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Events that unfold in 2020

2021 and 2022 Try and Keep Up Podcast

Try and Keep Up Season One: will close on December 30 2021 and is available for Apple and Android users Android Apple Coming up next… courtesy of Energy Coil and Hard Times Parts and Service. October 26th 2021 Larry McBride our second conversation will air at 8am. November 2nd 2021 the first of two converstions […]

US131 Motorsports Park 7-17-2020

Certainly not what we wanted to share with you all. We will continue to move forward. Thank you for your continued support during these trying times. We know there is a beautiful rainbow coming after this storm! Things will be better. Not sure when. Keep the faith! We will still have Test & Tune tonight […]

Kelly Preston October 13, 1962 – July 12, 2020

Actress Kelly Preston, who starred in movies such as “Jerry Maguire” and “Twins,” died on Sunday at age 57, her husband, John Travolta, said. Travolta confirmed Preston’s death on Instagram and said it followed a two-year battle with breast cancer. “It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my beautiful wife Kelly has lost her […]

Redskin name change our next social media firestorm!!!

Original posting 7-3-2020 : FedEx, a key corporate sponsor for the Washington Redskins, has asked the NFL franchise to change its name after being pressured by a group of investment firms who argued it is racist, the company said Thursday. Fans are having fun with possible names 1) Washington Redtails (keeps httr) 2) Washington Redhawks […]

Man Vs Shark Fact or Fiction

As the meme describes with using this picture Fiction but the story itself is true. The man shown in the picture is from another story. Link provided below. Call it heroism, call it madness, call it what you will; this story is off the charts on the bravery meter. In 2001, in the shallow waters […]


🔥 Almost go time for NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle! 🟢 July 11-12 / E3 Spark Plugs NHRA Nationals Lucas Oil Raceway at Covid rules for events * as per NHRA Everyone 2 years old or older must wear a mask or a cloth face covering at the event. Mask must cover both mouth and nose. […]

Well that’s convenient!

“The worst of the U.S. corona-virus outbreak will end by January either with a vaccine or because enough people in the country will have already been infected and have some immunity to it, former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Thursday.” “This will be over by January one way or […]

ATCO Dragway Future

An Illinois firm has proposed converting the racetrack into an auction site for used cars, according to an application before the state’s Pinelands Commission. Insurance Auto Auctions expects to spend almost $1.9 million to redevelop the 180-acre site off Jackson Road, the application says. The track’s owner, Leonard Capone Jr., could not be reached for immediate comment […]

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