Ideas, Ideals, Politicians & Reality.

Ok lets put in context first,

Someone posted online 3-31-2020 : Suddenly a universal, efficient health care system (like in Canada) — rather than our for-profit, stripped-to-the-bone by cut-backs one like we have — makes a lot of sense. Biden says he won’t support it. He also says that legalizing a medical tool that is useful, marijuana, is stupid (again, look at Canada — they have universal legalized weed)…. Bernie is for universal health care… for legal weed nationally, etc. But it’s astonishing how our media jumped to the conclusion that Biden was THE candidate just as they did with Clinton, hammering the idea over and over as if it’s a done deal! What a shame. Look at Biden’s record. Big push in support of Bush’s Iraq war. (Bernie was one of the VERY FEW who actually voted against it.) Biden was busy writing a bill to incarcerate more people. Etc. I was just around many snowbird French Canadians. I was thinking, Man, it would be so much better to be in Canada during this time… Of course they all left… and — note — had to quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival in Canada. Maybe we should rethink annointing the so-called sure-thing candidate as the media did with Clinton last time. Just sayin. Maybe ….it’s useful to consider the options. And consider what people really stand for and how that would impact our lives

One response: Sure, Bernie is for that. But in fairness, he has no roadmap to make it happen, even if he got the nomination and even if he was elected. Obamacare just barely passed, with zero votes from the Republicans. Without flipping the Senate, something like Medicare for all would stand zero chance of becoming legislation. Yet few ever talk about that little roadblock.

Original Poster responds: Yeah, St****, (person not a curse word) I guess it’s better to not even try, right? Why even bother? Just embrace a failed corporate for-profit system. Maybe if we had someone really trying and using the bully pulpit a president has, gosh, maybe things just might evolve here. But gosh I think you’re right– that little roadblock is a game ender. Let’s not even bother to try. That’s for the best, right? IN all seriousness, the defeatist attitude is part of why it doesn’t happen. And, with what we’re going through now, maybe even some Republicans will wake up to the idea that we need a change…. We’re in a time now where people, including politicians, may have a very different attitude in 3 months…. I’m glad Bernie said he was staying in the race. There is so much pressure to push him out from so many people, it’s amazing. Like, Oh, Bernie, just go away and give it to Biden– hey, all the other candidates did that! Why not you too?

My response: St****, (person not a curse word) not even try … but how do we try when we see no plan just ideas?…. St**** is stating the reality of what Bernie would face. Saying the Republicans will wake up is unrealistic, considering their own response to this very problem 🦠. Why can’t Bernie produce a “road map”? Why not have a real discussion about how Bernie will honestly be able get these plans done?

When Bernie has said he is against the Republican & Democratic establishments. (Yet While seeking the Democratic Nomination) These are very establishments he would have to change or at least get them to go along with these plans to make them happen. Trump gets away with a lot because he’s protected by Senate, Bernie will not have that luxury. SO… If elected how does Bernie do all these great plans in just 4 years and build it so the next president does not tear it all down?

{Bernie interview Mar 4, 2020 with Rachael Maddow}

Another person responds: St****,(person not a curse word) is right. Politics requires pragmatism. Obama was a pragmatist. He achieved the first major reform of healthcare in decades. And even that is under constant attack by Republicans.

My response to this:

M****, (person not a curse word) But Obama did not build in a way to protect it. I know he talked about how this is a starting point to build upon but he “somehow” forget what might happen if the Republicans took Control. like this -> Individual mandate eliminated. … / States allowed to add “work requirements” to Medicaid. / Cost-sharing reduction subsidies to insurers have ended. / Access to short-term “skinny” plans has been expanded./ Funds to facilitate HealthcareOrg sign-ups slashed. Obama had one party coming after him Bernie will have both against him. How could he get these ideas done realistically? (I’m not saying don’t try I just asking how)

People really need to stop supporting IDEALS and figuring a way of getting shit done. Ask tough questions of their own candidates instead of assuming theirs are the savior of all humanity. Start by asking your candidate and keep asking until you get an intelligent answer. Look at where we have been politically to help you fight your battles because it keeps repeating itself because the system work for them. I not telling you who to vote for I’m telling you to question the ones you do vote for.

How are you going to do this in 4 years?

How are you going to change a system using the people that have created and hold this system up?

How are you going to get these people to work with you when they can not half the time work with each other?

How will you be able to respond when they all team up against you by blocking your ability to do Executive orders and overridden your veto’s?

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