330 and beyond

Last update 10-31-21 :  Don’t mind the typos I will get them fixed, Year one is in the book time to move on.

Chapter 1: 21 Day Self l 01-30 / Chapter 2: Bike on 30-60 / Chapter 3: Keep On KeepN 61-90 / Chapter 4: KeepN Up! 91–120, Chapter 5: PushN On 120–150 / Chapter 6: TryN and Still Flyin 150-180 / Chapter 7: DropBars and BookN it! 180-210 / Chapter 8: Switching Gears 210-240 / Chapter 9: RoadTripN and Events 240-270 / Chapter 10: Digging In PushN On 270-300 / Chapter 11: Run, Ride,Live 300-330 / Chapter 12: 330 -365 Light – End -Tunnel

Chapter 13 330 & beyond / Chapter 14 405-5.0 Keep on Booking

11-01-2021: Day 412 (Daily Steps: 8.110) Bingham State Park Georgia kayak and fishing 830 am to 330 pm, then went back over to Banks Lake Wildlife Refuge for a few hours. 4:15pm to 6:30pm.

10-31-2021: Day 411 (Daily Steps: 10.757) Spent the day at Banks Lake Wildlife Refuge kayaking and fishing. I’m legal to fish in Georgia now  Freshwater only.

10-30-2021: Day 410 (Daily Steps: 7735) Banks Lake Wildlife Refuge kayaking and fishing. 9:15am to 6:45pm I’m legal to fish in Georgia now, just not very good at it. Freshwater only for GA

10-29-2021: Day 409 (Daily Steps: 962) rain rain and more rain… Sitting things out for about half the day.

Ocoee Tenn

10-28-2021: Day 408 (Daily Steps: 15.600) Ocoee Tenessee it got windy today but some sun was popping throigh, the storm front is coming but still had a great day. A second kayak run was out of the question way too windy.

10-27-2021: Day 407 (Daily Steps: 17.001) Kayaking the Lake WAS amazing! OH WOW. Got back had lunch and then went to see Benton Falls. A great day but we have pending weather coming in not sure how tomorrow will fair.

10-26-2021: Day 406 (Daily Steps: 7.970) Taladega Alabama then Red Top Mountain State Park Georgia camp ground was full so I move further North and ended up at Gound Chilhowcee Recreational Area Lake Ocoee Tennessee. They had open camping spots! Night 1 getting some real rest. Will better here three nights two full days.

10-25-2021: Day 405: (Daily Steps: 2.719) Jasper Alabama some sleep will make you feel so much better. Yesterday was a long ass day. But on to today. I will do a podcast session with one and only Chris Hand. Then head off to kill a couple days and do some exploring before SDBA. I will do some driving first and get myself back into Georgia. Stop in Taladega National Forest Alabama for some rest.

10-24-2021: Day 404 (Daily Steps: 10.757) left early Sunday morning so I’m in the Alabama area on Monday, and don’t have to deal with Pan Handle traffic. Stop one goofing off with the fishing pole Cypress Landing Lake Miccosukee. Too tired to kayak but a bit too open of an area for my taste. Still very beautiful place.

Gained an hour due to a time zone jump, added Florida Caverns State Park to the stop list. Never been here it was pretty cool. A one time thing not something to do over and over. Off the list of done stuff, still tired looking forward to some rest.

10-23-2021: Day 403 (Daily Steps: 13.749) Walk onlya full work day before I leave again Sunday.

10-22-2021: Day 402 (Daily Steps: 18.402) Rest day and car maintenance, having oil changed and tires rotated. Changing the shocks myself then back to getting race content done before I leave again Sunday

10-21-2021: Day 401 (Daily Steps: 8450) Rest day after a 20k also have a wedding to attend and get some work done.

Mr and Mrs. Parker
1st dance The Parkers

10-20-2021: Day 400 Daily Steps: 27,225  Florida JT-Run 20.02km / 1:53:07, Avg Pace 5:38 Max Pace 3:36 October Monthly  20k Temp 18c Humidity 90%. @hokaoneone (Carbon x2) @jtnortoncom A beautiful cool day so at 3km I knew I was going after my monthly 20k

Session 6k portion Results

(Goal # 1 30 minutes minimum) thirty and then some. 

