Chapter 26 October 2022

Last Edit / Update: 10-31-22 image from Maryland Sep 2k22

October 31st Day 767:Georgia and Florida hit three today before getting home to Fulwood Tifton GA, Heritage park Live Oak Fl, and Jonesville DGC in Gainesville FL.

October 30th Day 766: Georgia but Heading home but getting rained on along the way got in an AM Disc Golf Game at Westside DGC

October 29th Day 765: Georgia SDBA Day 2 this will be a very busy day if I get confirmation on my Sunday event. This means I will have to haul ass to Virginia. Going to be a long weekend.

October 28th Day 764: Georgia SDBA Event Day 1 taking it easy this morning trying to give my right knee rest for a while. I popped it pretty well yesterday will take a couple of days to clear up.

October 27th Day 763: This was one of the busiest days of the season for my non-racing stuff. I apparently felt like beating myself up I guess but the season is coming to a close. I’m not sure where I’m going after this so might as well grab as much as an can before it ends.

Started the day off in Tennessee at Dallas Island Disc Golf Course and played a round of 18. Then went to The Sinks (also in Tennessee) and played another 18. There was a secondary course called The Narrows, which kicked my ass but got another 18 done. I was not planning another game but ended up at Cloudland State park in Georgia, where low and behold there was a disc golf course so I played two more games before hiking down to see the Cherokee Waterfall at the park. Which was my original plan heading here. My right knee popped on me at the start of the 5th game but mama get to finish it out with a better score than Han in the first game. After the hike, I found a local bar and grill so I could grab some food WITH A BEER!

My total daily steps for 10-27-2022 was 37,397

October 26th Day 762: Kentucky and Tennessee took a break from Disc Golf today and took a long hike instead. (15km) Dog Slaughter Falls, Kentucky, and stopped later on before Tennessee at Cove lake Park to walk and unwind a bit

October 25th Day 761: Kentucky IronWorks Hills, Shillito Park, and Hemry James Park Kentucky, and also hit two local Disc Golf Shops!!

Getting to play double match play with some locals at Henry James Park Kentucky was a lot of fun.

Was invited to join a local evening doubles play the match. Awesome time.
Course 1 of 3 😁

October 24th Day 761: Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky I’m back on the road, and it’s the last week of traveling before heading back to Florida. Have SDBA and a golf tournament to hit first before I head back.

West Virginia Princeton City Park Disc Golf Course stop a short fun course that will make ya feel good about your abilities. Not a pro course way too short.

October 23rd Day 760: wrapped up some podcast stuff and worked on the website got a 12 km run in and had lunch with the Hollins here in Virginia. A good easy day

Virginia SEp 2k22

October 22nd Day 759: Additional work to do and relaxing a bit to get car straightened out.

October 22nd Day 758: Work day focusing on podcast and partnership work and got a lot done today.

October 20th Day 757: Got another round of disc golf in at a course I did not completely back on September 7th 2k22. Greenfield Disc Golf course Podcast

October 19th Day 756: Got a 12k trail run done and completed and a ton of podcast work. Also got some graphics work for a partnership. A productive day since I also went out and got the oil changed in my car. I hate how they always try to sell you hundreds of dollars of shit. Recommendations that if I took them all would be over 1000 f**king dollars.

October 18th Day 755: Virginia stopped hanging out with friends for a while, and need to get some work done. They are letting me crash at their place in Virginia.

October 17th Day 754: North Carolina and Virginia. Spent time traveling the blue ridge parkway. Also found a cool nine-basket Disc Golf course and went over to an 18 but once there realized I had already done it back in September.

October 16th Day 753: North Carolina Disc Golf Catawba Meadows Disc Golf course NC (+11) Another one was found passing by it. The drive over was not that bad. Just making my way and trying to stay safe.

October 15th Day 752: North Carolina Disc Golf  North Cove The Boulders  and The Gorge North Carolina

October 14th Day 751: North Carolina Fort Hamby Disc Golf 54 holes Three games One from long Two from shorts.  The Morning 4k walk was also completed before any of these games were done.

Fort Hamby NC  Basket #7 (18-hole course)

October 13th Day 750: North Carolina 19 holes Stumpy Creek Disc Golf Course and a beautiful disc golf course at that but did not do too well.  +18 Still ended on a good note would grab a birdie on 18 on the way out was too late in the day to do a second round and I found this by accident driving past it.

October 12th Day 749: North Carolina Got the car squared away and got back on the road. Will be in this state for a couple of days. Goldsboro then across to Charolette which is a shit Hole by the way. Stopped at a Pilot there but did not feel safe and moved up to Statesville to get some rest.

Stumbled across a disc golf course Richfield park NC Goose Landing DGC +10

October 11th Day 748: Having issues with my new car so having it looked at to find out what’s wrong.  Got some laundry done early before taking it to the dealership in Goldsboro NC.

Disc Golf game #1 (18) Barnett Park Kingston NC. A solid course with some very challenging wooded shots

Disc Golf game #2 (15) Beckley Park  NC, this is not a full course the front Nine is OK the back is a chaotic mess.

October 10th Day 747: North Carolina, Virginia back to North Carolina Rockness Monster DGC (AM)

Podcast Interview session Fly High Sports Richmond Virginia

Halifax DGC (pm. game)  using new glitch putters love the disc light but is durable and easy to get spinning. They stick well to the chains and stay under the basket.

October 9th Day 746: North Carolina ManCup Day 3 our team got the win! 🔥 Got a morning Disc Golf Game in as well. Hinison

4.60 winner Dystany Spurlock

October 8th Day 745: North Carolina ManCup Event Day 2. Dystany is doing great and we are getting some great content.

October 7th Day 744 North Carolina ManCup Event Day 1 testing day. Got a podcast session. Done for Try and Keep Up!

October 6th Day 743:North Caroline Hinison Lake DGC, NC

October 5th Day 742: Little Mulberry Park DGC (GA) and The Trails DGC (SC)

October 4th Day 741: Mississippi North Side Disc golf park then Alabama replay a course Inverness Disc Golf Course

October 3rd Day 740: New Orleans LA disc golf game – Mississippi to crash for the night.

NORTHSIDE Mississippi DGC (Disc Golf Course)

Inverness Course, Birmingham Alabama

October 2nd Day 739– Alabama, Florida (panhandle)

October 2nd Day 738– Alabama: SDBA Huntsville Dragway – UAH DHC (Disc golf course) +18 ouch

October 1st Day 737– Alabama: SDBA Huntsville Dragway event Day 1 of 1.

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