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Grudge April 2022 XDA

Grudge April 2022 XDA

XDA April Fireball Sunday

256 mph XDA

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Chapter 24 August 2022

August 7th Day 686: today was a better day. Still killing time have one more night here. Made a fire had some hot food and a brew. Got some disc golf on and saw considerable improvement in my form with a slight score improvement. 😎 August 6th – DAY 685: Just killing time, I can’t […]

Chapter 23 July 2022

Last update 7-31-2k22: Header Image: a shot of my youngest son having some tubing fun at Kelly Park Florida 2021 Goals are set not to be too comfortable because I want to challenge myself. Yearly Goal #1 32k completed 32.02km on 3-21-22 – available on Strava Yearly Goal #2 42k … pending Yearly Goal #3 […]

JT Places

Last update 7-17-2022 : Something I found online, Visiting all 50 states is something that everyone would love to do, but studies show that out of 50 states, eight is the averageber most people have visited. Sadly, many never leave the state in which they were born. The original post counted airport visits but not […]

Quarterly 2022 Results

Last Update: 7-01-22 – 2022 Quarterly Results – My New Years’ resolution is to exceed my fitness results from 2021 cycling, walking, and running. (Some hiking when traveling) – @hoka Carbon X2 @iamspecialized Tri Bike Comp Specialized @dashsportsgo 1st quarter Jan 2022 : 45:22:52 Duration / 23,749 Cal / 471.44 km Distance Jan 2021 : […]

Chapter 22 June 2022

Last update 6-30-2k22: Header Image: Sunrise while kayaking Lake Marion South Carolina 2021 My goals are long term so it is not how far but how well I can complete a routine. I set my goals so that it is not too easy because I want to challenge myself. Yearly Goal #1 32k completed 32.02km […]

Obi-Wan Kenobi May 25th 2022

Last edit 6-26-22 (original posting 3-15-2022) I have a bad feeling about this!! Watched them all and this is just f*cking horrible – the dialog, fight scenes and story build is pathetic. There is no love of the franchise or this would have been done right. The two biggest characters in theis series and the […]


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