(Goal # 2 for 6k each km split 4:59 or less) three of six  km-splits were 4:54 or less, had to slow the pace down to do the 20k but times were still ok…. four was 5:07 five and six were 5:20

(Goal # 3 6k under 30) 6k mission accomplished 00:29:42 cutting it pretty close.

(Goal # 4 six minute mile ) I have not ran in a while because of my events so I was not pushing for it today but had a 1-mile come in at 7:02.

This is my 4th 20k typical legs pains at 18k but my the whole session felt really good. My breathing was spot on and the cycling visitor that was with me for the last few kilometers helped distract me in a good way. See my other post from today for that story. 

TAKU! Podcast: Android https://tryandkeepup.buzzsprout.com/

TAKU! Podcast: Apple

10-19-2021:400 Daily Steps: 5426  Florida . rest day dropped my bike off it has issues that need to be fixed. It’s weird driving home now days, it feels like I don’t belong anywhere anymore, keep plugging away until I figure it out. These beautiful places I see help see a gorgeous world we are lucky to live on.

10-18-2021:399 Daily Steps: 3802  Rockingham Dragway NC. hung put for a bit then got going, mostly driving home to Florida. Hung out with Bookie and had some coffee before heading out. He is a cool dude but I need to stop rambling peoples ears off. 😆 stopped at Santee State Forest to have my afternoon lunch. It’s a beautiful place have no idea why I’m so attached to it.

10-17-2021:398 Daily Steps: 15,102 AMRA Rockingham Dragway NC. #3

Sam White White Lighting – Team Try and Keep Up! Got a win! 🏆

10-16-2021:397 Daily Steps: 20,180 AMRA Rockingham Dragway NC. #2

LSR got into the Semi Finals rock on!

10-15-2021:396 Daily Steps: 15,102 Shenandoah National Park but left at 2am, heading to next events Rockingham Dragway NC.

10-14-2021:354 Daily Steps: 21,376 Shenandoah National Park. Big Meadow camp site. #2

On my way to Darkhallows falls

10-13-2021:394 Daily Steps: 30,576 Shenandoah National Park. Big Meadow camp site.  #1

Big Meadow love this place

10-12-2021:393 Daily Steps:4859  Newport News Virginia, Hanging with Larry McBride and doing another podcast session with him before I did some more driving. Once I left Larry’s shop I headed over to Shenandoah National Park. Big Meadow got a camping spot for a couple days. Spent an extra day that was unplanned, but not much I could do about that.

Larry’s shop

10-11-2021:393 Daily Steps: There won’t be much walking today because it is a half rest day. I’m loading the car and getting ready to get moving again. I had no .000 1st to perfect winner on Sunday; it has only happened one other time this year. If partnerships of my program continue in 2022 we will roll it over to the first XDa race of 2022, we will have specialty orange hats that each racer will get. You can only get them on by getting the first perfect light on Saturday and Sunday. The hat will feature “The Shootress” that appears in the T in my JT logo. When requesting JT decals, the racers always want the one with her in it.

Team JT / PG2 gets a bit 10k 🏆

10-10-2021:392 Daily Steps: 28,087 Maryland International Raceway  Event Day 5 XDA What an awesome day. 700+ motorcycles and done with winner circle pictures and back to my hideout and showered by 10 pm. TEAM Try and Keep Up! got a win. Pablo Gonzalez Got Pro ET, and Dustin Lee of Hard Times Parts and Service got the VOoDoo Bracket Bash Saturday. This was a crazy busy day chasing people down for various things I needed them for. I did not push a lot of content, focusing more on video and getting some podcast sessions done. Got Trevor Schnitz, Chase Van Sant, and Rodney Williford.

The Claycomb kids with grandpa

1st 2 Perfect $100.00 Saturday goes to Michael McAllister .000
XDA – DME Racing Fall Nationals at MDIR
Jack T Norton Schnitz Racing Dragbike.com

10-9-2021 :391 Daily Steps: 20,793 – Maryland International Raceway  Event Day 4 XDA

10-8-2021 :390 Daily Steps: 17,702 – Maryland International Raceway  Event Day 3 XDA

10-7-2021:389 Daily Steps:12,653 –  Maryland International Raceway  Event Day 2 XDA, Final XDA race of the year but this is a testing day so I can focus on some off-season content. I horde images for between events but also the off-season. There is a gamblers race on Friday sponsored by Hard Times Parts and Service that the racers have fun with.

