August 7th Day 686: today was a better day. Still killing time have one more night here. Made a fire had some hot food and a brew. Got some disc golf on and saw considerable improvement in my form with a slight score improvement. 😎

August 6th – DAY 685: Just killing time, I can’t afford to keep driving so I’m parked in a small Kentucky town for a few days. It hit me today that no one has checked in on me since June 22nd. Not a single family member …?… really? It is amazing how alone I am. I’m not depressed but this tine alone is an eye opener to a great many things.

I got a round of Disco Golf in to distract myself. Just played 18 but was only after par 3 even if the hoke was listed as a 4. Got five 3par and 1 birdie. Just played to have some fun not lose any more damn disc.

August 5th – DAY 684: Real Happenings: (bear with me this took a bit of work to condense down.) it’s still a bit long.

When traveling I assign a day for a “normal” meal stop. This time it puts me around the Tennesse/Kentucky border. In a town that if you want to find it you have to zoom in more than once on gps just for the name to pull up.

Today was a breakfeast stop and as I walked into this little breakfeast/lunch restaurant an older couple well into the upper years was also coming in. As always I hold the door for them to go first, they both thanked me.

“You are welcome Ma’am and you are welcome sir.” -JT

The man looks back as I follow them in and remove my hat. (This is important) Something I do but have not thought about it in a long time until today.

I looked to his hat that he had also removed that was sitting next to mine, it simply said veteran. Full but condensed story click here.

“My oldest son is in the Airforce, how long did you serve sir?” -JT

August 4th – Kentucky – DAY 683: day two camping, ran out to Walmart up in Tennnessee (closest one) got in another round knee started acting up during the game

August 3rd – DAY 680: Kentucky: crashed out at a Pilot and accutalky slept pretty good waking up at an unusual 745am. Must have been more tired than I though. Pulled up GPS and found another disc golf park. INDIAN mound State Park Jellico Kentucky

August 2nd – Tennessee and Kentucy – DAY 681: Way too much driving today, trying to find a place to kill time. Can’t afford to drive back to Florida.

August 1st – Ohio -DAY 680: driving out need to kill some time I hate these long stretches.

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