The Stranger

Last edit/update 9-19-23: Panthairous Series: (Pan-Th-air-us) All stories are linked to each other in some way but it may not be via the characters themselves, Good luck finding the links. Chapters THE STRANGER / AWAKEN / STORM FROM WITHIN (these are condensed from the novel I’m working on.)

Darkness cloaked the figure perched atop the ridge, his silhouette blending seamlessly with the forbidding landscape. From his vantage point, he peered down onto the humble medieval town nestled below. His purpose was clear, for he sought something of great importance that his sources said may be within its walls.

He waits patiently as the sun rises and falls several times across the countryside below him. Before the third rising of the sun, a pack of Seccian wolves takes notice of his presence.

This pack of large males makes their way slowly and silently toward the motionless figure. The wolves pause just at the edge of the clearing behind him. His head tilts slightly but he does not look back at his canine observers’. They sense something different about their chosen prey, and their intentions quickly change and they back away now fearful of the lone figure before them. They move away choosing that their hunger is something they are willing to suffer with for now.

Dominant males can be as large as a domestic cow.

 The sun would rise and fall several more times before he would feel a presence slowly crawling back up the ridge side. A dark black serpent emerges from the tall weeded grass, its reptilian eyes reflecting a sense of failure. The figure is not angry because he knows the creature has done its duty with diligence. Once again he will need to move on but remains calm and focused. He knows that he will find what he has been tasked to seek out. He possesses a patience that very few beings have because his life span allows him this luxury.

Two loud chattering screeches from high above would draw their attention upward as a pair of majestic young dragons fly across the sky high above the valley before them. Their graceful silhouettes danced through the skies, casting eerie shadows upon the landscape. The town below continues with its daily routine unalarmed since the beasts are as common as a lark or rabbit in these lands. The beast is oblivious to the figure’s presence, he watches the young beast fly deeper into the Becall Forest apparently en route to the Salitta mountain range that lies beyond.

Unimpressed by the dragons, the figure shifts his focus back to the town and then to the serpent.  He ponders the serpent’s failure and contemplates new strategies to achieve his goal. He extends his left hand down as if to pet it but instead, the creature crawls up to and begins crawling back into the skin from which it came. Now once again with it he waits until the sun falls again slowly rises and walks off into the dark woods to continue his search.

To be continued…

* Panthairous is a world, not a location or character.

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