Chapter 22 June 2022

Last update 6-30-2k22: Header Image: Sunrise while kayaking Lake Marion South Carolina 2021

  • My goals are long term so it is not how far but how well I can complete a routine.
  • I set my goals so that it is not too easy because I want to challenge myself.
  • Yearly Goal #1 32k completed 32.02km on 3-21-22 – available on Strava
  • Yearly Goal #2 42k … pending
  • Yearly Goal #3 52k+ … pending
  • Four consecutive miles at six minutes 5-13-22 (4th time)
  • Cycling Goal 40k sessions goal is 1:49 or less per split.
  • 10km or 20km runs in other states. (per session)
  • Florida 20K+(x10) 10k (Too many lost count)
  • Maryland = 20k (x2) 10k (x1)
  • Tennessee = 10k
  • Georgia = 11k
  • Alabama = 21.5k
  • South Carolina = 25k
  • Virginia = 11k (x2)
  • Colorado = 12k (x4) elevation 6086
  • 2022 Goal, working to get consistent 19-minute 5k sessions and a sub-30-minute 7k sessions.
  • 5k sub 20 minutes … pending hovering at the 20 to 21 minute.
  • 7km sub 30 minutes… 5-13-22 29:58 (1st one)
  • In June I’m not pushing for 5k or 7k goals, I’m working on distance pacing so things are slowed down.

June Totals 2021: Duration 45:03:30 / Calories 17,644 / Distance 382.9km * 20.1k run 2:15:23 Maryland it took a lot to finish this 20k run in 2021.

  • (2k22 20k #1 21.5km at 1:59:52 / 2nd Alabama)
  • (2k22 20k #2 23.16km at 2:04:11 / 19th Maryland)
  • 51:08:51 Duration / 27,047 Cal / 449.04 km Distance (more runs than cycling)

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6-30-22 Day 649: JT-Run 12.47km My last June Session #9 Pushing: No / Avg Pace: 5:05/km Max Pace: 4:37/km Dur: 01:02:37, Temp 19c, Humidity 57%, Wind 8.9km from W

: Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 via Dash Sports of Clermont Florida @dashsportsgo

  • *NOTE: I REALLY did not feel like this today BUT as always I make myself go anyway.
  • The elevation is 6,086′ (1854.0m) #Colorado
  • Goal 1: Complete 12k: Done: below 1hr not active today, slowed pacing down for distance running.
  • Goal 2: Stay below 4:49 or less per km-split: ((((( Not active today ))) wanted to stay above 5 minutes per Km-Split but had issues slowing down, so I just went with what was comfortable.
  • The Quickest split of the day was #5 at 4:57
  • The slowest split of the day was #9 at 5:24. This was more what I was after but even after 9 and going uphill I sped up again.
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 1st 5k 24:42 / 2nd 5km 26:09 the second 5km is more what I wanted for the upcoming distance run.
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 34:48 Not today’s session slowed down

This 4th session with an increased elevation was NOT an improvement over the other three because it was slowed down for distance pacing. Even in a crappy mood, I had all kinds of issues slowing myself down. For 42km I need to keep myself in the 520s and 530s per km-split, at that pace I should have no issue running it.

*This is a session so, I forced myself to stop at my start/stop point not the 12km distance so it runs over a bit.

6-29-22 Day 648: 1hr walk 6.53km, then I and my youngest went exploring to get out of the house.

Jim Bishop’s Castle #Colorado: This is one the coolest things I have ever … EVER seen, mainly because it is all hand-built by one man. Mr. Bishop is over 70 and I got to meet him while on his property today.  He is still working on it in his 70s. – 12705 State Highway 165 – Rye, Colorado 81069

This is open to the public but take some nerve with you because the towers will test it. It is so damn cool and built by one man. OSHS would sh*it a brick if they had to inspect this place, but damn it’s fun. Keep in mind as you walk through it that it is built by one man. A 15-foot warning sign explains it very well, you enter at your own risk. The workmanship is pretty crazy and a sign on the property as you travel up to the towers “don’t shake, or it will collapse” The creativity here is on another level and I am glad I took my boy here to see it.

