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Once, a man named Kyle had lost all hope and felt extremely depressed. He thought about ending his life and decided to carry out his plan. He sat in his car on a road he knew well, less traveled than most. He stared at the pistol in his lap and thought of the family waiting for him at home. There was a time when the thoughts of them could suppress what he was contemplating, but the past couple of weeks, they had added to the indifference that the world had for his existence. Kyle tried talking to a friend about his thoughts but was unsure how much it mattered to him. Kyle quickly referenced why he didn’t want to own a gun. “Me and a gun would not be a good idea.” Kyle got no response, and his friend moved on to sports. Kyle reaffirmed that, once again, no one was truly listening.

Kyle takes a deep breath, looks down to ensure the gun is loaded, and lifts it to his chin. He paused to look into the rearview mirror at the empty road behind him and pulls the trigger.

The air was thick and humid, so to Kyle’s surprise, he was still alive. He had a mild headache, which intensified when he tried to open his eyes. It was as if he had been in the dark a long time and someone had just turned on a light. Kyle would sit up, but he was not in his car anymore. He was lying on a rock ledge that overlooked a massive forested valley. He was somewhere else and had no idea how he came to be here.

Kyle looked up and could see the top of the ridge above him, and the way down was thousands of feet. There was no path to where he was, so he was clueless about how he would have gotten there. Kyle also felt physically different, and after glancing at his chest, legs, and arms, he became even more confused because he did not look the as he once did. He was larger, very coarse, and much more robust than he once was. He wore a well-fitted animal hide that was not the best-smelling garment he had ever worn.

He looked at large coarse hands and started his climb back up to the top of the ridge. He was impressed by how much strength he now had and how little effort it took him to complete the climb. Once at the top, he would find a spear and two packs made from the same type of hide that he wore. He picked up the spear, which felt natural in his hands. He understood how to use it but was unsure how he knew it. Kyle picks up the items and looks around from his new vantage point.

Birds and other animal life were going through their daily routines. He saw no roads or structures anywhere and could not wrap his head around how he came here. He suddenly heard screeches unlike anything he had ever heard, but oddly it did not startle him. Kyle turns and sees four large flying animals soaring through the valley, skimming skillfully across the tree line.

“Dinosaurs…?… you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!” he looks around a bit more, but the treeline behind him seems familiar. He glances back to the valley below to see creatures arching gracefully away, heading deeper into the valley, holding their tight formation. Kyle picks up the packs and begins walking toward the treeline spear at the ready.

to be continued….

** 988 Lifeline provides 24/7, confidential support to people in suicidal crisis or mental health-related distress. By calling or texting 988, you’ll connect to mental health professionals with the Lifeline network. I understand it feels like your alone but there are people who do care they just might not be the one close to you now.

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