RoadTripN and Events 240-270

  • Last Update 5-11-2021, my routines are not written in stone and the events tend to throw a monkey wrench into them. I pay attention to my body and how’s it’s recovering. I focus on getting it done right but from time to time will take a complete rest day. Too clear everything out and come into the next day ready to go at it again. – JT

  Chapter 1: 21 Day Self Goal 01-30  / Chapter 2: Bike on 30-60 / Chapter 3: Keep On KeepN 61-90  / Chapter 4: KeepN Up! 91–120, Chapter 5: PushN On 120–150 / Chapter 6: TryN and Still Flyin 150-180 /  Chapter 7: DropBars and BookN it! 180-210Chapter 8: Switching Gears 210-240 / Chapter 9: RoadTripN and Events 240-270 /

The pending chapters are 270-300 / 300-330 / 330-365

May Routine Updates:

  • * Runs are now 30 minutes, the distance is whatever is achieved in the 30 minutes, but the focus is still 6k performance.
  • ** Adding. 1k run after the 30-minute session. I Will push this 1k but looking to apply pressure to the pace but not to haul ass. Just see how low I can get without falling to the ground when I’m done.

You are here Chapter 9: RoadTripN and Events 240-270

Day 252: 5-12-21: Walk day only 3.58 miles still working on a personal matter no ride or run today.

Day 251: 5-11-21: morning routine complete but dealing with a personal issue, no ride or run today.

Day 250: 5-10-21: (Local Trail, Florida)🏃 JT-Run day: Dis: 6.26km+ May Session Two, Duration: 00:30:02, Pushing: No, Temp: 26C, Humidity 80%, Avg Pace: 4:47/km, Max Pace: 4:21/km – #hokaoneone Carbon x2. This was a hot one Florida is out in full force today!!!

(May Run goals) (Goal #1) 30 minutes with an open distance. (Goal #2) Keep focus on the 6k and each km-splits 00:04:59 or less. (Goal 3#) 6k itself below 30 minutes.

I left a bit later than usual because my mom needed some help. Starting a bit later means that the Florida sun got to wake up and be a hot bastard like usual. Hot, humid and nasty run but no excuses because they have to get done. I normally do my weekly run on Tuesday but have a dentist appointment tomorrow, so I bumping some stuff around. Not sure what kind of mood I will be in tomorrow after the appointment.

I’m really happy with this run because I closed up that Average pace and Maximum pace time gap a lot on this session with only a 26 second difference. With this heat and humidity today, I needed to make sure to control my pace so I could finish the 30 minutes with some solid numbers. My stiffness has cleaned up throughout the routine and I can feel the session are more a lot comfortable. It does not feel like I am beating the shit out of myself but still feeling the workout making it far more effective.

I did my ten-minute cool down walk then did the 1K push lap. I would do a bit better this time and would clock in at 00:04:12 ✊ which is a personal best. Reminder I’m not after a Tom Cruise style sprint, just a pressing run with a good pace number and a close avg and max pace time.

Session Results: Goal 1 (30 minutes done Dis; 6.26 km, Goal #2 All six km-splits were 00:04:59 or less with the best of the day coming in 00:04:37 #2. Goal #3 6k cam in at 28:40.

Day 249: 5-9-21: (Local Trail, Florida) JT-Cycling Dis: 36.59km May Session One, Pushing: NO, Temp: 22C, Humidity 74%, Duration: 01:23:23, Avg Speed: 26.3kph/ 16.3mph, Max Speed: 37.8kph / 23.5mph, Avg Pace: 02:16/km – 03:40/mi, Max Pace: 01:35/km – 02:32/mi

This sucked. I miss my Cannondale already; it was the first to ride since the crash that destroyed the Supersix. I default back to my 2020 Felt Hybrid. I have no real goals because this bike weighs a ton compared to the Carbon. I was looking to get the session in. The Felt is a Great bike, but I just have clearly moved beyond its design; I really need to get back to what I was on. Just get the session done was my goal today at 22 miles (36km)

There are no excuses, so I will work with what I have and get the sessions done; once I get readjusted to the hybrid, I will start setting goals.

1 hour morning routine and a Walk 37:40 minutes 2.28 miles / 3.67 km minutes  my mom had a rough day today 🙁

Day 248: 5-8-21: (Florida) Work Day spent the day with my mom and getting some image sorting done. Playing catch-up but almost got it handled. HAd my bike service guy give the damaged Cannondale a once over to see if it can be saved. There is a crack in the main tubing. He knows a guy that repairs carbon fiber bikes so once I get a replay I’ll see if by some stroke of luck I can save it.

1 hour morning routine and a walk 25 minutes. (time only no data)

Day 247: 5-7-21: (Local Trail, Florida) 🏃 JT-Run day: Dis: 6.14km+ May Session One, Duration: 00:30:03, Pushing: No, Temp: 22C, Humidity 59%, Avg Pace: 4:53/km, Max Pace: 3:57/km – #hokaoneone Carbon x2.