  • A few factoids
  • Open 9 am to 6 pm
  • Jim bought the property when he was 15 years old for 450 dollars.
  • He began building in 1969 at the age of 25, started as a cottage, and morphed into a castle. He began building it after he and Phoebe got married in 1967 and they are still together.
  • The only person to have died on the property was his own 4-year son in 1988 in a tree falling accident. Jim poured himself into his work and one of the towers is named after his lost son. “Roy”
  • Bishop Castle’s entry is free of charge and he drew up legal documents stating that as long as Bishop Castle stands, no one can ever charge admission.
  • One of the stained glass windows is an Angle but with Betty Boop’s face.
  • You can be married here but they don’t allow receptions.

*So at the close of this season there will be a change in my program which will send it and me in a new direction.

6-28-22 Day 647: Walk only 1hr-ish …. 6.25km Spent some time hanging out with my boy today.

6-27-22 Day 646: JT-Run 12.47km (7.74 miles)  June Session #8 Pushing: No / Avg Pace: 4:35/km Max Pace: 4:24/km Dur: 57:20, Temp 13c, Humidity 81%, Wind 4.6km from NE,

: Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 via Dash Sports of Clermont Florida @flodashevents @dashsportsgo

*session change: increased distance from 10km to 12km –  all other goals unchanged. KM-Distance runs over a bit because I stop the session at my start/stop point – not at the target distance.

  • The elevation is 5,089′ (1551.127m) #Colorado
  • Goal 1: Complete 12k: Done 55:04 at 12km ( I want it below 1hr but do not care low it is.)
  • Goal 2: Stay below 4:49 or less per km-split
  • ((((( #2 results )))) = All 12km-splits were below 4:49.
  • The best split of the day was #6 at 4:24
  • The worst split of the day was #3 at 4:45
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 1st 5k 23:00 / 2nd 5km 23:04  not pushing it – will come naturally
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 31:56 not pushing it will come in time.

This 3rd session was an improvement over the 1st and 2nd and I had no issue keeping the pace controlled but still fast enough that it’s not too comfortable, I want these to be productive for my long-term plan, not short-term ego-boosting.

*even though I can run much further, I forced myself to stop at my starting/stop point. I have a long run coming at this week so I’m sticking to my plan.

6-26-22 Day 645: Walk only 6.23km beautiful country and a bit too flat for my taste but still a beautiful place.

Beautiful Country June 2k22

6-25-22 Day 644: JT-Run 12.5km June Session #7 Pushing: No / Avg Pace: 4:47/km Max Pace: 4:32/km Dur : 59:54, Temp 21c, Humidity 43%, Wind 17.8km from N,

: Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 via Dash Sports of Clermont Florida @flodashevents @dashsportsgo

*session change: I have increased the session distance from 10km to 12km but leaving all other goals as they are.

  • The elevation here is 5,089′ (1551.127m) #Colorado
  • Goal 1: Complete 12k: Done 56:54 (at 12km and I want it below 1hr but don’t care low it is.)
  • Goal 2: Stay below 4:49 or less per km-split (((results))) 1-7 were below the goal, just a focus issue today.
  • The best split of the day was #1 at 4:31
  • The worst split of the day was #11 at 5:08
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 23:00 not pushing it – will come naturally
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 32:19 not pushing it will come in time.
  • This entire 2nd session was stronger than the 1st. For my sessions, I run the same route to compare my progress. I do not use gels, energy drinks, etc… Strava gave me problems today but my secondary running app captured my data correctly.
  • I force myself to stop at my starting/stop point. These are shorter sessions so I don’t have an issue completing them. I longer run will come next week just want a few sessions in at this new elevation.

6-24-22 Day 643: Walk only 1hr 1:18:05 7.88km 9 holes of Disc Golf with my youngest son. My oldest got off work early and we meet up at his place. We a fantastic Irish Pub and watch the Colorado Tampa Hockey game. A wonderful day with my boys.