10-6-2021:388 Daily Steps: 20,461 – Camp Cherokee National Forest day 3: Headed out at 230am and made it to Maryland got some content from the testing day. The car is unpacked, washed and laundry is also done which is awesome.  My blower motor went out so that is something I will need to fix when I get home. Went to bed early to catch up on some rest, a regular bed feels pretty damn good. Got some good shots while testing today hopefully the audience will enjoy the shots. Maryland International Raceway  Event Day 1 XDA ( a private testing day at the track)

10-5-2021:387 Daily Steps: 10,774 – Camp Cherokee National Forest day 2 Headed out early got some supplies and a hot cup of coffee. Since the cups are stupid small at this store, it required I get two. I got back to camp and settled in for the day. I got some kayaking in before setting up camp just in case it rained later in the day. This is a great place for boaters or any type and fisherman. It sucks for cycling and hiking because it is more about the lake at this location. You will have fun, and the camping spots are outstanding. I got some rain during my stay, and the spots worked perfectly. No standing water was quick to drain off. Kayaking in on the western side of the lake. The clouds started to roll in for the afternoon showers, so I packed everything up early for a quick morning exit on Thursday. Two days is all I really needed on this one, BUT if I was a boater or fisherman, I could spend days here. The lake is super clean, and their water cleaning program is working great. The is trash BUT NOWHERE near what I have seen at other lakes and national parks. The campground has an awesome bathroom with hot showers, so you can save on your water if need be.

10-4-2021:386 Daily Steps: 5556 – More driving than anything else today. North Nashville, Tennessee, I went and hung out at a local lake to enjoy my morning coffee and breakfast, but there is not much walking in the morning because I’m meeting with George Bryce for my podcast.

JT and George October 2021

Once we get done, my trip to Maryland begins. I will make a stop, just not sure where it will be yet. A couple of national forests along the way, I have already done, so I want to hit a new one. The only exception is Daniel Boone National forest; I did the north side in 2019. There is a south part I’ll drive through. It’s 9 am. I will figure it out later. I ended up going with Cherokee National Forest TA Little Oak Campground South Lake Houlston Eastern Tenessee. First I camped in an off-road primitive spot. Moved to a regular campground spot for day 2 and 3.

10-4-21 Tennessee Morning view by the Lake in Hendersonville Tenn before my recording session.

10-3-2021 :385 Sunday Nashville Tennessee Coming out of the SDBA was a fun event, even though the weather came in cutting things short on Saturday. The event decided to call it instead of pushing into Sunday because of the pending weather for today. I got an early start even though I’m technically 1 hour behind my regular time zone. I have stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, even though I was looking for something else.

Had to visit this awesome place

I’m having to kill some more time before my meeting with George Bryce on Monday, so I will stop in Nashville and see some sights. I have driven through this area few times over the years but never stopped anywhere. It’s a Sunday so hopefully it wont be as busy but not holding my breath.

So far…. Road trip

It was not bad at all so I had a good time found a hiking area and decided to pick up some water resistant high top hiking boots and they seem to be durable enough. Should be able to push my luck a bit more when out hiking.

10-2-2021 384 Huntsville’s Dragway Alabama. Daily Steps 16,045 Weather would roll in and they called the race. But we had a fun day of racing everyone was in good spirits and having a good time. Even at payout, everyone was in a good mood. Saturday was a really nice day overall with a steady cover of clouds all day. Except it gave the track no heat so when the rains came in later on it was sitting there and after a bit, it was clear there was no way the track was getting dried out.

Saturday Top End Sonny Vick SDBA

The track does not have any boing drying equipment to deal with this amount of rain. It would let off but the standing water was just too much and they would pull the plug. The Dogwood Racing Street ET number one qualifier custom plaque and T-shirt offered by Dogwood racing would go the Jonaa Jenkins on Saturday. For me it was a good day I kept the pages updated and the Organizers were happy with my performance. The live feeds sucked donkey balls but that is T-Mobile for you. It worked so much better when I had an iPhone.

