60 Thousand Steps July 17th, 2021

Sixty Thousand steps walked is one hell of a birthday present to give yourself! 🎂

I was after this step goal because there are achievements rankings on my walking app. Now I don’t care about the goals themselves as something to look at every day. It is just I ran across it a couple of weeks before and two were still greyed out. I looked into the distances and realized that you have to dedicate time to do them because it takes a while to accomplish it. 🦶


First of all, there is NO reason to do something like this as part of a daily routine. If someone tells you that they walk 30k plus every day, please have them checked out for mental health issues. I walk a lot at my events, but there is no way I’m ever doing 40k or 60k worth of steps at an event. So I decided to dedicate July 17th, 2021, to do just that, and also be able to say I got it done. The full step count for the session would hit 65,706. The additional steps are because at 60 thousand steps, I was at 48km and figured why the hell not, since I have gone this far with all this crap I might as well round it all out.

Unless you’re a bucket list item person, I would not advise doing this unless you are in good health and fit. I’m a very active person and exercise regularly and had a good idea what the PAINS would be. You might say it’s just walking, but if you think that, you’ve never tried it. Keep in mind You have to do it all in one day for the APP to mark off the achievement.

My Average pace for the first 5 hours and 41 minutes was 11:27km/ before my smartwatch died. My phone kept track of the rest.

This took ten hours, thirty-one minutes, thirty-seven seconds. I’m sure there are better times out there, but this is only a personal goal and was not looking to set any records. I do my thing and try to do better the next time, but I won’t be doing this again. Once is enough for me, even though I have walked further than this in the past. That was long ago before apps and my fitness stuff when I went 11.5 hours hiking the Appalachian Mountains with a friend. (Tom)

The goal on July 17th, 2021 was 40K-steps with the possibility of doing 60k. I saw the Flager Beach pier in the distance and decided to make that my turnaround point. Once there it was clear the sixty thousand steps were getting done. I would take a break at the pier; get something to eat and drink before heading back. It was a bit tougher coming back because high tide doesn’t allow me to walk on the more compacted sand. If you have ever gone to the beach and carried your stuff down in that thick-ass beach sand, just think about it for 5 hours walking. I ran out of water in Ormond beach but used the public rest area to refill and rest up for a few before pushing on.

It was a good day and enjoyed the experience, but can also say that I know what sixty thousand steps feel like. I will be quick to add that it’s a feeling a can go a while NOT feeling again.😂, A bucket list item crossed off, and I did have fun doing it.

Next day note: I woke up on 7-18-21 with a toe blister and a sunburn but other than that, I’ was fine so I rested up and got back to my normal routines on the 19th. (Last Edit 8-10-2021)

7-17-2021 Total Daily step count: 68,540

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