Robinson Racing

🏆We know when this season officially opens the track gates, the onslaught of insane talent will roll in and begin unloading trailers to start the fight for win lights. If you follow drag racing for more than five minutes, then you most certainly aware of Robinson Racing – Bad-N-Boujee. A focused and dedicated team that brings power, excellence, and professionalism every single time they roll into the beams.
🎤We touched base with them today to see what they have planned for the 2020 Bad-N-Boujee racing season.
🏍 When you race the toughest class in motorcycle drag racing in the toughest series in motorcycle racing that’s what you better come with. 4.60 at an XDA event. We have the crew, rider, tune-ups and the bike to stay at the top of the class. As the rider, I want to bring more consistency, continue to work on myself as the rider. Always room for improvement. With a great ending to last year and going to a few finals, it gave me more confidence in myself, and as a whole, my team is more confident in what we can do, and we’ll continue to go rounds and hopefully be in the points chase at the end of the season. Bad-N-Boujee.
I can’t forget my crew chief Richie (brother) that has been by my side since day one. My whole crew. The FBR Shop ( great bike he built me) My teammates Dave and Kenny Cornell always helping me out no matter what the situation and keeping my motors ready to go. Best teammates ever. Jason for a great series and of course you for giving me my best picture of me and my crew,” – Douglas Robinson / Robinson Racing
🎤JT Norton /
1st XDA 2020 April 24-26th with the Platinum Fleet Repair Spring Nationals! Full details👇
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