✊ I finally got my 1st run done for May because this month has been crazy busy and a pain in the ass. Things are looking up, so let us get back at it.

(May has Three Run goals) (Goal #1) 30 minutes with an open distance and today came in at 6.14km. (Goal #2) Keep each of the 6k one km-splits 00:04:59 or less and (Goal 3#) 6k itself below 30 minutes. 6k today would come in at 00:29:15, which is way off the mark compared to previous sessions.

Session Results: KM-Spilt #5 (00:05:01) did not make the goal, but the rest were 00:04:56 or less with the best of the day coming in 00:04:45 #2. I got my second COVID shot yesterday, so I was not expecting any great times today, but they were better than I thought they would be.

💪 I did another extra 1 Kilometer run after the 30-minute run session, and my 10 minutes cool-down walk was done. I’m just pushing for a solid pace, not a full bore sprint where I’m falling down when done. The 1 KM Split would come in at 00:04:24 with a. Max pace of 00:03:31, so I have some work to do to close this time gap. Not a great time compared to the last attempts, but I did not want to push my luck after getting this shot. The three’s are coming; it’s just going to take time and patience.

📑 Entire Session: 10-minute walk(1.01km) 30-minute run (6.14), 10-minute walk(1.04), 1k pushed run (1k), 10 minute walk (1.02) Step count as of 10:38am 11880. 11.85km

Day 246: 5-6-21: Florida, still got some work to do but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The second Covid vaccine shot is done and hoping the side effects are not bad so I can get a run or a ride in. Adding some more dates to the schedule for 2021 is going to be a lot busier this year.

The podcast is starting off well looking forward to more races so we can get some more done.


1 hour morning routine and a walk 34 minutes.

Day 245: 5-5-21: (A lot of work left to do plus took my car in for repairs, Florida ) morning routine and Walk only.

1 hour morning routine and a walk 25 minutes.

Day 244: 5-4-21: (catch up Day Florida ) morning routine and Walk only playing catch up with work stuff running behind. Pun intended 🙂

1 hour morning routine and a walk 22 minutes.

Day 243: 5-3-21: (REST Day Florida ) complete rest day have to clean my car and get some post-event work done.

1 hour morning routine and a walk 28 minutes.

Day 242: 5-2-21: (ManCup Event Day #1 Adel, Georgia) Daily Step count: 11,929. I was supporting Dave Vantine and Dragbike.com for Sunday. I also had to meet up with a partnership to pick up some stuff. It was a hot damn day but the racers had a good time and everyone was in good spirits, Dave Vantine put up some monster numbers during testing and did it all on one motor.

Dave doing meet and greeting with the fans.
A good day for team Vantine

Day 241: 5-1-21: (AHDRA event day #2 Darlington Dragway, South Carolina) Daily Step count: 20,411

Day 240: 4-30-21: (AHDRA event day #1 Darlington Dragway, South Carolina) Daily Step count: 10,902

This event was a lot of fun and I have learned over the years each “TYPE” of the series is interesting in its own way. I had a lot of fun and it was nice to see spectators which have been scare lately. Getting here was a pain in the neck because I-95 was a mess. had to cut through the median go back and go around a bad wreck.

JT Fitness Information

Most cyclists/runners don’t do their routines like this, and I’m not training for any race or event. There is a personal aspect to all this, but that story is for another day. In a Nutt shell… I’m doing this for myself and have set goals to help keep myself motivated. It also lets me focus on something I’ve wanted but never went after. I have never been in better shape and proud of what I have accomplished so far.

Official bike if JTNorton.com 2021 (Super Six)

The way I log my sessions, allows me to run the same path section over and over, and it’s never the sesson twice. (for me anyways) I do this so I can compare the sessions, see improvements or where I need to make adjustments. Once a month I will go out to another trail called Jan Van Fleet trail and test myself. There are no hills out there to assist me and the first road crossing isn’t until about 30k out.

Saturday is an open day for biking, kayaking, flea market, hiking, or just making it an extra rest day, etc.… A fun day to reward me for sticking to all this. I DON’T DO CHEAT DAYS, so it not one of those days. Sunday is back to being my official rest day.

Run/Jog 6k: Mon and Thurs (yes, it’s a non-stop run) (shoes are Hokaoneone Carbon x2)– 22 Benefits of Jogging I ran 16k up until the beginning of March when I reduced it to begin more weight training. There are times when I will run beyond the 6k goal, but will usually note why in the session descriptions.

Cycling 36km: Tues / Wed / Fri. I use the same start point and endpoint location for my sessions. 15 benefits of bicycle riding .Idon’t plan on changing this session any time soon. There are several goals I want to achieve and it should take a while to get them.

Walking (20minutes) 10 Benefits of Walking

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