A great night with two of my boys, the oldest and youngest

6-23-22 Day 642: Run 12.06km June Session #6 Elevation 5,089′ Pushing: no / Avg Pace: 5:06/km Max Pace: 4:30/km Dur 1:59:52, Temp 20c, Humidity 93%, Wind 12.5km from NNE, Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 via Dash Sports #Colorado I’m in a new location with a new elevation show I really was not trying for my numbers. Wanted to make sure I can handle the elevation change by just running out. I was focused on just 5km at whatever pacing came in. I found it no problem so I pushed it out to ten on my way back from 10km is was downhill so I took advantage of it and ran out two more KM.

  • The elevation here is 5,089′ (1551.127m)
  • My 23km Session on 6-19 had an elevation of 190′
  • My Florida session location has an elevation of 141′ (42m)
  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: Done 44:31 (no set time just as low as possible )
  • Goal 2: Stay below 4:49 or less per km-split (NOT active today)
  • The best split of the day was #2 at 4:34
  • The worst split of the day was #11 at 5:32
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 23:50
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 33:95

6-22-22 Day 641: Flight out of town well went quick and the connecting flight went off without a hitch. The connecting flight was cool because I got to help a young mom entertain her little baby Kingsley that was maybe a 1 year old. Mom was trying so hard not to disturb the other passengers. The baby was doing great and just being a baby so if anyone had an issue they could go pound sand. We worked together to keep her little one entertained it was fun.

6-21-22 Day 640: Got an early start so I could clear some morning traffic to get on the right side of town. Found another disc golf course called Bull Run in Virginia. I played three rounds before heading off to do a bike ride. Got 31.89km completed because I fly out tomorrow and can’t take it with me so it will be my last bike ride for June.

Disc Golf   Bull Run Park white pads to white baskets. #lotsoftrees – been a few years since I played and that game yesterday in Maryland was the first game. I usually have them with me anyways and it was a nice change of pace.

  • Game #2 – Front Nine
  • 1 (+1) 2 (-1) 3 Par 4 Par 5 Par 6 Par 7 Par  8 Par 9 Par
  • Back Nine
  • 10 (+1) 11 Par 12 Par 13 Par 14 (+1) 15  Par 16 Par 17 par 18 (+1)
  • Game #3 Front Nine
  • 1 Par  2 (+2) 3 Par (-1) 4 Par 5 Par  6 Par  7 Par  8 Par 9 +2
  • Back Nine
  • 10 (+1) 11 Par 12 (-1)  13 Par 14 Par  15  Par 16 (-1) 17 Par 18 Par
Follow up the disc golf sessions with one more Cycle ride for June. My last ride for June because I am going on a flight and can’t take it with me.

6-20-22 Day 639: Getting some rest and organizing things for the trip out. I will get on a bike ride tomorrow before heading over to a friend’s place. They are letting me store my car at their place and Irving me a ride to the airport on Wednesday. I don’t like flying but it makes sense for where I am going. I’m not afraid of flying I just don’t like the experience of it, airlines suck.

6-19-22 Day 638: (Daily Steps 35,645) I got a 23km run on June #5 in before heading to the track. A great day with my last winner circle picture being done at around 630pm I had my midway spot torn down, car loaded, and was hanging with Robert and Kena for a bit by 7:30. I will hang out at the Maryland crash site until Tuesday morning. Then I have to drive over to where I am leaving my car until I get back.

It is the time of year when things get stupid tough and when I doubt what I am doing. I’m focused on completing this season and then reevaluating what I’m doing. I took on fewer partnerships this year to try and avoid a repeat of last year but ended up with the same type of problems this year.

6-18-22 Day 637: (Daily Steps 18,991) Saturday begins with the sportsman and then moves toward grudge in the afternoon. The low turnout allowed things went quickly. It was odd to see the pros struggle but they figure it out and come around because Saturday and Sunday weather was so much better than Friday.

6-17-22 Day 636: (Daily Steps 18,013) Crazy hot he track temp hit 155 at 204pm. Testing day at MDIR and got a lot done during the day. I did not get as much video as I wanted but got some needs for completely that they wanted to be done. The turnout was low but at low, the event still ended up with over 500+ entries. It is still the biggest motorcycle event around even with this “low” turnout that other events dont even come close to. As always it rash well and cleanups were handled quickly.