#1 Quailfier Dogwood Racing Street ET

10-1-2021 :383 HUntsville Drag-way Alabama Daily Steps 20,227 Gamblers race no box and box was a lot of fun with a class match up after each class was complete John Markham and Dustin Lee would face off … Dustin Lee would come away with the victory. Friday went well and testing kicked off at 4pm with the 2 gamblers races going on for Friday Night a NO BOx and Box classes. They winner of each would face off in a class s class battle which the racers had a lot of gun with Dustin Lee has been missing out out these egging knocked early several tie this year finally got him a win. He was really running good this weekend and was making rounds on Saturday before the weather decided to be a pain in the ass.

9-1-21 Land Trust of North Alabama

9-30-21 Day 382 Steps: 10,593 Alabama last day at camp have to head out and find a laundry mat again, looks like Thursdays will be my laundry days. I’m only about 2 hours from the track so I will get closer to he bigger town before i hunt on down. Hopefully a bit cheaper than North Carolina. Still need to get me a real meal, and might hook myself up with a solid breakfast from one of the bigger breakfast places. A hot cup of joe would be really nice, because this ice coffee crap suck dogs’ turds. For there a bit quicker than expected, should have stayed another day and gone on Friday.

9-29-2021 Day 381 Daily Steps: 29,517 Alabama Camp Day 3 Sipsey Wilderness Area. I got up early and went to pine lock but after about mile and half i was not really getting a feel for the trail. It is a great hiking trail if you like woods hiking but I love the water. I decided to try and second nearby trail head.

Broad head and it was a good choice the first side trail took me about 1.5 miles into the woods and I would find an awesome waterfall. When I took a picture of it, you really can’t appreciated the height of this one. So i set up the GoPro and self timer. You have to go out and get dirty to get this one. I came back and took the second side trail that lead up stream and it was a also really cool but non cool waterfalls. I decided to head back to camp after lunch and get some rest and organized in case we get rain tomorrow I am ready to go quick. A great day once again, I will head out tomorrow get some laundry done and get to the track. The trek out can get tricky because of the wet mud I was dealing with. Be extra careful and there are a lot of mountain lion cats prints here so use caution.

The Brushy Creek it not very big and when you look at it on the map it does not seem like much. When you get here your opinion probably wont change looking at it. I’m just hanging out and figured why the hell not, I have my kayak and have nothing better to do at the moment. So I threw it in the water and paddled around the lake. NOW this is no multi hour paddle like I normally put myself through but I AM SO glad i did this run. The lake is peaceful enough and when you get back on the stream side things get really gorgeous. I was surprised by this unexpected little gem of a location . NOW don’t load up your shit and drive hours and hours to kayak this location! It’s not that kind of location but if you live around here or are passing through, take a quick paddle it a easy beautiful paddle. Since I’m camped here it work out well and I think some sunrise shots on the lake might look pretty cool too. A few more campers rolled in today but they seem quiet enough so all is good.

This morning before I left camp.

9-28-2021 Day 380 Daily Steps:23,703 Alabama Camp day 2 killing time between events. I found an area called Brusy Creek lake and it turns out there is a camping area here that is cheap. (Primitive sites) which is fine by me. It has a cool little lake, the camping spaces are large and have a solid fountain. (I used number 4) At 5 bucks a night I’ll take it. I was going to kayak on the lake for a bit but decided to chill out and relax instead. Had to go into town because there is ZERO cell service out here and someone needed an answer to an email. There is one spot on the road but it is not stable. (I have T-Mobile) A great day chilling out and relaxing trying to figure what the hell I’m going to do after the close of this racing season. Bought a six pack beer and some grilling stuff and had a peaceful night.

Day 379: 9-27-21, Daily Steps: 23,950 Georgia and Alabama: Georgia after my rest stop nap I was off again and would get into Alabama around 6ish. I would get through Brimingham pretty easy and was surprised. A small accident slowed us down but caught it right after it happen so it had not screwed up the interstate yet. A tractor trailer and truck went at it. The truck lost and got the entire bed ripped off his truck. The interstaye will be messed up for awhile.

