Walnut Ridge Recreational Area DGC 18

(( New State Iowa )) Walnut Ridge Recreational Area DGC 18 Johnstown, Iowa, and my Udisc course #147. My putting suddenly jumped to the next level. I changed my form during a lousy game early last week in West Virginia via Discraft Disc Golf Luna. My putting saved numerous pars scores out here.

On the other hand, my drives and upshots just flat-out sucked and required some work. I will continue to focus on my putting for now, but it is a vital aspect of a disc golf game. I WILL FOCUS ON SOMETHING ELSE once I have it to a stable, consistent level. Playing WRRA was my 1st time playing this course, and my putting has really leveled out in a good way since switching to Luna and finally adapting to them.

But… NINE... I’m really proud of NINE!! 🔥

Udisc measuring:

1st throw: Road Runner backhand and reached 327′ (measured to tree impact.) with helpful kick-up that gave me an additional 30 feet

Second throw: Gforce Forearm landed front of the basket, but “half-moon” reverse high skip up and past the basket. Measuring from drop to ground, strike 270 in front of the basket.

I finished with a 35-foot putt dead on hitting the chain link I was looking at. THREE!!! 😁

This is my #147 Udisc course (not games played) – I’m looking to get 150 different courses before July 15th into the app. I have been using it for one year as of July. 16th 2023 UDisc. UDisc

This is a beautiful course, and would love to play it again someday. Challenging at times, especially from the long placements.

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A pretty nice day here so I only need my RS crew socks

randy sun website link click image

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