Chapter 27 September 2022

Last Edit/Update: 11-30-22 Image 2022 Platinum General Services My Primary Partnership that made our 2022 adventures possible this year!

September 30th Day 798: Florida, working on 2023 but this will be the final day and final chapter for this log.

September 29th Day 797: Florida,

September 28th Day 795: Florida Preparing for 2023.

September 27th Day 795: Debary Florida Debary Open 2022 I was not an offical Photographer for the event so I just focused on a few cards with a vit more video work on Sunday. I did not have my “big” video cameras with me so was a bit limited on reach.

September 26th Day 794: working on 2023 Debary Open 2022 – here are a few quick shots.

September 25th Day 793: working on 2023

September 24th Day 792: 10km Run Clermont 21st overall and Second in my age group. Very happy with my numbers considering I don’t run too many hills.

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September 23rd Day 791: working on 202e

September 22nd Day790: working on 2023

September 21st Day 789: working on 2023

September 20th Day 788: ManCup Drag Racing GA

September 21st Day 787: ManCup Drag Racing GA

September 19th Day 786: ManCup Drag Racing GA.

September 18th Day 785: ManCup Drag Racing GA

September 17th Day 784: WhatAGraphic window wrap and Joshua W Franklin DGC GA

September 16th Day 783: Freedom Park DGC GA

September 15th Day 782: Gordon Barnett Park DGC FL – NO further personal postings will be made here, I may come back later and update this but for now, it is best I leave that blank.

September 14th Day 781: Still working on changes

September 13th Day 780: Event The New World Championships Jacksonville Followed FPO card and then MPO card

September 12th Day 779: Holland Park DGC FL

September 11th Day 778: MOccasin Creek DGC FL

September 10th Day 777: TS / Hurricane has slowed some things down getting back to Florida, still working on some issues.

September 9th Day 776: Should be able to get back to the local adjustments. Put me behind but should be able to catch up pretty quickly before the last two events kick off.

September 8th Day 775: The problem has not been resolved yet have to stay another day while the 3rd party takes care of it. At their mercy at the moment.

September 7th Day 774: Another problem came up had to take a short trip to address it. It kind of screws up the week but not something that came up.

September 6th Day 773: Florida: Additional processes to begin a change, storage done got some stuff transferred but had a new issue come up.

September 5th Day 772: Florida: Additional processes to begin a change, might not be as fast as people would like to see but once the change is complete it will be complete with no loose ends. No fitness stuff today just getting the things squared away this weekend, enough of them to eat up a weekend.

September 4th Day 771: Florida: Addressing some issues that have come up. Some changes are coming so I’m working to get some stuff resolved as quickly as possible for the transition.

JT Run Day 7.06km session (Full run 10.23km ) for the session… Avg Pace: 4:40 Max Pace: 4:33 – My focus again was to stay above 4:30 but below 4:50 for each split. The lowest km-split was 4:33.0 and my highest km-split was 4:44.4 – Wanted the Avg and Max closer together but not too slow.

Once complete I stopped briefly to reactivate a new session on my app and then ran out some more just to try and clear my head.

The full run distance was 10.23 with an additional 3km walk for a cool down. HOKA Carbon x3 – Proud Ambassador of Dash Sports

September 3rd Day 770: Florida: cycle Day 24km and things have come to pass. More details later.

September 2nd Day 769: Florida: 1hr Walk Only pressing the pace, 6.83km 1:01:08 – Have some more car stuff to deal with today. Evening 5km run

September 1st Day 768: Florida: 1hr Walk Only pressing the pace, 6.83km 1:01:08 – Have some more car stuff to deal with today. Focused on website and podcast updates but had to get some car stuff issues done after living out of it for a while. I have two weeks off to get as much done as I can. Will get back to my exercise routines officially on Thursday.

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