6-16-22 Day 635: No walks, runs, or rides just a full work day focused on getting stuff done. Took a break to run and get something to eat. SDBA content took priority today because the way I clip/edit content takes a bit.

6-15-22 Day 634: (Daily Steps 37,753 with 161 floors) Virginia – the morning was gorgeous as always at Big Medows, which is one of my favorite places. It is simple but gorgeous by giving you a little bit of everything the park has to offer and a short walk in any direction to get to any of it.

Got an 11km run #4 in the first 5km was downhill coming back up was a bit tougher but I got it done. One of those days my mind kept saying stop and go another day, but I would not listen and kept going. 5km down hile and 5 km back up with a 208-meter climb.


Got some coffee from the local park store and had my breakfast. Decided to go hike down to another waterfall I had not seen yet. It is located at the south end of the park and would put me within sticking distance of a third stop I wanted to make. The waterfall was gorgeous and it gave me another 8km for my fitness journal.


I got done with stop two and got another bite to eat. The trek back up was a tough one in wet shoes is not fun. On to stop three which turned out to be really close and a cool place. Blue Ridge Tunnel

Blue Ridge Tunnel

6-14-22 Day 633: On the road today, I have to get moving and got an easier start than normal. The ride up was pretty nice with not that much traffic. (Outside of the normal stuff) got into Shenandoah National Park at 12:35 am and got some rest.

6-13-22 Day 632: Walk only 1 hr 7.01 km

6-12-22 Day 631: Walk only 1 hr 6.82 km have work to get done.

6-11-22 Day 630: Run Day 11.01 km June Session #2 Pushing: NO / Avg Pace: 4:30 /km Max Pace: 4:07/km Duration 44:31 at 10k, Temp 23c, Humidity 92%, Wind 11.6km from SSW, @hoka Carbon X2 via Dash Sports @dashsportsgo

Only doing 10k, forcing myself to stop but I do run it a bit longer to make sure nothing apps clear 10k. I always run through my target distance. #noexcuses #getitdone

  • Goal 1: Complete 10k: Done 44:31 (this should have been better)
  • Goal 2: Stay below 4:49 or less per km-split
  • Goal two results: 4:49 or less all 10km splits were below goal.
  • * if the splits stay consistently stay below 4:45 that will become the new goal mark, but will give it two more sessions.
  • The best split of the day was #1 at 4:09
  • The worst split of the day was #8 at 4:44
  • Goal 3: 5k below 20 minutes: 21:21
  • Goal 4: 7k below 30 minutes: 30:29
  • A solid performance but overall this could have been a lot better. On one of those mornings well my focus kept getting away from me. I really need to start pushing these shorter routines harder.
  • Extra Note: Six-minute mile: three consecutive miles.
  • I followed this 11k run up with a 10km walk/run activity – the first km was a walk then 2km running, then 1km walk, etc until done. I was not pushing for any session times, just working on cadence, posture, and breathing.
  • What I need to work on is my focus when going into a session and by that I mean being able to change my mindset about what I’m doing. Push mindset for my sessions and then a distance mindset when I am going out farther. I have a tendency to start out the same way on every run and not manage my run properly.

6-10-22 Day 629: JT-Cycle 40.57km June #2 (Full ride 53.27km) Pushing: No, Temp: 24C, Humid:100%, Wind (raining) 9.3 km/h from WNW, Dur: 01:11:38 at 40k. Avg Pace: 1:47km/h Max Pace: 1:21km/h

