2023 JT-Partnerships

Last Edit – 3-21-2023

Jaked35mm@hotmail.com if you would like to Partner or even just support the program. It all goes into coverage and being where we need to be. The more help I get the further then we can go!

Full Program Partner All things JT 2020 – 2023

Vantine Nitro-Sports 2023 is back once again by my side and I could not be more thrilled. There have been many changes behinds the scenes with my program and some have been difficult to put it mildly. Vantine Nitro-Sports has been a key reason I have been able get back up and keep going. Like so many of you they are friends and family not just a partnership.

This will be our 5th year together and I’m super excited for what Vantine Nitro-Sports has in store for the world of Top Fuel Nitro-methane Motorcycle Drag Racing! #topfuel#nitromethane#vantinenitrosports JT-Image Dave Vantine (NHRA Maple Grove)

Vantine Nitro-Sports 2019-2023

JT- Try and Keep Up & Schnitz Racing 2023 A Huge Selection Of Upgrades & Replacements From All Major Motorcycle Brands. Schnitz Racing sets a high standard not only with the products they have available for you but also their attention to customer service. I’m honored to have the support of Schnitz Racing once again as we move into the 2023 racing season.

Schnitz Racing supports numerous series and classes so their commitment to our sport and customers can never be doubted!


I’M BLESSED to have them by my side once again. Looking forward to a great season of racing! – JT-TryandKeepUp! & Schnitz Racing together again 2023! JT-Image: Shayne Proctor 2022 XDA

Schnitz Racing 2020 through 2023

APE RACE PARTS & JT/TryandKeepUp! This will be our fourth year together as we race into 2023.

From the Top Fuel Nitromethane Monster Larry McBride has piloted to 268.38 mph all the way down the Drag Racing class ladder, APE has quality racing products that will help you go get wins, personal records and even world records.

APE has also been supporting racers for decades with a top shelf racer support program. Www.aperaceparts.com

APE Worlds Fastest Motorcycle Racing Products and JT are together again and 2023 is going to be another exciting year for drag racing. 🙌👊 JT-Image Dysanty Spurlock

APE Race Parts 2019-2023

JT Norton WHATAGRAPHIC 2023 and extremely important partnership that has done all my decals and canopies over the years. They can do anything you want and it is a pleasure having them by my side once again. #canopies #signs #wraps #decals and more. JT-Image Dusty Brazel

WhatAGraphic 2018-2023

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