Storm From Within

Last edit/update 9-20-23: Panthairous Series: (Pan-Th-air-us) All stories are linked to each other in some way but it may not be via the characters themselves, Good luck finding the links. Chapters THE STRANGER / AWAKEN / STORM FROM WITHIN (these are condensed from the novel I’m working on.)

Deep in the heart of the snow-covered woods, a weary warrior and his devoted wife found respite from the storm that raged outside. The flickering fire cast dancing shadows upon their faces as the warrior stared into the flames, lost in the haunting memories of his past.

His troubled mind was trapped in the clutches of a dark war, he was reliving these days when he was younger, wider, and meaner. He looked at the scars on his arms and clenched his jaw angrily as they began to regress back to when they were once new. This memory that was haunting him was one of many he had fought, and his brutality had no limitations. These memories were powerful and the weight of them threatened to consume him, pushing this immense warrior toward a mental breakdown

Forged during the 1st age of VerisCrow

As the storm howled outside the confines of their cozy tent, the warrior’s wife observed her husband, her heart heavy with concern. She knew the battle that raged within his mind, but she also possessed a fierce love for him and a strength born from her own experiences being from the harsh and brutal arctic wastelands of Valen.

With a tender determination, she began to sing. Her voice, clear and beautiful, weaved through the air, the melody like a gentle caress against the warrior’s troubled soul. Slicing away at the darkness trying to consume him, her voice words carried him towards a light that was one of hope and redemption, of love and unwavering support, Something until her he’d never known.

Intrigued, the warrior’s gaze slowly shifted from the fire to his wife. The storm outside seemed to fade into the background as her melodic voice enveloped him, its soothing notes wrapping around his sorrowful heart.

The weight of his past began to lift, and the warrior’s anger and impending breakdown dissolved like mist in the morning light. With each word his wife sang, she reminded him of his worth, of the strength he possessed, and the love that surrounded him.

As the last echoes of her song faded, the warrior’s eyes met his wife’s, brimming not with darkness and despair, but with gratitude and love. In that moment, he realized the power she held within her, the strength she gave him just by being there, unwavering in her support.

Their connection, forged in the trials of their shared journey, illuminated the tent, dispelling the shadows that once threatened to consume the warrior’s shattered spirit. With renewed clarity, he knew without any doubt that his wife was and will always be the beacon of light and hope in his life.

Reaching out releasing the tight grip he had on the hilt of his sword, he took her hand, the warmth of their touch a tangible affirmation of their love and resilience. In that quiet embrace, they found solace and strength, knowing that together they could face whatever challenges lay ahead.

As the storm raged on outside, their love enveloped the tent, shielding them from the world’s turmoil. The warrior, no longer consumed by his past, found a newfound purpose in protecting and cherishing the woman who had saved him from the depths of his own despair.

** Panthairous Series: all stories are linked in some way but the link of the story may occur in a different “episode”. For example, the link in stories 3 and 6 may occur in story 2. Eventually, all stories will be linked BUT the characters in the story may not be the actual link. I will not pre-explain anything about this world or what comes next. Panthairous (Pan Th Air Us) is a world that came from my years of being a GM while playing Dungeons & Dragons and other role-playing games of that nature

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