  • air adjustment 99 front 99 back expected some rain so wanted a bit more tire contact / Specialized Tri-Bike Transition Comp @iamspecialized
  • Session Goal #1: 30k Below 1hr – 53:28
  • Session Goal #2: 1:59 or less all splits (*June change). Hill adjustment removed
  • 40 km-splits: Best split #23 01:32 / Worst Split #23 01:59
  • 1:59 or less: 40 of 40
  • 1:54 or less: 33 of 40
  • 1:44 or less: 14 of 40
  • 1:39 or less: 5 of 40
  • Km-Split time groups
  • 05k Groups best group 01-05 at 08:43 / worst 36-40 at 09:06
  • 10k Groups best group 01-10 at 17:42 / worst 31-40 at 18:10
  • Average Speed 33.3km/h (20mph)
  • ** People ask by my goals are never about speed.
  • Max Speed 44.1km/h
  • I don’t really ride for speed but do use it as a gauge during the session sometimes if I’m below 30km/h, I’m taking it too easy on myself and need to process the pace. Ideally, I want to remain over 30km/h

A solid session and I’m very happy with my performance but could have been a bit more focused. This is my first sub-two minute per split weekly full session without the hill adjustment time and I did it in the rain. I will be off the bike a bit in June because of some traveling so running will dominate my June program.

6-9-22 Day 628: Walk Only 6.8km 1 hr, have a lot of work to get going on before I leave again next week. Will be gone a while so need to preload as much as possible.

6-8-22 Day 627: Walk 6.66km 1 hr in the morning and a 7.13km run in the evening at Dash Sports in Clermont Florida with our running group. I will be gone a while so wanted to spend one more Wednesday with them before I leave.

6-7-22 Day 626: Got home early at 530am back to Florida, ran some errands, and got some yard work done. Now back to work from the SDBA events and remaining XDA stuff from XDA and some rest too.

6-6-22 Day 625: After a good night’s rest in Talega National Forest, I headed over for breakfast. I found a trail head close by that would put me in a shot of a Georgia with a ride out into Alabama for my monthly 100k session. I got hammered by rain for the last 20km. (Daily Steps: 6087)

This was after 51km my turn-back point.

6-5-22 Day 624: got some sleep then headed out from The dragway. I went to Cheif Ladgiga in Anniston for an evening 30k ride. Once completed grabbed some grub and crashed out at Talladega National Forest. (Daily Steps: 16,887)

I also spent time at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve and it was a gorgeous place would love to go back

6-4-22 Day 623: SDBA it was a busy and very long day. Focused on phots untiln3pm then switched to get video content. (Daily Steps: 27,227)

6-3-22 Day 622: Run 21.5km June Session #1 Pushing: NO / Avg Pace: 5:34/km Max Pace: 5:09/km Dur 1:59:52, Temp 20c, Humidity 93%, Wind 12.5km from NNE, HOKA Carbon X2 via Dash Sports Dash Sports #Alabama (Daily Steps: 36,938)

Richard Martin Trail Athens, Alabama
10.8 miles point to point
Gravel, mud, and some hills but nothing to pack a lunch for.

This is an amazing trail and the photos show the forest that covers you for about 95% of the trail. Just a few brief breaks in coverage. A bit muddy in spots because it rained yesterday so I put on my Ron’s face 🙂 and kept at it.

I was going to do a run and ride but the bike with me on this trip is not built for this type of terrain. So I went after a monthly 20k but need to slow things down so I can increase my distances. I have ABSOLUTELY found my long-distance pacing and had no issue completing this distance and could have pushed the back half without any problems

I do not normally run this type of terrain but man Oman.. what an amazing view.

It is a beautiful place my only complaint was horseflies 😝 and I was clearly included in their breakfast plans…. Just don’t stop…. run Forest run.

Headed on over to my event when done Huntsville Dragway Friday Day One. Testing day with Three Shoot-Out races in the evening.

6-2-22 Day 621: Walk Only 1 hr 7,03km have more work to do before I leave for another event. (11,630)

Heading out to my event car fire shut down the interstate in Ocala Florida. Sitting here listening to a playlist. There are some wide-load trucks on the road and one of the “chase” trucks thinks she is a traffic cop. If she keeps her attitude up she is going to piss the wrong person off. (Not me I could care less)

6-1-22 Day 620: Walk Only 6.83 getting ready to leave again need to get as much done as I can. (Daily Steps 14,104)

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