I got into Double Springs Alabama which is close to my target stopping point around 730 but this is because of a time bump back an hour because of a time zone crossing. Which works for me because it gave me time to track down good hiking section at Sepney Wilderness Area. It us absolute gorgeous out here and I am glad I made this a stop choice even through it shot me pass Huntsville Dragway a bit. Shot into town for a Walmart run to garb a few things for my trip.

I got some hiking in at two locations and found a couple beautiful waterfalls going to hunt down another one tomorrow.

Had to get dirty to get it this one.

* My daily event steps at down because the event has a lower turnout and there is less for me to take pictures of.

Day 378: 9-26-21 Daily Steps: 15,551, North Carolina final day of racing and everyone had a good time. LSR’s unfortunately ended at round one and they have a hurt motor. Not broke – just hurt, and will not go into it any further than that.

Had some great racing today and Rochard Managaed to drop a 3.99 on the bike he was riding. They were not officially competing and was running more for testing reason because that seemed to be all they were after. They left after that pass. No official word from any of them it is jaur me running my mouth “typing”.

When got done early and I decided not to sleep at the track overnight. I was going to stop at a sit down restaurant and have dinner but could find anything worth a crap. So just hit a KFC. (Crap but it’s something) I would push out as far as I could my goal was to get through a couple areas that could be busy in the morning. I prefer bight driving and the car seems to prefer it so I pushed until about 10:30 then stopped and got some sleep. (About 4 hrs – rest stop hit)

Day 377: 9-25-21 Daily Steps North Carolina “The Rock” first day of the races qualifying and running for their numbers. A fun day got some decent shots. I’m not getting what I want so tried to change it up a bit. Got some coll sunset racer shots so it was a good day.

Day 376: 9-24-21 Daily Steps: 12,129, Day 1 North Carolina / Rockingham Dragway ” The Rock” it a beautiful day light breeze and 54. (At 9am. ManCup testing day, A light turnout for the event but enough to make for some great racing. People were in good sports and having fun racing. Got some more work done with LSR and made some new connections. I hammered the ManCup page to help boost its presence online for the upcoming finals. We have some international racers planning to attend. Not 100% sure I will be there but see what life has in store.

Day 375: 9-23-2021 not much for steps kayaking packing driving and lay dry started out at Uwharrie National Forest Day 5: My final day here so I spent the morning on the lake kayaking began paddling at 6am. It was a beautiful almost full moon and a cloudless sky with stars everywhere. The Temp had dropped to 50, so it made for a beautiful trip. Got back to the camp site and got my stuff packed up after breakfast. Will stop to get some clothes washed then head on over the Rockingham, as long as they let me in early. Troy NC sucks on the their laundry prices or I have just not used one of these things in that long. Heading to rocking a ham after this gates open at 2pm

Had a crazy dream last night but will hold off posting the details for now. It was clearly my inner self talking to me and I heard every word.

Day 374 : 9-22-2021 Daily Steps: 19,864: Uwharrie National Forest Day 4 : another raining day and it’s not supposed to stop until tonight sometime. It’s ok I’m in no rush just chilling and passing the time. Having coffee at the moment (8:55 am) – … (4:58) well today turned fricking awsome!!! The day cleared up so I got some hiking and kayaking in goofing off with the underwater cameras today since I had some sun to work with. The weather waited until about 3 to go to hell. Seeing some clearing my get a good sunset afterall. Kayaking and hiking a great day that I was expecting to be a wash out.

From today
Goofing off

DAY 373: 9-21-21: daily steps. 15,097 : Uwharrie National Forest 3 : Got a lot of rain today but still managed to get in a bit over 7 miles in today. Uwharrie National Forest is a peaceful place and the campground is pretty nice. CoveBoat ramp  (arrowhead campground) is a nice little spot but if your kayaking or camping and want to be a tad closer to the water the Baldwin lake camping area is a but better. I found this out when kayaking over and found that area. Cell service is total crap here but when hiking over to Baldwin Camp ground on the 9-20-21 I noticed it was bit better over there. (I have T-Mobile) I will use that location next time when I need to stay here.

