May 28, 2020


Creativity Taken Seriously!

About JT

Photography, writer, video-geographer, media support specialist, public relations, and artist. I personally believe in many things but do not impose those views on others. I just try and look at things without blinders on and do my best to help others using my creative skills to do it.

Jack “JT” Norton: quick facts : Old guy , father of three boys {not so much boys anymore}, Associate Degree Commercial Art (yeah back when it was called that), 18 years customer service experience both leadership and non-ship roles, 2011 CSX Photographer of the Year, 5 excellence awards as a supervisor, 2 as a field technician, 1 as a field Contractor, I traveled 21,500+miles in 2019. Have supported teams, publications and media outlets in 23 different states.

Have been bitten by 3 venomous snakes, 2 venomous Spiders, ran over by a boar, attack by a cow, 4 run ins with alligators in my kayak and had 1 run in with a pair of dolphins that decided me and my kayak was a play toy. Have been published 42 times (this includes Europe content I do not post in the states)

Coldest temp worked -11, hottest temp 157, have been married once and I still get along with my X (nope not that way – she has remarried) Florida is my birth state so there are a few of us left down here.


2020 partnerships: JT’s Auto & Cycle / Schnitz Racing, Vantine Nitro-Sports, Fast Andie Rawlings, LSR Nitro-Harley,, Balch Racing, and WhatAGraphic Please visit my Partnership page here or click their link to the left. (plus two silent partnerships)

Recap 2019 was a fantastic year, 27 events 21,500+ miles traveled supporting people, companies, and teams, with their passions. Influencing tens of thousands in the real world face to face but also 9.4 million via our social media partnerships.

9.4 This number is actually much higher than I thought one of my partnerships has the ability and resources to gain access to data I can not see. The entire JT/T&KU! Program 3-25-2020 reached 27.9 million across all our platforms in 2019

My 18 years of cable and satellite-based customer service experience, which includes corporate management roles, has given me the communication skills to interact with people in the real world. This experience has taught me how to deal with people in ways most people do not get exposed to. I have over ten years in the motorsports and event media support services and have built a positive reputation for me and my partnerships. Relationships are extremely important and I work hard to honor them. Creative media support services, based in Orlando, Florida, but covering events across the United States ranging from media event support, real estate photography, publications, wildlife photography, non-photographic, team support, and artistic services.

JT 2019 Grand Canyon

Influences on JT Norton

Arno I miss you buddy.

There are people that have been in our lives that affect us but then there are those that influence and shape us for a lifetime.

For me one of them was Arno, We would spend countless summers hanging out running and playing role playing games, working the local yearly haunted houses or just chilling out drawing or going through his endless collection of comic books. We met and he taught me how to run D&D games (game master GM) which lead to countless other great games, stories, memories and fun times with friends for many summers to follow. Sometimes this included staying up around the clock.

Arno was the reason I met my former wife and now have three wonderful boys. When I left home to be my own the first place I had was a room rented from his mom. Before Arno I hung out with some not to nice people and we were doing some things we should not have been doing. This life changing meeting and growing up with Arno took me to a better place and I’m a better man because of him.

Thank you friend you will be missed BUT NEVER forgotten because you’re a part of me!

Robert Parker: the guy who let me tag along many years ago and exposed me to the larger world of drag racing. (shown with Kenan Dorsey)

Robert Parker & Kenan Dorsey
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