 20 / 25mph.

*stopped got some laundry done.

September 28th Day 734 Virginia and West Virginia on the move bit not on a hurry retra ing my path when the HHR broke down for the video I’m doing. Got another round of Disc Golf in today at BreenBreir State Forest.

My GPS took me some back buttwards way so have I mentioned lately how much I still hate the android software platform. My car is dirty so now I need to wash it again.

Stopped to check on a small park along the way also Little Beaver state park West Virginia

Green Brier State Forest

September 27th Day 733 Maryland Virginia on the move today. Played a round of disc golf at Jenkins Mountain Disc Golf Course Washington Virginia before head to Shenandoah National Park to get some rest.

September 26th Day 733 Maryland rest day trying to figure out where this storm is going in Florida, went and got a round of disc gold in

September 25th Day 732: Maryland Day 3 XDA

September 24th Day 731: Maryland Day 2 XDA

September 23rd Day 730: Maryland Ray 1 XDA

September 22nd Day 729: Workday but relaxing a bit before the XDA kicks off.

September 21st Day 729: Virginia and Maryland, had a hitch installed on the car and replaced the tires TIres Plus (been using them for years) Still a lot of driving to do for the year. Got a 10.93 km run in last night and it felt good to be back in the running shoes. My apps screwed up my data so I lost some personal best but no worries I will try again.

September 20th Day 729: Maryland Elk Head state park and finished the drive into town. Got a round of disc golf in at Turkey Hill Disc Golf course and got a personal best of +5 for this course.

September 19th Day 729: Left Maple Grove Raceway Pennsylvania went to Delaware because I have never been there and for a disc golf course yet to be played. Delaware two games at Iron Hill disc course.

Iron Hill Disc Golf Course (2 games both +20) This course itself is not tough WITH THAT said if your game is off it will beat your ass. I could not get my crap together to save my life. The course did not make my score suck My lack of focus and attitude made my games suck, this is a great course and I would play this often if I was a local. 

Amateurs may want to avoid this at first but I would suggest playing it often to make you control your game.  Audio for the podcast was also done: 2022 @jtnortoncom @platinumgeneralservices

September 18th Day 729: Final day NHRA Maple Grove Raceway Pennsylvania: assisting Ryan Oheler and following JOey Gladstone to his third victory for the season. Disc Golf Podcast

September 17th Day 729: Maple Grove Raceway Pennsylvania: assisting Dave Vantine but will do some work with a couple of Stock Motorcycle teams as well. (With Dave’s approval) and that would be Gaige Herrera and Ryan Oehler

SEPTEMBER 16th Day 728: Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania final stop: On the way up @Pro Camera Inc 711 W Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22903 fantastic store with tons of photo services great staff coffee is awesome (for customers only)

Pinchot State Forest #pennsylvania 18 holes Quakers Challange a great course 1st time ever playing and did not have time to play a 2nd round but would love to go back. 

Got +11 first round and even managed a birdie. Numerous times I was throwing to the wrong basket and was also rushing it a bit. Had to make sure I got to my event on time. 

If I can swing by Monday on my way back I would love to play it again. A really nice course I do not believe it is as hard as some of the reviews claim online but it will test your control. A great course!!! Several holes have ace potential once a player settles into the course.

Audio for the podcast was also done: 2022 @jtnortoncom @platinumgeneralservices

SEPTEMBER 15th Day 727: heading to assist Dave Vantine NHRA Maple Grove I have never been to this track should be fun.

SEPTEMBER 14th Day 726: went for a ride for some disc golf  before I get driving again tomorrow for an event. Also had a great dinner with the Hollins last night. Was a great day with fiends. * got a check engine light but we cleared the code cyclnder misfire, if it pops up again I will notify dealer. I have a feeling it will but the car is running fine. Going to run some high test through her for a bit.

SEPTEMBER 13th Day 725: cleaning cR organizingvstiff getting ready to travel again. DARYL modified a bike rack and cargo cage for me so I keep some stuff out of my car. I don’t want a roof rack unless I have to get one.

SEPTEMBER 12th Day 724: Got the new car back to where I’m staying and got settled back in.  We went and seen Top Gun Maverick today a fantastic movie

A great movie just a soild fun action flick

SEPTEMBER 11th Day 723: Team Chevrolet of Goldsboro  North Carolina.

My new car was made possible by the support of the Drag racing community that  I have been serving for 10+ years. My old car had a castraosphic engine failure while on the road and they came to my rescue without me asking for the help. #racefamily

SEPTEMBER 10th Day 722: Salam, Virginia and Goldsburge North Carolina. we resolve ,my trabnsportaio  problem,.

SEPTEMBER 9th Day 721: Salam, Virginia: We got the old car cleaned out and got the final word on the solution. We get it resolved Saturday morning.

SEPTEMBER 8th Day 720: Salam, Virginia: MAde a lot of progress today waiting for the new solution to finalize.  Got some disco golf in but did not finish my game got a call and had to leave.

SEPTEMBER 7th Day 719: Salam, Virginia: returned the rental working on vehicle solution. We have located a vehicle but trying to work it out. I’m not due back in Florida for a while so it is a slight problem but we will figure something out.

SEPTEMBER 6th Day 718: Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia: (driving) laundry stop and made it to my friend’s place. The car still on the trailer is a good car sad the prices to fix will be so high.

SEPTEMBER 5th Day 717: Indiana, and Ohio heading back from NHRA INDY. Getting some errands done along the way. Will be staying with some friends in Virginia to resolve my car issue. I will also speak to someone tomorrow about another vehicle, he owns some dealerships and offered to help me find something.

   The HHR needs a new motor but if I do fix it the transmission will. Eed to be addressed because of the mileage on it. The repair cost will exceed the value of the vehicle by a substantial amount. I understand it’s a repair shop and the prices are high but it’s an old car and to sink that much into it is a hard pill to swallow. I have put enough into this car over the years to buy three of these, at the book value so not looking forward to doing it again.

A lot of people came to my aid so I owe to them to try and make sure the resolution is the right choice and I can keep being there for them. This support has shown me a great deal about myself and the people I have been around all these years.

“MOM you were right.” – JT

When we loaded broke “Red” up for his trip to Virginia.

Got a disc golf game in at a  beautiful course Mt Airy Cincinnati Ohio. +11 talked to some locals its what they threw so I am happy with the score.

SEPTEMBER 4th Day 716: Indiana last day at Indy did some work with a pro stock motorcycle racers before heading out. Gaige Herrera and Malcom Phillips for their first appearance in NHRA prostock motorcycle.

SEPTEMBER 3rd Day 715: Indiana Top Fuel sat around all day and was ran last. Our team had a bad run and dud not make the show for Sunday.

SEPTEMBER 2nd Day 714: Indiana got a pass in but pilot had to get out of it. Top Fuel Harley is a whole different animal. As he gets more seat time he will be just fine.

SEPTEMBER 1st Day 713: West Virginia then to Indiana.  Got an early start in my rental car to make sure I made it to my teams’s Autograpgh Session. Cruz Pendragon I invited our top fuel Harley team to a join him and others in a meet and greet. Was a fun time with a  car show, music and food.

Got ahead of schedule and stopped for a disc golf game. 😁

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