Golden Hills DGC #136

 New course June 6th, 2023; I did not need any Randysun socks today. This course was pretty dry, and the hills are pretty steep, so drain off is quick.

Golden Hills 19 baskets-DGC Christiansburg, Virginia. This is my 20th course for VA, and when you go here, go God’s sake play the goddamn white tees – podcast sessions are done.

I wore my Randy Sun ankle socks here because there was no deep water to deal with. @randysunsports #randysun #weatherproof #socks.

It is a beautiful course, and the landscape is gorgeous as you HIKE along this disc golf course, and I mean FUCKING HIKE. Playing this “thing” once is all I need, but this does not mean I hate it. This course is not for novice or recreational play. As far as a cart, pretend you dont own one because it will not make for a pleasant experience. Just bag-carry this one and remove all distance drivers because you WON’T need them.

The ticks are BAD HERE, and they are some big bastards. The elevation changes are sometimes demanding if you’re not used to hiking. At times you will feel like you’re in a national forest. The signage is my biggest complaint, and UDisc mapping could be better here. I have TMobile, so hopefully, your connection is better than the shit I had to deal with.

Not a great score, and I would cut it in half now that I knew what and where to throw, but I did not want to deal with any more ticks. Do it once to have it on your list, but unless I was a local, it was my only option. I would play this now and then to practice my short control game. It is just too, therefore, a relaxing round of disc golf when there are better options close. Be mindful that not far from me and not far from you might be a different viewpoint.

I want 150 courses in the app before July 15th, 2023. I have been using it for one year as of July. 16th 2023 UDisc. @udiscapp This is course 135 (not games played but 150 different courses)

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