Raining day but not enough to stop a good hike. That is really wrote in the side walk by the way.

   I use National parks because they are cheaper than a hotel and since I carry a portable shower with me it works out great. I don’t really care where I sleep but need to have a shower. With a bath house on this site, my shower tent is more of a storage area to get some stuff out of my car. There is only one local store up the street but it has pretty much anything you need. Eldorado Outpost as long as you’re not a picky bastard. The store has WiFi so if you need to connect with the outside world for as bit it works it’s fine. They have tables and rocking chairs outside, so if you want to chill out for a bit they have you covered. The staff is super nice and the store is well stocked and clean. Supplies are bit thin on Monday because the off road people love this place. If you have a Jeep you probably already know about this place.

DAY 372: 9-20-21: Daily Steps 24,370 / Uwharrie National Forest 2 : Got in some kayaking, hiking and some art stuff on the lakeshore just to pass the time. I heard in the radio some rain was coming so I figure I better take advantage of the day even it is was cloud and misty. Kayaked over to a small island on the lake and then came back. I found some wood items I think I can do something artistic with but if not its a memento of my time on the island. Once back I decided to hike over to a couple areas I saw in the kayak and get me some walking stick material and it was a peaceful walking trail that cuts through a. Couple campsites. I found a great location on a hug boulder over there that gave me perfect cell phone service so I got a few things posted for the hell of it. I got back and went down by the lake with my folding chair and got some drawing in. Nothing fancy just some concept stuff and a couple cartoons. 

   I have never used my tent in heavy wet weather so something told me to clear the back of my car for a quick transfer. I set everything up but slept in my tent. Early in the morning the drops started to fall so something told me to transfer over. I did so and quickly went back to sleep, then later on got up and went to get something out of the tent. IT WAS DRENCHED DAMn near a swimming poll inside … when in doubt trust your guy! Nothing left inside could get hurt by the water, only have to deal with a drenched towel. I need to look into an better tent setup. No big deal because I have crashed in my car many times and sleep just fine. I would really like to van upgrade, even though I’m not looking forward to the gas mileage drop. Nothing fancy just an e250 or e350 (or Chevy version of this model) and not a new one, I would rather have a slightly older one for style reasons and what I have planned for it.

The setup

DAY 370: 9-19-21: Daily Steps: 18,242 / Uwharrie National Forest 1: Today in my sons birthday, so I now have a 30 year old. It is funny reading their online post how they think this is old, when they don’t realize they are just getting started in life. I don’t worry about him and know he will do better than me in life and that what any decent father hopes for. I’m proud of him and love him very much. I Drove up from the AHDRA even after getting some rest Saturday and and hanging out drinking beer with the racers. Something I don’t normally do, but I need to socialize more with them if I plan too keep doing this in 2022. This has been a tough year I hope all this works out so I can keep traveling and doing this for a living. I don’t need much these days so hopefully things will work out in my favor, but Sam White of White Lighting racing would bring home a win for team Try and Keep Up! Pro Fuel AHDRA South Carolina Motorplex winner.

Got my campsite set up and enjoying a beautiful sunset  in my kayak to close out the day.

Sam white won AHDRA PRO FUEL

DAY 369: 9-18-21: http://www.190hookup.com was my sponsor for AHDRA ; Daily Steps 16,171 / AHDRA SC : Day 1 of 2 AHDRA South Carolina Motorplex, I have no idea how these series make money with low attendance rates. It was a fun time but they rally need to get a handle on marketing and scheduling. With an event so small I also don’t understand the disorganization and why it takes so long to get things done. I am hoping there next event is a lot better. It tough to watch these smaller series struggle and what bad if you get a good Harley event with spectators it will outspend an import event. I do see better attendance rates at Harley events when they done properly. Now it may seem like I am being an asshole but I did have fun and enjoyed my time at this event. I wish it had been a stronger showing for them.

LSR Nitro Harley Pro Fuel

Day 368 9-17-21: Driving all day not much for steps,

DAY 367: 9-16-21: Got me a workout run in before I left 27,940 this one was rough, Android got screwed up again. Had to run it out a bit to make sure I got my 20k

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