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Last update 8-30-2023: Native Floridian, Father of three grown “boys”, PDGA Disc Golfer, photographer, writer, illustrator, videographer, media support specialist, public relations, kayak, runner, cyclist, and cartoon artist. Helping others using my artistic abilities and 20 years of customer service experience. I enjoy working with people because it allows me to keep capturing and creating. My pages are filtered because professionalism is essential, and I have some fantastic companies and people supporting me and want to represent them in the best way possible. – Jack “JT” Norton 2024 Try and Keep Up!

• Some quick facts for those of you that care about this stuff. 

Disc Golf: I picked up Disc Golf again in June of 2022 and have been on a tangent of playing new courses as I travel. I hit as many courses and states as I could in 2022 and began Tournament play in 2023. You can follow along at www.diskgolfn.com you see what I have hit in 2023 as I still hammer away at them as time permits.

Cycling and Running has dropped off a bit because I have been focused on Disc Golf and refining my personal direction, my constant traveling gets in the way of any regualr exercise routine.

How far can you throw one of those disc golf things? 
(As of 5-5-23) Consistently 280 to 350! My longest measure controlled drive was 427 feet March 2023.

What is your favorite racing class?
I personally like Pro Fuel Nitro Harley. They just possess a very unique sound a feel when they get down the track. They are incredibly tough and consistent machines and the field of racers are pretty well matched up which makes for great racing.

 What Brand do you prefer?
I own and use the big three Nikon d850, d750 , Sony, A7III, and Canon, My always with me "beater" camera is a T7i

What is your favorite event to work?
I do not really have one specific but enjoy the process more than anything else. Now some get busier than others but that does not always mean it's my favorite. I enjoy downtime because I can spend that time with racers and their families. 

Is there anyone you will not work with?
I will work with anyone but it some cases due to certain historical reasons and some would have to pay in advance and its non-refundable for my services.  

Do you modify your photographs?
I personally do not like modified photos BUT YES I do modify them when I feel it's needed. I know what my audience likes to see and modifying a photograph is necessary to appeal to this taste. Again what I personally like and what do for my audience are two separate things.

What got you doing this full time?
It was because my mom and I enjoy doing this. It also gave me the ability to be here as she got older and her health declined. I took care of her for five years and we had some wonderful memories that I will carry for the rest of my life. This also allowed me to travel and see some amazing places and people.
Mom and JT

• Associate Degree in Commercial Art, back when it was still called that.

• 2011 CSX Photographer of the Year

• I have lost four cameras while kayaking, three via alligators, and one because a pair of dolphins decided to use me as a play toy.

• Bitten by a black widow, three snakes, brown recluse, and once was stung by 14 hornets on the St Johns River. (2008) just to name a couple.

• Coldest temp worked -9 Colorado / Hottest temp worked 157 (with track temp) south Florida

• Married: once, we are now friends, and she has since remarried to a great guy.

• JT has gone down the drag strip several times under the mentor-ship of Pablo Gonzalez see below. I’m not an active drag racer but I have done it. He also won my sponsored championship SDA 2017 (see next note)

• I was the class sponsor for Ultra Street Class 2016 / 2017

• Supported BIV and XDA racers with cash bonuses for the number one qualifier and or perfect reaction time achievements. Began doing it again in 2021 for the XDA.

• Published in Finland’s Bomber Magazine (motorcycle) 2019, Orlando Senteninal twice, and several European publications for illustrative works that I can’t post here in the states.

• I do not favor one camera brand over another and use all three regularly, but my primary is the full-frame mirror-less Sony A7III for events and travel. My favorite overall is my Nikon D850, my beater camera is a Canon T7I.

• The first drawing my mom recalls me doing was an airplane at the age of about two.

• JTNorton.com is a registered business with the IRS

Me and my teacher Pablo (my best time 11.28 128mph 1/4 mile) I don’t race a lot but I have done it.


2022 partnerships: Platinum Fleet Repair / Dragbike.com / Balch Racing / Schnitz Racing / APE Race Parts / Vantine Nitro Sports and WhatAGraphic. 1 Silent Partnerships – Please visit my Partnership page

2021 partnerships: Schnitz Racing / 190hookup.com / Dystany Spurlock / Fast Andie Rawlings / APE Race Parts / Pablo Gonzalez Racing / JT’s Auto & Cycle-AMRA, / Vantine Nitro-Sports / LSR Nitro-Harley-ManCup / Dragbike.com, and WhatAGraphic. 3 Silent Partnerships – Please visit my Partnership page

2020 partnerships: APE Race Parts / AFM Racing, / JT’s Auto & Cycle, Schnitz Racing, Vantine Nitro-Sports, Fast Andie Rawlings, LSR Nitro-Harley, Dragbike.com, Balch Racing, and WhatAGraphic Please visit my Partnership page at top of the page. (two silent partnerships)

2019 partnerships: AFM Racing, APE Race Parts, Schnitz Racing, Tak Shigematsu Racing, Vantine Nitro-Sports, Fast Andie Rawlings, Balch Racing, and WhatAGraphic . (three silent partnerships)

2019 was a fantastic year, with 27 events 21,500+ miles traveled supporting people, companies, and teams with their passions. Influencing tens of thousands in the real world face to face but also 9.4 million via our social media partnerships. I also got to see incredible places like the Grand Canyon south rim and Zion National Forest in our travels. I fill in my downtime by finding somewhere to go along the way, and it creates content for us.

9.4 this number is much higher than I thought, but one of my silent partnerships has the ability and resources to this kind of data that I can not see. The entire JT/T&KU! Program as of 3-25-2020 reached 27.9 million across all our platforms in 2019.

Influences on JT Norton

Arno I miss you buddy.

Some people have been in the lives that affect us, but then some influence and shape us for a lifetime. For me, one of them was Arno; We would spend countless summers hanging out running and playing role playing games, working the local yearly haunted houses, or just chilling out drawing or going through his endless collection of comic books. We met, and he taught me how to run D&D games (game master GM), leading to countless other great games, stories, memories, and fun times with friends for many summers to follow. Sometimes this included staying up around the clock.

Arno was the reason I met my former wife and now have three wonderful boys. When I left home to be my own, the first place I had was a room rented from his mom. Before Arno I hung out with some not too nice people, and we were doing some things we should not have been doing. This life-changing meeting and growing up with Arno took me to a better place, and I’m a better man because of him.

Thank you friend you will be missed BUT NEVER forgotten because you’re a part of me!

Brandi and JT by Kenneth Charlton :

Brandi is a beautiful and intelligent person that I love beyond any words could ever describe. She is absolutely one of the central people that got me to where I am today. I’m able to do this full time, take care of my mom, and help so many people. One of the best friends I have ever had and will forever be grateful.

Robert Parker: the guy who let me tag along many years ago and exposed me to the larger world of national drag racing. (shown with Kenan Dorsey now Mrs. Parker and proud parents to Logan Parker)

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